A bunch of pussy beta male cucks have spent a ridiculous amount of money on a botnet to shut down Death Metal Underground, the free speech social network Gab, and a number of Alt Right websites such as Amerika, The Right Stuff, and American Resistance.  Why did they consider DMU “Alt Right” despite the fact that we’ve never written about race and have even expressed support for Israel emasculating their scumbag neighbors?  The answer is simple- DEATH METAL UNDERGROUND IS DANGEROUS AND FEARED BY LIFE’S LOSERS.

In an age where the terms “far right” “Alt Right” “fascist” “Nazi” and “racist” are all collectively lobbed at anyone who expresses social/political/cultural views that are not liberal (including centrists), depressed failures are dedicating much of their time and money to try and shutdown any school of thought outside of the pop culture group think of the moment.  This has spread to all forms of society, ranging from the mainstream normies to obscure music genres as niche as death metal.  With nothing to look forward to in their future, these neo-communists want to drag the entirety of society to their world of emptiness and sorrow.  A world where feelings supersede logic and nothing matters in the world outside of the individual’s comforts.

The war with the left must be waged in every space, on every front, by every rational human being in this nation.  Therefore Brock Dorsey, Brett Stevens, and the whole Death Metal Underground team will keep fighting until we are obliterated from cyberspace.  Fortunately, this fate will take a lot more than a lightweight botnet and a bunch of nu-male dweebs spending a ton of money to do little more than elevate our status to the stuff of legend.

This is metal. This is what they’re afraid of!

For those of you new to this vicious corner of the internet, Death Metal Underground is a no-holds-barred music site dedicated to extreme metal- the most alpha, masculine, badass music on the planet.  Rooted in romanticism, mused by Western philosophy, and fueled by an aggressive pursuit of truth, death metal and heavy metal are the epitome of Western art.  The metal creed is one of honesty, depth, wonder, and timelessness.  The culture, scene, world of metal was a wild-west style wasteland of societal outlaws of every school of thought where no idea or ideology was too extreme.

But over the past ten years, the genre was co opted by rejected, awkward, overweight, mutated, zit faced losers with a bitterness for the world they were never able to contribute much to.  Undesired and unable to compete in every other corner of life, these hipster wastes of flesh invaded the world of metal (and concurrently, every other non-mainstream music genre) and attempted to turn it into the egalitarian safe space where they could feel safe from the harsh truths of the modern world.  Their goal is to institute communism in heavy metal by setting it’s culture in step with popular culture, embrace the social progressiveness of far left politics, weeding out any diversity of thought and attitude, and distribute mediocrity amongst everyone so everybody feels like they are part of the herd.  Completed by a far-left socialist media that seeks to defame and destroy the careers of anyone that does not share their school of thought, these failed human beings have often aligned with Antifa and other propaganda arms of America’s Deep State.

With every other metal site embracing the socialist Anti-Trump stance of the mainstream media/culture, Death Metal Underground was the only heavy metal site (and possibly, the only music site) to embraced social and political conservatism.  In our quest to prevail the true, elitist, core qualities of metal we found yourself engulfed in a larger fight to delay the decline of Western Civilization.  With heavy metal rooted in romanticism, European history, and a perennial quest for the deeper truths of existence, Death Metal Underground became the stark opposition to what the regressive left is trying to push on our world.

And this is why they want to silence us.  This is why Brett and I are banned from Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets.  Because we preserve the truths of Western Civilization that are not kind to the weak.  Because we know that metal is not a pop-culture hipster fad that should adapt to whatever cultural views are currently popular.  Because we’re not afraid of being masculine, European, American, heterosexual, God-fearing, or whatever else they’re telling us we should be ashamed of.

With heavy metal music only comprising 7% of music streamed today, one may not think it’s worth defending.  But this culture war to restore the West must be fought with absolute heart, by strong leaders, on every front, at any expense.  Because our culture, history, future, existence matters.  Because the restoration of the West is a cause that outshines any other.

Attacks will continue.  War will continue.  But nobody does war better than us.  NOBODY!!!

Prepare yourselves- it’s gonna be brutal!

-Punished Brock Dorsey

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  1. Korrektor says:

    Been waiting for this! Good job and good luck goys! Carry on with your no good hessian ways!

  2. nostalgia says:

    onward to golgotha

  3. Reduced Without Any Effort says:

    I can personally testify that dipshit antifa shenanigans meddling with metal that they didn’t have a clue about played a role in my steadily increasing disdain for the political left as a teenager and it never really left me after that. Total fucking fail too – this was the only site they managed to keep offline for any appreciable length of time. Fag was probably expecting a lot more attention than he got.

