SMR – DMU Eradicates Perrenial NSBM Losers Militant Zone

M8L8TH and Peste Noire’s Famine have joined forces in creating one of the weirdest movements to have ever existed in metal, Commercially friendly NSBM! Best of all was that the partnership released a whole load of ridiculous music and fashion items. Famine who represents all the worst French stereotypes imaginable and who has made a career of his first album that was essentially a well executed Burzum ripoff but with Rock elements to make the whole much more digestible. M8L8TH play metalcore/RAC with a few Black metal aesthetics in the riffs and pretty much consist of frontman Alexey known for killing a few immigrants and whoever is willing to write music for him to rant over.

One needs to only check the promo videos for their store/label/organisation Militant Zone to see that this is pseudo military larping consisting of tattoos, lowest common denominator Mixed Martial Arts culture and Watain style European Hot Topic shock metal. First of all, Militant Zone fans need to understand that just because you look like a low level MMA fighter on a dodgy local card fighting for peanuts against an opponent with more losses than brain cells you are not a badass! The day one of those loser completes the “Lion’s Den” challenge without dying then maybe there might be some merit to their ridiculous fashion sense. For those curious, the “Lion’s Den” challenge was an incredibly difficult circuit of various exercises that lasted for several hours that one had to survive in order to be accepted into one of the greatest MMA gyms of the mid 90s. The “We are an army” gimmick has been done by various rappers throughout the history of hip hop. There is such an emphasis on pushing this notion of educated noble thugs willing to fight for their survival. Though there is value in their philosophy, it comes across as being more of a mish-mash of various Black metal ideas without any particular direction. Taking from Satanism,Nationalism and elements of Nietzsche’s writings in what ends up being second rate Varg Vikernes. There is no further search for a truth beyond aesthetics just like the music.

Militant Zone being good businessmen understand that their fanbase is incapable of buying their own music and have countered such a problem by releasing a ridiculous amount of records just before the quintessential Anarcho-Fascist holiday, Christmas! Peste Noire have moved away from previous French Folk influences in order to fully embrace French rapper Kaaris and to use his music to create Black metal influenced Nu-metal. Beginning with “Le Dernier Putsch” music video which sees Famine and Alexey playing white gangsters with mentally deficient men dancing around holding knives before ending the video by throwing a Molotov Cocktail. The mannerisms of Famine rapping with a weak half rasp is hilarious as the music is completely forgottable. Though we must give credit for Famine being the only person in France currently capable of making good lyrics in the French language due to his belief in the destruction of the modern world.

Some time after the music video, the album was released and Famine shows his incredible ability to make money through what is average music at best. By dividing the album into a La Sanie des siècles……. rehash and a Nu metal/rap part, Famine keeps his loyal fans that are convinced that his first release is a classic and he also gains leftist fans who will say “He no Nazi because he do black people music” and can then convince the mainstream media that he is pushing music forwards with his juxtaposition of Black metal and rap while anyone who is musically literate knows that this is rock and Nu-metal with trap beats. Black metal was once the most subversive music alive but Famine has succeeded in doing what Kam Lee did to Death metal when he rapped “YOU THINK YOU CAN LEAVE ME”. He made Black metal something so easy to consume, that even children could fully comprehend this.

M8L8TH have released once again the same album except this time the random metalcore arrangements give way to static rock making this even more digestible than their previous releases. Nothing has changed as Alexey sings to get his fans riled up and then just rants in a high shriek while third rate Heavy metal and punk riffs play before the eventual breakdown or tremolo picked makes way for the calm rock interlude. Nothing has changed and this is more of the same and is probably what Ulver were attempting to do back in the day, though they could actually connect melodies.

The ultimate trick Militant Zone accomplished was the three song EP collaboration of M8L8TH and Famine. The whole thing is based on French Lord-Troubadour Bertran de Born and his accomplishments. A very great man that definitely does deserve to be honored, but not with this idiotic record. This is exactly the same as every M8L8TH release ever but with Famine rapping from time to time. Promise a collaboration, make sure the collaboration stays within what is known, profit.

Every individual involved in this project has completely forgotten what makes Black metal great and has allowed a set of values based on reality to be obscured by money and edgy low grade Neo-Nazism that is repackaged for any idiot to enjoy during the holiday period. The Norwegians already showed us how to portray Nationalism, Satanism, Bravery, Nobility etc in music without resorting to making message music or hipster tactics of mixing together disparate musical elements to reproduce the failures of the past. Behind this veil that Militant Zone do so well in distorting the truth, there is only the worst of metal in Nu-metal and Metalcore with herd behavior of the least intellectual kind. Avoid any of these artists and ignore anyone who enjoys anything found here.

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38 thoughts on “SMR – DMU Eradicates Perrenial NSBM Losers Militant Zone”

  1. It’s not as weird as metalheads seem to think. Anyone with a little cursory knowledge of the football hooligan/skinhead scenes in Eastern Europe and France is already familiar with the image of white nationalists acting like wigger pitninjas.

