¡So Woke! Decibel Mag Goes Full Soyboy

Decibel Magazine has miraculously erased three decades worth of credibility by posting the most embarrassingly tearful editorial that metal journalism has ever seen.  It is impossible to read damn the thing without formulating the mental picture of a balding, big breasted obese man in his 40s watching CNN with his even more obese tattooed wife as both cry their eyes out at the far-left propaganda being spewed out at them. 

In an effort to praise March for Life, the left wing megadonor funded use of children as puppets to advance their political agenda. In the article, author Justin Norton makes a pseudo-apology for Decibel’s long history of covering music that worships and glorifies murder and death and tries to publicly convince himself that it’s not producing a violent, hate-filled society.

But Norton, the cold and cruel reality is that hundreds of children have murdered other children under the influence of death and black metal. So if you and the other midlife crisis Decibel editors really care about the kids, why do you keep promoting mudic that causes them to go killing each other? Why not resign as metal journalists and mercifully close Decibel Magazine for good, making a real difference that this useless march will never make?

The truth is, this was never about children.  This is about the parents of children being radicalized by far left mainstream media and willingly using children as political human shields to deflect against rational arguments against gun control. By masquerading their kids around as protesters and dumping their fears about gun violence onto their kids, they are positioning themselves on perceived moral high ground where they can claim that anyone who disagrees with them hates kids and doesn’t care about them. Norton himself parrots this extreme left talking point:

No sensible person will disagree with this. The only people who do are scared, afraid of losing money and power, or all of the above.

Pretty hypocritical for someone who is terrified of “the person in the white house” and afraid that his dumbass mutant kids are gonna get blowed up. No, Justin, we’re not afraid of losing money or power, we’re afraid of emotionally unstable boomers like you surrendering our freedom and rights as Americans.  An armed, militia forming citizen population exists as a check to keep a tyrannical ruling party from seizing control of our nation. This check must include machine guns, as we need to be able fight back in case our deep state or some other sick entity tries to pull a power grab like the one we saw in Venezuela.

It’s embarrassing to see dying extreme metal outlets lock and step with pop culture mainstream media talking points in a desperate attempt to both save their journalism careers and keep their opinions relevant. Decibel’s motto is “extremely extreme” but are directly contradicting it by being sensitive and trendy. The entire publication has become nothing more than midlife crisis meltdowns disguised as attempts to convice readers that surrendering our God given American rights is metal.

Ultimately, Norton’s argument is defeated by his own loony liberal logic: if the NRA are killers are responsible for the deaths of children killed by guns because they’re putting their own interests first, then Decibel are equally responsible for the deaths of children killed by death metal fans for putting their own interest firsts. If we have to blame guns for child murders instead of failed parenting and social values, we have to blame death metal and its journalists for death metal inspired killings. But since Decibel’s own editorial staff is committed to hiding from reality, they will never end up confronting the ugly truths of their own accountability.

Guns are metal. If you join this shit march today, you’re a trendy mainstream poser and a pussy. If you’re at Barnes and Noble and you’re thinking about picking up a shit stained copy of Decibel magazine for $5, you’re a trendy mainstream poser and a pussy. Boycott mid life crisis metal journalism and get this soy the fuck out of metal.

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38 thoughts on “¡So Woke! Decibel Mag Goes Full Soyboy”

  1. S.C. says:

    Would you provide a couple examples of death and black metal inspired violence (outside of the obvious ones) for those of less privy to such occurrences? And i completely agree about the sensationalist nonsense surrounding gun control. Gun control has never been as discussed as now because mass shootings have never been as prevalent as now, which tells me that there is a root of this problem that is not being discussed. I am unsure of what the root could be, but I know that only the surfaced issues of this problem are being addressed, and not the problems that could actually change anything. This is also just my rationalisation of how they could fix their problem because I see no problem with violence at large.

    1. Marc Defranco says:

      I think one of the problems is a lack of paying attention and actually doing something when individuals give signs of no hope, and disregard. Seems many of these events committed are by youth who feel completely rejected by society and simply don’t care anymore. It’s already evident with the Florida guy that people knew he wasn’t all there and yet nothing substantial was actually done about it

    2. CJ says:

      The root cause is feminism, it created a entire generation of soyboy cucks because single moms raised their sons up to be emasculated fags, which most women obivously don’t want to fuck. This makes them young angry beta males using that pinned up sexual aggression violently lashing out on the genral population instead of women they were supposed to marry and bone under a true patriarchy.