    That being said, I honestly am not sure whether antifa or Dopey is worse for the metal underground. Antifa try and physically stop metal shows of bands they don’t like and apparently will DDOS non-leftist “metal” sites, but people like Dopey kill extreme metal by omission. Vahidas and Stuart are the only writers publishing extreme metal relevant content with substance on this site, but even they are writing pointless fluff articles at least half the time. If I’m being generous maybe a third of this site’s articles are even still relevant at all to extreme metal, and at least half if not more those articles are less than thought provoking.

    The fact that this antifa faggot thought this was an “alt-right” site rather than a music site despite literally being called “” says it all – you have lost sight of what made the DLA a quality site, ie quality commentary on metal music, and you should resign as editor. The caretaker site of the DLA deserves better.

    This isn’t even a metal site at all anymore, it’s a collection of Amerika reject articles and pointless SMRs that happens to occasionally have articles about metal in it. When substantive articles about metal music such as thoughtful reviews of lesser known albums (NOT smrs of low-hanging fruit) or quality musical and philosophical analyses of the classics are a majority of the site’s content and quality commentary on metal music is the site’s primary purpose and focus maybe you can claim this is an extreme metal site. It isn’t right now, though.

    1. Charles Stuart says:

      The best way to get the content you want is to write it yourself.

      1. Reduced Without Any Effort says:

        I don’t want to contribute writings to or be associated with a second-rate alt-right propaganda site with a Breitbart reject as editor. I would happily contribute articles instead of criticizing if this was actually a site about extreme metal music rather than politics.

        1. Brock Dorsey says:

          Welp, enjoy life on the wahnhmbulence!

          1. Reduced Without Any Effort says:

            Serious question, do you even listen to extreme metal? People like Maarat may have written a lot of substanceless crap, but there was never any question that he was a sincere extreme metal fan. In your case, I’m not so sure, and I’m inclined to think you are a false.

            You write about metal MUSIC maybe 10% of the time, and when you do, it’s almost always some SMR-style crap that reads like you’re regurgitating things you’ve heard about bands you’ve never actually listened to. This extends all the way back to the beginning of your contributions to the site when you described Weakling as a “shoegaze” metal band, and I bring that up because I revisited Dead As Dreams yesterday and there is not an iota of shoegaze its musical genome.

            This sort of blatant genre confusion happens all the time with you. Your death metal coverage regularly confuses actual metalcore for death metal (and despite your whining about “false” black metal you obviously haven’t listened to, you regularly give second-rate metalcore positive coverage when you actually write about metal), and if, like me and most of the site’s readers, you actually used DLA as a musical resource at some point to discover bands, I really doubt you would be making that mistake repeatedly.

            What gives, Dopey? Are you even a metal fan, or are you one of Brett’s Amerika buttbuddies who happened to listen to metalcore in the 2000s?

            1. Brock Dorsey says:

              Nah I never heard it, is it cool?

            2. gayner faguswat says:

              for all you have written on this post, it’s exactly like that, i agree on it all

            3. BlackPhillip says:

              Sometimes it’s seems like you have brains. This is not one of those times. After Maarat took over, this site went to shit. Strange, because he wrote some decent articles before then. Brock has brought liveliness and an apparent value system back to this website that went missing when Maarat took over.
              In this case, the website being attacked by lefties is very relevant. Why on fucking Earth would the editor of this page not comment on the attack on this site and metal in general? How can you be pissed about this unless you were an actual soyboy neckbeard leftist?
              Oh..ohhhh shit. Nevermind I answered my own question.

    2. BlackPhillip says:

      Your input is far more valuable, obviously. Thanks for your continued patronage of this site.

      1. Reduced Without Any Effort says:

        Including that article, there are 3 substantive articles actually about extreme metal music (4 if you include the SMR, which I don’t) on the first page right now, which has 10 articles total. You do the math. Not a metal site.

        1. Viscount Trapezoid says:

          It seems a bit injudicious to hold articles which are updates about what is happening to the site against them.

          1. Reduced Without Any Effort says:

            It’s not just the front page and the most recent events. The ratio is similar for Dopey’s entire tenure as editor. Go and look for yourself and do the math.

            1. Brock Dorsey says:

              Dude reduced stop crying- it’s gonna be okay, I promise. I know your scared, it’s a scary thing, you know, the site being knocked offline for a week. You went through a really rough, frightening experience. And it’s okay, I’m here for you, it’s gonna be okay. Ssshhh it’s gonna be okay, you’re safe now, don’t worry, don’t cry, sssshhhh.

              1. J says:

                This reply reeks of butthurt. Sounds like you are the one that needs to stop crying.

