Teitanblood Announce Accursed Skin

Article by Lance Viggiano.

Norma Evanglium Diaboli announced a new EP from crusty noise rock band Teitanblood. Accursed Skin consists of two lengthy tracks: “Accursed Skin” (14:28) and Sanctified Dysecdysis (11:46). Writing riffs is hard because it requires some modicum of actual creativity when you aren’t bashing power chords or lifting material from others. That’s why Teitanblood quit trying immediately after the mediocre Seven Chalices and let itself be carried by presentation and aesthetic to a greater degree than that record was on Death. Accursed Skin will be the second instance of this band using already released material to pad out the run-time of an EP as they cannot conjure up enough static, lukewarm grind/crust riffs and cool vocals to fill a release with new material.

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27 thoughts on “Teitanblood Announce Accursed Skin

  1. Marc Defranco says:

    I’ll probably like this

    1. lance vigianno says:

      Well, it’s better than something like Ildjarn so that is at least one thing it has going for it.

  2. Parasite says:

    Question for Brett.

    Has DMU considered doing gun reviews as part of the lifestyle section?

    1. GGALLIN1776 says:

      I hope they start, but not high dollar o/u & pipe reviews. Let’s see some kit builds.

      1. Parasite says:

        I have an aversion to smoking now. Something about charring the shit out of lungs and mouth doesn’t appeal to me anymore, pot is the only exception.

        Brett give us the skinny on the best armaments coming out of the USA. Up here in Canada our gun laws are gay, no fully automatic weapons…

        I’m looking for a reliable shotgun for hunting/home defence and one that is made in USA no fucking Japanese shit. Fuck you browning.

        Make amerika great again fuuuuck yeeeeeeaaaaah

        1. fart inhaler says:

          A shotgun is too unwieldy for home defence since you probably have several hallways and sharp turns in your house. Go for a pistol instead, and some non lethal stuff like pepper spray because you’ll probably pussy out even when threatened anyway. Most people have no clue if they have it in them or not to kill another person.

          1. C.M. says:


            The sound of a shotgun being racked is one of the best home defense measures. Besides you don’t need one for hunting. You can get shorter barrels that are easy to get around corners. One shot will clear out a hallway and you’re only going to be shooting from ten feet or less away. Likely won’t kill whoever you’re shooting but shredding their elbows, fingers, eyes etc will do well enough to get them the hell off your property.

            The idea that a handgun is appropriate for home defense is ludicrous because aiming a handgun while under stress is not something most people can count on doing well.

            1. PPK says:

              “The sound of a shotgun being racked is one of the best home defense measures.”

              If you’re counting on the cranked out manimals breaking into your home at 3am to notice, much less run away in fear, at the sound of a shotgun being racked, you gonna get raped.

              “Besides you don’t need one for hunting. You can get shorter barrels that are easy to get around corners.”

              Unless you live in the USA, where a shotgun with a barrel under 18.5 inches requires a $200 tax stamp, a waiting time of an unspecified length (often of six months to a year), and a signature from your local chief of police (lol).

              “One shot will clear out a hallway and you’re only going to be shooting from ten feet or less away.”

              Lol ok

              “Likely won’t kill whoever you’re shooting but shredding their elbows, fingers, eyes etc will do well enough to get them the hell off your property”

              A shotgun won’t kill a man from ten feet? I see that your knowledge of ballistics comes from the Call of Duty video game series.

              1. C.M. says:

                A shotgun will kill someone from ten feet. The point is that it hurts no matter if your aim is a little off. The same can’t be said about a handgun. The ten feet number just came from a guess about how far you usually are from a door or a hall or any corner in a regular sized house anyway.

                I’m talking about a chaotic situation like a burglary. Maybe the burglar doesn’t know anyone is home, or counts on them not waking up. Maybe they’re armed, maybe not, no way to tell sometimes. But if you’re creeping around property that you know people are actively trying to keep you away from, then hell yeah you’re gonna be nervous about hearing a shotgun. Try it if you don’t believe me.