      1. S.C. says:

        Maybe so

      2. No Life 'Till Death says:

        Your MGTOW is showing.

        1. CJ says:

          Naw dude Im a traditionalist, those mgtow fags wants a complete segregation of the sexes which is beyond gay.

      3. This might explain the rise of mom-son porn

    3. Dispirited says:

      Mass shooters are socially inept bastards who can’t get laid cause they’re fucking ugly. Ugly people are very often stupid as well. There’s always gonna be a little bastard kid who’s gonna put his unspent energies in guns once he’s tired of wanking his dick until it bleeds. Nothing is ever going to prevent ugliness, some kid is gonna be born ugly and no girl will ever want to fuck them and will go and shoot loads of people because of the Bible, the Quran, because of feminism etc. No amount of sterile debates about guns will ever change that.

      1. Rainer Weikusat says:

        If socially inept bastards who are fucking ugly couldn’t get laid, there’d be a lot less socially inept bastards who are fucking ugly on this planet (sounds too idyllic to ever come true).

        OTOH, the idea of the untrammelled “sex life” which is the measure of all things created is a fairly recent perversion. How come people didn’t all get killed in school shootings before the hippies invented that?

        1. Dispirited says:

          The ugly fucks who DO get laid do NOT turn into mass shooters.

          And, before the hippies “invented” all that, you still had other means of killing a shit load of people, it was just not done as a loner activity because there were more “legal” opportunities to do it, which is war. In America you had drafts, which don’t exist anymore. Moreover, people still got laid before the hippies, so I don’t see your point, it’s almost like saying hippies invented sex.

      2. canadaspaceman says:

        USA, Germany, Canada etc etc ONCE enforced Eugenics to stop freaks from breeding.
        Now look where we are without it.
        Corruptions of God’s creation should be annihilated.
        I live in a an area full of retards, and yes, they are better than nigger hoodlums and other garbage.
        Just because retards are safe/nice, there will be some idiots who will breed with them sooner or later, and continue the planet’s decline.

    4. Nuclear Whore says:

      Heavy materialism and competition, IMHO.

  2. bloody dead whateverpulp says:

    i think kids killing each other prepares them for the real world. what better place to do it than in our public schools?

  3. Nespithe & Burzum says:

    “why do you keep promoting mudic that causes them to go killing each other?”

    These talmudics promote shit like ISIS while claiming Kyuss and Melvins as part of a metal hall of fame. This magazine is dump tier for niggers.


    1. Are you trying to tell me Slayer lied about the Holocaust?

      Fuck you. Slayer wouldn’t do that.

      1. Nespithe & Burzum says:

        No. We’ve all been told lies about “the holocaust”.


      2. canadaspaceman says:

        Ah yes, Slayer lied because they are mainly about making MONEY.
        A lot of foolish teens bought into that Holocaust lie because it was promoted by mainstream authors and music artists and actors/movies.
        There are not many Slavic and Germanic folks still alive from WWII, but if they are honest, you will learn the real history of who/what the JEWS of that time were really like.
        Everything from Hollyweird is bullshit.

    2. Shoah business: God's chosen at it again | Preview says:

      The 666 gorillion died for your sins, never forget! Now how about those shekels?

      These fucktards deserve every bit of suspicion & hatred they attract.

      Oh & btw, this whole gun debate is a Hegelian dialectic setup; thesis, anti-thesis, synthesis. These so called “random mass shootings” are a fucking sham. 95% of the time it’s FEMA/Homeland Security drills with help of private crisis simulation firms (Crisis Cast, Crisis Solutions, Agnes Day, Simulation Deck etc.) with actors hired from Craigslist and/or criminals looking to wipe off their record. All it does is generate polarizing circular debate & spike the demands for firearms while slowly tightening the Orwellian noose. There’s a guy called SideThorn offering some decent reward for proof of death in any of these simulated events, worth a try I reckon.

      But yeah, that’s all nutjob stuff (goes without saying) because the US government is a benevolent entity which definitely isn’t infested by Zionist Israeli dual citizens & imperialist chickenhawks. AIPAC is your friend goyim. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid & rooting for your predetermined clique.

