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Dutch black metal band Tarnkappe are streaming their entire upcoming Winterwaker album on Soundclound. Featuring members of Kjeld and Kaeck, Winterwaker is one of the Death Metal Underground staff’s favorite releases of the year: Tarnkappe summon back fond memories of early Gorgoroth, Zyklon-B, and Niden Div 187 refined into effective melodic narratives instead of merely another “cool riff” band aping Darkthone in pop punk songs, which is what Fenriz and Nocturno Culto have been doing themselves for well over a decade.

Black Metal the way it was meant to be played, raw, aggressive, cold and with underground attitude!
Grim & cold Black Metal from Dutch soil!

As a small country, the Dutch are far from doing bad when it comes to their contribution to the black metal scene, on the contrary and Tarnkappe proved this in 2014 with “Tussen Hun en de Zon”, a largely left unnoticed record of great magnitude, shame on you all! As a project of two members of bands such as Kjeld, Salacious Gods, Lugubre these guys are deeply rooted in the underground.

‘Winterwaker’ (meaning “Guardian of Winter” in English) by Tarnkappe is the follow-up that proves this quality-approach in full. In this case you will be caught by surprise totally, since this is a classic Black Metal album that needs to be heard. We would dare say this the traditional 90’s Black Metal record we all have been waiting for, records like this are not made anymore…

If you enjoy your Black Metal with an organic, natural sound, Tarnkappe will be on your to get. We would say that Tarnkappe revives the old 90’s Scandinavian spirit in full, but this would not justify what this band has achieved here. They are original enough to have their own sound. Great songs, razorsharp guitar riffs, insane vocals and a topnotch production is what you get. A hypnotizing, gloomy setting that makes this release sound ritualistic and captivating. All delivered in an ice-cold artwork.

If you like it cold, grim and traditional, and still feel melancholic on the early 90’s scene, then you need Tarnkappe!

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35 thoughts on “Tarnkappe Stream Winterwaker

  1. Rainer Weikusat says:

    Black Metal […] was meant to be played […] with underground attitude! […] a topnotch production is what you get.

    Wenn Du denkst, dass Du denkst, dann denkst Du nur, dass Du denkst.
    [When you think you’re thinking you’re only thinking to think]

    The geriatric nostalgia is no better. I wouldn’t want to negotiate a CD with a text like this past a female record store employee who already considers me a useless disturbance of her small talk routine.

    1. C.M. says:

      Even good releases can get shitty advertisement. Obviously one does not necessarily indicate the quality of the other. Listen for yourself, it’s light on nostalgic appeal (so far as one with no nostalgic attraction toward Scandinavian black metal can tell :P).

    2. fart inhaler says:

      Why do you write in German all the time? Do you think people are going to be impressed with you being from Germany? I get enough of German from all the scat porn I watch, thank you.

      1. Rainer Weikusat says:

        Because that’s my native language and I happen to like that.

        I don’t quite understand how you came to the conclusion that you’re so important that people would seek to »impress you« (I also like french quotes, BTW) but that’s an opinion I can’t share.

    3. D. A. R. G. says:

      Wrote about it here, too: https://praefuscusferrum.com/2016/10/14/tarnkappe-winterwaker/
      Dutch black metal elite is one of the few actually good circles around (“scenes” are useless).

  2. Facelessones says:

    Inferior to Kaeck and Sammath, maybe it’s because the content here is common in Blackmetal.

    But anyway, the rise of Dutch black metal is exciting!

    1. trystero says:

      Kaeck is a good barometer for taste. Anyone who likes it can safely be written off.

      1. Immanentist says:

        Kaeck isn’t bad enough to warrant that statement.

        1. trystero says:

          It falls in that convenient spectrum of seeming right but having no real content. Therefore, if someone praises it unduly it means they have a surface level appreciation of music or don’t understand the impact music has even on themselves; excessive emotional detachment. The latter is more common among the (in my experience) generally rationalistic audience of extreme metal. Both can be written off in the sense that their word is no longer to be taken for what it is, but requires deeper (sometimes psycho-) analysis.

          Prozak and others have spoken about staying power. My theory is that a part of “staying power” is the listener themselves working out their feelings towards the music and developing true discernment rather than any direct quality of the music. Once this process occurs enough, it becomes natural and accessible for a subset of people. Others it is already immediately accessible for. Some I suspect never really “get it”.

          People get tired of negativity, I get tired of negativity. Lassitude alone should not lead to admittance of facsimiles of what is desired. Accepting the appearance of good as good itself is worse than allowing a bit of bad.

      2. Facelessones says:

        In my opinion Kaeck’s music represents ‘id’ of our personality, like ‘Beherit – Engram 2009’, and Kaeck has a unique aesthetic by Sammath’s style transcendent melody, it’s enough to make real Blackmetal fans fascinated I think.

  3. thomasw_ says:

    I believe on December 1st, the LP became available to buy on bandcamp, too.


  4. Altarboys of Madness says:

    “If you enjoy your Black Metal with an organic, natural sound…”

    I DON’T enjoy that, my nigga. That sounds like ’10s Metal; is it also GMO-free and gluten-free? Is it lovingly handcrafted and FairTrade?

    NO. It should sound alien, unnaturally fucked up, and inhuman. On solid-state amps, or through a telephone like Burzum did!