                18.5″ is shorter than you need anyway. Doesn’t need to be that short just for getting around corners. You’re only pointing it in one direction any – straight ahead of you. Not like you’re going to be swinging it around mowing down bitches left and right. You definitely want it to be a legal weapon, anyway, in the event that you do shoot someone…

                Of course I say all this (because I’m convinced of it and have a few relatives who have managed to chase people off with a shotgun without having to fire it) but all I have currently is a 9mm, and I definitely wouldn’t trust my life to it. If you do then you’re a way more confident marksman than me.

                1. Additional benefit to a shotgun is lack of distance penetration through walls and into other houses. Main thing to do is not to call the police immediately if you shoot someone; let them bleed out first, because that way there are fewer troubling legal issues.

                  1. C.M. says:

                    This is what everybody saying to get a Magnum or something is ignorant of. Walls of homes can be easily broken through, they’re just wood and plaster, and these guns are designed to shred body armor. The risk of blowing a hole through your house and into your neighbor’s kitchen is serious. That could set off more legal repercussions than you want to deal with.

                    1. PPK says:

                      The great thing about a shotgun is that you have choices in terms of ammunitioun. “Magnum” shotgun loads generally just give you more pellets. #1 or #4 buck is good if you live in apartments or similar environments.

                  2. Parasite says:

                    There is a huge grey area in the law concerning this matter. You are correct a dead intruder has no case.

                    1. Also, a dead intruder = free sodomy.

                    2. Hahahahahahahaha

                      From where does this obsession with necrophilia, bestiality, and most of all sodomy come?

              2. The clay discs that I shoot from like, 20 metres away, definitely would have been dead had they been humans.
                That was with a 12 gauge.

            2. Cynical says:

              A 12 Gauge loaded with 00 buckshot isn’t going to just wound someone. It will almost certainly be lethal.

            3. nocturnal squirter of cums says:

              also it seems kinda fun. think about it. rabid google that broke into your house looks at you down the hall, just point in its general direction spray.

            4. Parasite says:

              Im not interested in HOW to defend my home, im asking about firearm brands etc etc.

              I do not3 want some fucker bleeding all over my house, i would use rubber bullets or a birdshot on an intruder.

              Also i should say that handguns may as well be illegal in Canada, the laws of owning them are far too strict and inconvenient.

              Shotgun reviews please.

              1. C.M. says:

                Yes I know, I was just responding generally…

                But if I were talking serious home defense then obviously the answer is to carry a katana at all times and have a shuriken (preferably two) taped behind every door.

              2. PPK says:

                LOL @ using birdshot for home defense. Have fun getting raped by an angry, bleeding intruder.

                To answer your question, get an OLD surplus Remington Police Magnum or Wingmaster. If that’s not available, get a Norinco Hawk 982. It’s much better than nu-remington.

                1. Parasite says:

                  Okay cool I’ll check those models out, thanks.

    2. harsh critiquer of vest patcheses says:

      It all depends on the type of home intruder, your average hood invader is actually more cunning than you would think and will spend time observing from a distance. If you mope around your house/space/cardboard box with a Mr.Bean like droopy mope with your head up your ass about your shit existence then the wild hoodlum will easily get you off guard and take your treasure wounding or killing you on the way out. In fact wounding or killing is more reward than your cheap plastic Chinese shit you slave over and they salivate over. If its a love sick boyfriend who saw you with Shauntel at the Opeth concert then a stern fatherly slap will suffice. Go big and get a civilian neutered VZ58 or AK47, if you can’t hit shit in 5 shots in a general direction you deserve to die.

  3. Nathan Metric says:

    “The second Teitanblood album corrects the misconception about death metal being music. Mortui vivos docent.”


  4. nocturnal squirter of cums says:

    apparently this is supposed to sound like “a cross between Under a Funeral Moon and Don’t Break the Oath.” That sounds amazing but from what I heard of this band I can’t imagine it being true.

    1. Marc Defranco says:

      I believe you are referring to the next possible Negative Plane album, and the member of the band was only referring to the production.

  5. harsh critiquer of vest patcheses says:

    One of the most overrated bands in years comes back with more $5 CD Mexican war metal dressed up as something fancier, artier, “more real man!”

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