    3. neutronhammer says:

      Yeah, you’ve got a point there, while I like Brock’s general Chad-polemics, he does seem like someone who’s out troll leftists first and a Hessian second.
      SMRs are important IMO, especially in this day and age of Metal-media and Label circle jerking.

    4. butfuccked without any effort says:

      >The fact that this antifa faggot thought this was an “alt-right” site rather than a music site despite literally being called “” says it all – you have lost sight of what made the DLA a quality site

      This paragraph is retarded. By that logic Marduk is a nazi band because antifa said so. That girl who went to the prom in a Chinese dress is an alt-right nazi cultural appropriator because antifa said so. etc etc. What emotionally crippled communist infants think is no useful gauge of anything.

  4. Thewaters says:

    Deus Veult!

  5. Templar Hessian says:

    Hessian Warriors Arise!

  6. Rainer Weikusat says:

    I thought this site was a place where I could be accepted as a proud homosexual hessian. Prowling for cock and ready to offer my butt-cunt to sexy long haired sexy boys I was hoping for the best. Unfortunately, my autistic ways trumped my seduction skills. Anyway, I love everyone!

  7. Falsehammer says:

    More music related content Brock, nobody gives a fuck this shit is ruining the site.

    1. Reduced Without Any Effort says:

      To think I thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse than Maarat’s SMR floods. DMU will never recover unless it has an editor willing to purge and exclude the Amerika reject articles and SMRs wholesale.

    2. GGDD says:

      i give a fuck.
      Fuck antifa, fuck globalist, neoliberal scum. Fuck metalinjection, metalsucks, invisibleoranges, pitchfork, toiletovhell blabbermouth and their liberal joo owners.

      1. Falsehammer says:

        That is all well and good but this site, is about Death metal remember?

        1. BlackPhillip says:

          Why would you not give a shit about this site being targeted? I don’t know why you morons would expect the editors to ignore the fact that the website has been down for over a week and not share that information with the readers.

  8. footgrabtation says:

    fucking antifa making me wait a couple days to get my fix of manosphere buzzwords in word salad metal reviews

    PS immomation vs. incatnation

    1. I am the wack blizzards says:

      Ultimately immolation wins

      Put the two bands’ best albums head to head and maybe you find that incantation bad the better album but it’s really a close call either way

      But immolation has 3 really good albums and more good ones, incantation has 1 great album and one or two good ones but they are not as consistent as the immo albums

      1. Charles Stuart says:

        Immolation probably wins in a bare-knuckle fight. They also win with a higher overall average of quality. Incantation wins with the higher peak. Goddamn “Golgotha” is fucking good.

        As far as “immomation” and “incatnation” I’d go with the former because it sounds vaguely like you are making fun of how foreigners speak.

  9. deus vult says:

    The NWBHM band Blitzkrieg just released the album “Judge Not”. It’s worth reviewing.

    1. Brock Dorsey says:

      Send one to RN!

  10. GGDD says:

    Kudos to being attacked by the communist antifa scum is a good thing.
    If you haven’t been banned from all the mainstream social media outlets, you ain’t doing it right..
    i’ve even been banned from zionist warmonger “alt-right” site Breibart, LOL

    1. zxcv says:

      You do realize the writers on this site are zionists, right?

      1. Charles Stuart says:

        How is it exactly you think you know my stance regarding Israel?

        1. zxcv says:

          From this article

          “Why did they consider DMU “Alt Right” despite the fact that we’ve never written about race and have even expressed support for Israel emasculating their scumbag neighbors?”

  11. Bill Baker says:

    “collectively lobbed at anyone who expresses social/political/cultural views that are not liberal (including centrists”

    …and in which “liberal” has become comflated with far left Marxism by those targeted by the Marxists as these other things. Liberalism is a in fact pretty much centrism. Our enemy is far left Marxists- who are fundamentally ILLIBERAL. True “liberals” like the likes say as Dave Rubin{youtubes ‘The rubin report” for one example amongst others. Calling far left Marxists “liberals’ and conflating the two is like conflating conservatarian or libertarian with alt-right or far right. Both are fallacious false equivocations/conflations.

    If anyone says they themselves are “liberal” but act lke these sjw types, they are either confused about the meaning and history of political terms/labels and political science or lying, they are far left Marxists…NOT “liberals”.

    Pretty much everyone who isn’t Marxist or far right or alt right is in fact in the classical/original meaning and sense “liberal”{this includes libertarians, conservatarians/center rightists, centrists, and hell even libertarian leftists}.

    The amrxists have muddied the waters and in Orwellian fashion in their newspeak changed the meaning of all these terms so much and moved their idea of ‘center” so far left that the labels, including left vs right wing have become mainly meaningless. But don’t let em confuse you, Marxism aint liberalism just as libertarian and center right conservatarian aint alt right or far right

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