  5. Rainer Weikusat says:

    This is decidedly overproduced. It’s musically also too much focussed on “hidden/ lost beauty”-romanticism. That’s artistically an absolutely conventional ersatz-emotion whenever depth is supposed to be simulated because it’s easy to produce. Everyone does that. Tarnkappe arguably better than many. But no comparison to Sammath. Or even Gorgoroth. Take Pentagram. This is absolutely great for the first 1.5 minutes, the fairly simple/ monotonous riffing combined with the vocals creating a menacing, dark athmossphere (but I regularly stop listening to this as the Sodom-style riffing starts around 01:30).

    This here just makes me feel sad. I can do that on my own. And much better than I would like.

    1. some guy says:

      Don’t be sad, Rainer. I love you. I love all you guys ^____^

  6. Deepdick says:

    Odds that a North American label will distribute?

  7. Roger says:

    Don’t bicker too much.

    It’s pretty good. As is Kaeck, Kjeld, and, of course, Sammath.

    1. Sammath is beyond pretty good. Godless Arrogance is as good as the 1980’s and 1990’s classics.

      1. Facelessones says:


        And, it combines these two points:
        the Deathmetal RIFFs are reveals the truth of the nihility and chaos of the universe(the Material world)
        the Blackmetal transcendent melodys are reveals the volition trying to return to the primordial spirit

        This makes it so special and greatness.

        1. Facelessones says:

          the volition of…

      2. Roger says:

        I agree Godless Arrogance is head and shoulders above the others mentioned. The others are just OK.

        1. Facelessones says:

          That is not ‘just OK’ or not.

          How do we evaluate the music? According to the musicality(melodies/craftsmanship..)? Or music content itself.
          When the music to resonate with any part of our personality, that’s the aesthetic feeling, and this is beyond ‘just OK’, on the contrary, it is nothing.

          And in our personality is not the part of ‘just OK’, only the two tendencies of divinity & animality, that’s why most people are love to listen to rock or popmusic, because divinity is hard to get.
          Kind of Sammath/Kaeck ‘s music, even all great Blackmetal, they all reveals coexistence of divinity & animality in our spirit, that’s why Metal is the art of making us realize the truth.

          1. Spectral Nutritionist says:


            Grammatically, would that mean the cat is big, or the cock is big?
            BIG-CAT COCK
            BIG CATCOCK

      3. Sammath’s earlier albums are very strong too.

    2. trystero says:

      It isn’t good, it’s bad. It just almost sounds like it could maybe be good, possibly. Kaeck and Kjeld are also just nothing, a big pile of “I dunno, maybe its good? It doesn’t sound bad.”

      1. Roger says:

        I said ‘pretty good’, which for me is a rung lower that ‘Good’. I didn’t make that clear enough.

        Kaeck and Kjeld aren’t anything special, and could have been heaps better. Kjed dies in the ass half way through, and Kaeck (well, I agree with what you say about sounding like it has all the right elements but lacking emotional connection).

        1. I agree that Kjeld – Skym needs to be at least halved; that’s one of the reasons why it wasn’t on DMU’s best of 2015 list. Tarnkappe is better than them but worse than Jan Kruitwagen’s bands. Kaeck – Stormkult reveals its colors very slowly, requiring repeated listening.

        2. #blessed R the Sick says:

          This is the nigga who said ‘Blessed Are the Sick’ is no better than ‘Domination.’

    3. Rainer Weikusat says:

      It’s pretty good at what it is. And that’s this »white metal&laquo, nature-focussed Immortal-style (not so much musically but thematically, at least insofar I understand this) stuff. There are better tracks on this album than the melancholical ones I listended yesterday, eg, the 3rd (De Bekroning) but the »big« emotional landscape is retained. Take An De Arde Gebonden as example. It’s difficult to translates this. »Bound to the earth«, but that seems rather poor. A paraphrase could be »I grew out of this soil and – for better or worse – I am a part of it and it is a part of me«.

      I grew out of this soil,


      The experience is especially magical in spring when there’s cow dung everywhere on the fields. Further, the people of Rheinboellen, let alone Klein-Weidelbach, would protest that as I’m – at best – a Siemarscher but not even really this: None of my parents was born in this area and while I understand the local dialect, I don’t speak it, making me a better illegal immigrant. Consequently, the mystic angle of this music is completely lost on me.

      In contrast to this, I can relate to No Salvation. No God. No Grace and the music going with it.

      1. Roger says:

        What, exactly, are you ranting on about?

        1. The music in question and why he doesn’t like it

        2. Rainer Weikusat says:

          I’m not »ranting« about anything. That’s just a routine misinterpretation by people whose emotional spectrum is restricted to angry, horny and hungry.

          1. Spectrum Neurologist says:

            >>ranting<>aimlessly babbling/ baked /navelgazing<<

            1. Rainer Weikusat says:

              “Don’t understand” => “Other guy stupid !!!”

              isn’t particularly original.

      2. Belisario says:

        I have noticed before that you get lost in translation quite often and I daresay rather happily, which is not at all a mistake to my eyes, yet in my opinion “Bound to the earth” can also carry the meaning of “I grew out of this soil and – for better or worse – I am a part of it and it is a part of me”, just in a shorter form, like “An De Arde Gebonden” probably does. The same could apply, if I’m not too mistaken, to “an die Erde gebunden”.

        My point is that words are not translatable, simply because they are never translated, only meanings are, and that is a very wide and elusive category that many times can be dealt with in the most unsuspected simple ways (at least from my full-time day-job perspective).

        Interestingly enough, I somehow guessed you were from Rhineland or around, maybe because of the loquacity. Greetings from stern Saxony!

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