Soulburn Announces New Album Noa’s D’ark

Soulburn split from the legendary Asphyx, taking the guitarist from their best album, Asphyx, and allowing him to create with a new staff who aimed to keep the delicious recipe of primitive riffs adding up to complex, changing moods revealing an inner state to each song.

Having stumbled through a few stylistic and lineup changes, Soulburn returns with Noa’s D’ark, a concept album slated for release on November 13, 2020. The band issued the following statement:

A symbiosis of the biblical tale and the mayhem of the currents inherent each present; a mirror of realities. Yes, a play of words, and even more so, a decay of births. So please indulge, feel free to dare wrapping your own mind around, for it for sure is, in the very core of its essence, a vessel in honor of the strength and the art, of chaos and freedom: NOA’S D’ARK.

Applied with the pleasure of pressure, a Satanic gesture if you wish – a clash – a crash of narratives of mundane hollowness, of empty parasites sucking on the big nothing. A lucid statement in praise of the ever-lurking darkness that surrounds us, drinking it, eating it, in triumph over boredom – to thrive. To exist through meaning brought to the surface by one’s own revelations rather than just by leaning into traps of false acceptance or flat expectations. To grow some horns that is, an existentialist beast – come feast!

Enter NOA’S D’ARK, a tale of life, and even more so, of the uncountable death’s ahead. Dig your teeth in its flesh, just like I did, and absorb. NOA’S D’ARK is yours as much as it is ours. And there is Magick, lots of it to salvage, it can be yours too, and hell yes, black as night it is!

1. The Morgue of Hope
2. Noah’s Dark
3. Tempter ov the White Light
4. Anarchrist
5. Shrines of Apathy
6. Assailed by Cosmic Lightning
7. Triumphant One
8. Anointed – Blessed – and Born for Burning
9. The Godless I
10. From Archaeon into Oblivion

Marc Verhaar (drums)
Remco Kreft (guitar)
Twan van Geel (vocals/bass)
Eric Daniels (guitar)

Soulburn (Demo) – 1996
Feeding On Angels – 1998
The Suffocating Darkness – 2014
Split 7″ EP w/ Desaster – 2015
Earthless Pagan Spirit – 2016
Carpe Noctem 7″ EP – 2018
NOA’S D’ARK – 2020

The label explained a bit further:

The album’s limited first CD pressing comes with O-card packaging and two bonus tracks (“Abyssica” and “On the Crimson Wings of my Ruin”), which previously only appeared on the limited 7″ EP Carpe Noctem from 2018. NOA’S D’ARK will also be available as an LP in the following formats: 180g vinyl versions in black (unlimited), transparent magenta (limited to 100x copies on CM Europe Webshop), and transparent petrol green (limited to 200x copies via CM Distro).

Forged amid the temporary demise of legendary death metal crew Asphyx in 1996, guitarist Eric Daniels, alongside drummer Bob Bagchus and frontman Wannes Gubbels (Pentacle) swiftly established themselves with SOULBURN as masters of stripped down and doom-laden black metal with seminal debut album Feeding On Angels in 1998. Initially influenced by Bathory, Venom and Celtic Frost, SOULBURN have been an intermittent but devastating musical force ever since, weathering numerous line-up changes along the way but never losing that deathly focus and fury on the next albums The Suffocating Darkness (2014) and Earthless Pagan Spirit (2016). Now consisting of founding member Eric Daniels (ex Asphyx, Grand Supreme Blood Court), vocalist/bassist Twan van Geel (Legion Of The Damned), second guitarist Remco Kreft (Graceless, ex Grand Supreme Blood Court) and newest addition Marc Verhaar (Graceless) on drums, SOULBURN are soon to unleash their upcoming, angst-inducing new album NOA’S D’ARK. Look out for a true sonic inferno for godless souls!

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