    I guarantee you P.N. isn’t gaining any leftist fans by doing rap. If anything, that blackface cover has demoted the band from “genre tourist favorite that hipsters apologize for liking” to a social leper band on par with any blatant hayl hibbler NSBM band. the moral outrage on M-A and 4chan over this release is over the top.
    Not that album sales matter anymore. Maybe getting banned from paypal gives Famine a new excuse to Jewishly price his stuff.

    Funny thing is, I doubt the intent of the cover was even racist. Why would a Frenchman use imagery from the “dark past” of a country he despises (the US) to promote a white identity message? It’s just his silly sense of humor, but when viewed through the American lens of religious devotion to certain race relation positions, it’s automatically interpreted as racist.

    anyway, both albums ARE total shite. I can only hope these gimmicks won’t rub off on Absurd (who despite not breaking ground since the 90s have released some incredibly spirited and respectable material since then).

    1. Flying Kites says:

      Absurd? Hmm. I suppose I can envision them doing an ironic Heilig Communismus Reich.

    2. Famine’s notoriety in France and surrounding countries is very different. The rap part of the album has drawn considerable amount of praise from many online groups and French webzines. He is likened to the crazy racist uncle stereotype. Also French football hooligan culture is very different from Eastern Europe as it is now propagated by third generation immigrants.

      1. Going for the Böhse Onkelz path, is he?

  2. Jidan răpănos says:

    I’m curious about the military background of the DMU writer, considering that the guys in Militant Zone/Azov actually do have military background and fighting experience. As for the musical part, not quite wrong, but Famine was hardly anything more than a more “right-winged” Kvarforth.

    1. I was never interested in military training. More of a combat sports guy myself.

      1. Zorak says:

        so watching football?

        1. Don’t watch the beautiful game.

          1. Chris says:

            Haha this is funny. All you poseurs know it! Fuckin fags!! Haha!!!

            1. DMU is pro-sodomy. We follow our prophet Paul Ledney and his wise utterances, including his third commandment, “Only ass is true!”

              We endorse famine, war, eugenics, homosexuality, masturbation, epidemics, genocide, murder, cannibalism, and a lack of warning tags and signs as a means of thinning the human population back to a half-billion people with average IQ over 110.

              Naturally, in such a future, metalcore and Leftism will be irrelevant.

              1. Haha bro says:

                Your fat ass wouldn’t survive half of this.

              2. bring back the forums so we can talk! says:

                Zyklon-B are great!

                But on a serious note, you’ve been supporting the same worldview for quite long time now Brett, and nothing has changed for it to become reality. It’s fantasy – and I’m not saying it wouldn’t be nice to only have good metal and a world without morons, but in the end, life just doesn’t seem to ever work out like this, historically speaking.

                Perhaps your model is wrong, think about it. For example, Taleb has been quite on a roll criticizing IQ recently, and I sort of gotta give it to him – it’s an imperfect metric to say the least. Check it out:

                Real life success > wishful thinking / false patterns / abstract pattern matching in a test bubble.

                1. Have you noticed the shift in the world since I began?

                  I am very pleased with how things are going.

                  The Right are the insurgents for a reality based in genetics, intuition, transcendence, and realism (as predicted).

                  The Left have become defenders of the bureaucratic Establishment based in egalitarian/individualist thought, and correctly perceive that the future holds the total destruction of everything they care about.

                  IQ is meant as a first cut distinction; Taleb is great, for some things, but no Fred Nietzsche or Art Schopenhauer.

                  1. longtimer says:

                    Of course, but Taleb is still right about IQ (can only identify low-intelligence people, says nothing about genius/real success/high abilities). In that sense, you’re both right I guess. Also, he’s a true polymath of our times (if you know others, I’m interested), and an example in this regard.

                    Don’t mistake winning a battle for the whole war. Trump will be gone sooner or later and demography IS destiny of course.

                    But if you only care about spreading good ideas, then yes, things have changed in your favor – thank you Internet and free speech! On the other hand if you care about actually seeing your utopia accomplished, we’re still thousands of years away from that situation in my opinion – if ever!

                    I’ll still say thanks though for sharing your knowledge, it helped me back in the day.


      2. The problem is that you mock people for being “pseudo-military” despite the fact that quite a lot of them do have actual military training and experience (in 2014-2015 in particular, which where the peak of military activity back then in Ukraine) – and even work in the military. So I don’t know where the “loser” part fits in – with those people, or with some no-name writing quasi-anonymously on a blog-styled website?

        As for the music, as I said, he’s a more right-winged Kvarforth, but at least he doesn’t backtrack from meddling people of “questionable politics” (well, by how, himself included for that matter) – and this means no more large festivals, no big label exposure, etc. – despite the fact that the music would be very easy to sell in significant numbers otherwise. Same thing goes from Alexey from Moloth – the guy went from prison and a mental yard to moving to Ukraine from Russia and enrolling in the Azov battalion. What’s the “loser” part in this, questionable values of the music for a seasoned metalhead aside?

