Substitutes For Dunhill Pipe Tobaccos

The internet is somewhat stewing over finding replacements for Dunhill pipe tobaccos, since it looks like production shut down two years ago and the last of them are disappearing from stores and online. You can still find the less-sought-after varieties, like Three Year Matured or Ready-Rubbed Virginia, but good luck finding Nightcap, Early Morning Pipe, or Elizabethan Mixture.

However, never fear. Despite some guides promising substitutes for Dunhill pipe tobaccos, no one has yet come up with a list of comparables that you can actually buy and enjoy out there in the world. Without further ado, let us turn to the blends:

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  1. Johnny cab says:

    Do you have a personal recommendation on pipe material? I’m fairly new to the subject. I see meerschaum and briar brought up frequently but I’ve also seen everything from clay, bog oak, glass…

    1. People love to fetishize anything. Cobs work great; get yourself a Missouri Meerschaum cob and work from there. If you want to go further, start with a basic briar like Chacom, Rossi, Morgan Bones, etc. The advantages are as follows: cobs are durable, briars taste best. In my view, it has to do with the insulating properties of the briar, versus cobs which are perhaps even more insulating and really cook the hell out of your tobacco. Good luck!

  2. NH says:

    I’ve heard Pease’s Westminster is an attempt to capture an era of London Mixture he liked. Haven’t had it, so not sure if it compares.

    Nice list!

    1. Me either, but it’s on my Christmas list. Thanks for reading!

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    1. Ametalhead says:

      Tell us what’s going on

  5. Ametalhead says:

    Tell us what’s going on in the comments Steve.

  6. Steve PLEASE HELP! says:

    Please read the whole thing.

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  7. Steve PLEASE HELP! says:

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  8. Steve PLEASE HELP! says:

    To be fair they had great music and sermons. And I do believe that they help people quit drugs. I had a particularly bad experience with them. Also, some of their members, such as Brother Lance, and Brother Richard in San Jose were really great to me. Some things like the black V.O. church van across the street from our condo in Salinas , as well as the threat of forced exorcism, and the idea I was a heretic were certainly from V.O.. Whereas other things, such as the events which occurred yesterday (which shook up my family) I cannot be as certain who exactly is responsible. It looks like their church ahd some kind of large event planned called Bakersfield Invasion for this weekend. But they have been cleaning up their FB sites and such recently, such as changing from the red shirts in Salinas to having deleted those. And they took down the ‘Invasion’ links too. I planned to move to Reno, then I noticed occult stuff with white stags on their Reno site but that got taken down. My point being that they are busy cleaning up their public image all the sudden. But there are many articles on the net available about their organization which are critical if you do some research , including a good one by the LA Times, some years ago.

    Please raise awareness about dangerous cults.

  9. Steve says:

    Last year in Salinas I also heard things that I interpreted as pranks, such people walking on the roof making threats ( which I heard ANTIFA does) , the next door neighbors having some kind of mock midnight seance ( which I had footage of at the time and linked to Brett), and more.

  10. Steve PLEASE HELP! says:

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  11. Steve PLEASE HELP! says:

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    At Home Depot on Ming Ave. a security guard told me someone might come in with a gun while smiling at me and saying he was making ‘smalltalk’. Customers had been crowding me and waving their arms in my face ranying about immigration. Meanwhile, someone put door hinges under a flap on my cart i didnt know existed and the self checkout clerk tried to make it look like I was stealing.

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    My Uncle Tom, who is a major news and publishing editor in Manhatten believes me about V.O. harassing me at least.

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  12. Steve PLEASE HELP! says:

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    Also, at Chuy’s bar some guy named Dan who had a music video with gangsigns kept asking me if i had done any child porn over and over and that his gang would have to kill me if so. He said this over and over loudly , as if ‘do you still beat your wife etc’.

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    Lately it is like playing 20 questions everywhere I go. Imagine if Franz Kafka’s The Trial really happened to you. That is what is happening to me exactly.

    This town resembles something out of Children of the Corn, with a bunch of ignorant jerks who gang up on anyone who is not ‘from there’.

  13. Steve PLEASE HELP! says:

    When I first moved to Bakersfield the first weird thing was everyone staring at my clover hand tat and saying literally (not joking manner) ‘we have the Irish mafia here’. This started at the mall movie theatre with some popcorn doling jerk or at the Mexican grocery store taqueria. They make a bi deal of any tats showin here , as if you are ‘flashing’. Some people felt that due to the show Gangland that “the Irish mafia will cut his head off’ or maybe they could score points with them by doing it themselves.

    Fucking ridiculous!!!

    Boycott this city completely and please raise awareness about cults and about extremist animal rights roups, especially from L.A. , as well as possibly the Metoo movement.

    Our society is headed towards leftist and evangelical fascism on the west coast.

    The adult film industry was already decimated in California, now it is horseracin. Any joke about sex or race is dicey. Eddie Murphy Raw , Kevin Hart or anyone with a sense of humor will be attacked. You basically have to tow a PC line , or be in a meachurch , or be a PC leftist if you want to live in peace out here.

    American society as we know it is in jeopardy.
    Many of these groups need their tax exempt status revoked and should be labeled as CRIMINAL ENTERPRISES UNDER THE RICO STATUTE.

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