      1. dead butt dreaming says:

        Not only that (which is all true) but when you check out the details of the events and testimonies of perpetrators in the case of say the aurora theatre shooter, it’s evident that mk_ultra was not only a staggering success but has only accelerated rather than ending in the 70s or whatever the official story posits


        If that shit doesn’t make your skin crawl then yall fr need to lay off the ssris or fluoride or caffeine or weed or whatever you’ve been on because your soul has been disabled

  4. Nespithe & Burzum says:

    That screen shot. What a gay jew.

  5. Stefanos says:

    Fantastic article.

  6. JohnnyReb says:

    The guys I know who own hundreds of guns are mechanics who work 60 hours a week for shop managers who make twice their salary. I wonder what money or power they might be afraid of losing. The loser who wrote that Decibel article probably collects records and cassettes; the guys with arsenals collect guns and like the variety for when they go out hunting. The problem isn’t the NRA or guys who collect guns. The problem is authority figures who can not do their jobs because of policies put in place to temporarily silence the disproportionately vocal and actually insane and delusional herd on social media and in Hollywood.

    A similar problem exists in Europe where moronic thinking leads to negotiations with terrorists who get what they want and then blow everyone up. Will they learn why unofficial policies exist that prevent governments from negotiating with terrorists?

  7. Necronomeconomist says:

    False: “hundreds of children have murdered other children under the influence of death and black metal.”

    Cock Dorsey, where are you getting that idea?

    Marilyn Manson isn’t death/black.

  8. Mister Syre says:

    Make Metal Dangerous Again!

    1. No Life 'Till Death says:

      ‘Tis a tranny I can get behind

      1. NWN War Metal Tranny Rapist says:

        Yes! Death to shemale music!

  9. HELL V.666 says:

    I do not know when they give importance to magazines such as decibel, terrorizer, hard rock, kerrang and all those, mainstream garbage, and attend mega festivals, they believed that metal would be something as commercial as pop culture, they all helped one another way to mass the UNDERGROUND, it’s already late, but there are still small magazines trying to survive the internet, I do not believe in anything, I do not see news or only very little, I play a lot of wars and shots and I listen to the most brutal of the metal and even I do not kill anyone and I do not intend to kill anyone, more black rappers have died in shootings and drug traffickers in Mexico than 3 or 4 black metalheads, end of history, paranoid.

  10. Dispirited says:

    Haha Brock you turned into a real life Eric Cartman.

    “It’s embarrassing to see dying extreme metal outlets lock and step with pop culture mainstream media talking points in a desperate attempt to both save their journalism careers and keep their opinions relevant.” You’re doing the same thing Brock, right here in articles like these. Nobody gives a shit about Justin Norton. You’re yourself giving silly pop culture trends internet space.

    “…our God given American rights…” God is not Metal and neither is jingoistic crap about American rights. Your ancestors took those rights, they were not given to them by an invisible friend. Freedom is not free. As a gun lover you should know that, unless your gun loving erotica is all fake bullshit. You’re not fooling anyone.

    Nobody ever killed uner the influence of Metal, that’s retarded 80s style PMRC fantasies. Go kill yourself man.

    1. dead butt dreaming says:

      Brock shot a 20 gauge one time and it hurt his arm so bad he cried

      1. canadaspaceman says:

        First time I fired a shotgun I was freaked out too by the recoil, so what is your point?
        That guys who rarely shoot are pussies, or you are pissed off they don’t buy enough ammo at your store?

  11. Charles Stuart says:

    I love how the utterly ignorant leftists try and claim the NRA is lobbying for the firearm industry. They are not, they are lobbying for their members from whom they get almost all of their money. If the left ever did even cursory research, they would know that the firearm industry has its own lobby, the NSSF. https://www.nssf.org/

  12. Negrew says:

    Black metal is about PURE HATE. It doesn’t care if you are rich or poor, old or young, white or black. All are equal in PURE HATE.

    1. cornrose says:

      Black folk can’t be metal. They can be (((metal)))!!!

      1. dead butt dreaming says:

        What about my homeboys in Znowhite and Body Count?


        1. canadaspaceman says:

          Body Count sucks and are faggy and so are all their fans.

          Znowhite was kind of cool,and get a pass for being one of the first speed metal bands.

    2. canadaspaceman says:

      Black metal was created BY pissed off white men.
      I wonder if they all didn’t know how it would take off, they would have probably fought their way to the top of the RAC scene.

  13. recently watched a youtube cartoon equating banning cats to banning guns, and I guess the SJW idiot made it thought it will convince people who can THINK.

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