        1. truth says:

          Jumping around like drugged-out monkeys with knives and guns, while being authentic wiggers for the camera – this is just hilarious.

          Also, in the wider scheme of things, these guys are irrelevant. Hooligans and racist fanatics don’t win political support because people can see that these guys are delusional poseurs and would not put them in charge of their well-being.

          Thus losers they are.

          1. I’m sure that DMU’s legions of a̶n̶o̶n̶y̶m̶o̶u̶s̶ ̶b̶a̶s̶e̶m̶e̶n̶t̶ ̶n̶e̶c̶k̶b̶e̶a̶r̶d̶s̶ Hessian Nietzschean Overmen will achieve a lot politically. In the mean time, the guys in Azov are part of the Interior Ministry, so they technically do have some form of power. So, who’s the loser?

            1. bloodypulp says:

              anyone who’s keeping score

              1. TheLord says:

                Eaxctly, only death is real people need to get over themselves. Everyone dies in the end have a nice trip if you can.

                1. And

                  THE WEAK

            2. We fight with the pen, not the AK-47. How’s it going over there in Ukraine, anyway?

              1. Ales Haukskky says:

                I was under the impression the Ukrainian “ultra super Azov marines” are pretty much extremely afraid on a daily basis that Russia and Belarus will jointly invade under the pretext of the Azov battalion being in some sort of power; I find it funny too he says ministry positions but omitted that the Azov/3rd Way leader in power was stripped of power once international press started reporting he was a Ukrainian Neo-Nazi.. so technically they hold no positions. Great job heroes!

                1. The whole situation seems mired in multiple levels of deceit, which is normal for dealings with ex-KGB colonels, affirmative action presidents, and former reality TV stars. Democracy doing what it does best, namely screw everything up.

        2. I raped Mortiis with Blackie Lawless's Mic stand says:

          >the Azov battalion

          The neonazi LARPers unknowingly fighting for the NWO because they’re too dumb to see what’s happening right above them. Or perhaps fighting russkies alongside jihadists from Chechnya while your government gives a medal to George Soros and licks the boots of the EU is some kind of edgy cuckold fetish among the LARPers of the Hail Uncle Adolf variety. Or both.

          Good job losers

  3. Svmmoned says:

    A Curious and bold attempt to propagate some dangerous ideas in mainstream and an endearing attempt to ride the tiger overall, but ultimately this whole French/Ukrainian movement seems to be corrupted and broken. As a result their art is destined to be completely useless.

  4. Come on dude says:

    I’m all for PN hate but this isn’t a rehash of the first but 4th and largely 5th album.

    1. which are also based on the first one.

  5. Famine’s Unwashed Sweatpants says:

    What it comes down to, ultimately, is the intended audience. The current version of KPN isn’t meant for black metal fans who either love the style on its own merits or defend the purity of the style’s characteristic elements because black metal is the basis of their shared identity. Famine and MZ are very intentionally making black metal for non-black metal people. And specifically for dumb, lumpenized hooligans. They want a streetfighting movement of rough and ready men who are willing to do violence to others. That means speaking to these people on their level. Because it’s 2018 and not 1923 there isn’t an idle, decommissioned army of men disciplined by Prussian drilling and hardened by trench raids just waiting to be recruited. Instead, there’s an idle mob of economically superfluous lumpenproles who wear sweatpants in public. Their class position has them feeling the effects of suicidal policies far more sharply than the technocrats and the people who support them. This is who Famine and MZ are talking to. Black metal die hards don’t factor into the equation.

    1. bloodypulp says:

      You see my sweatpants, tie dye socks, a pair of Chacos, and unironically offensive shirt. You see my copy of Might Is Right. I’m in the aisle at Safeway buying BELGIAN BEER. I’m growing my own ganja. I’ve got headphones on blasting Pungent Stench. I’m glaring at strangers through my Persols for talking about politics within earshot of me. What are YOU doing to revive the west? Going to fucking work?

      1. Christ says:

        This is good my friend!!

    2. Svmmoned says:

      My thoughts exactly. Besides, Famine already made his try of what was supposed to be actual black metal many years ago. Now it is only distantly inspired by its ideals.

    3. You have to be ignorant or senile to believe that the past was always “better” – people in 1923 were also quite lumpenproletariat – and also stupid, undisciplined, uncultured, etc. – this isn’t something which is only a trait of postmodernity. Have you ever listened to music from that period?

      1. Caste systems have existed for a reason: the “bell curve” is real. That does not mean that all people were equally stupid, or that simpler people are somehow horrible. With the right leadership, they can have fulfilling lives without screwing everything up like democracy does.

  6. Mike Pence says:

    Please review the new Satan album!

  7. Chris says:

    Oh my goodness!! This is too cute! Thanks

  8. Smart Guy says:

    Julias Evola sucked at art and thinking. French people just suck.

    1. Surely you have forgotten about Massacra?

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