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For those of us who think that life is much more than buying the latest technology gadget we don’t need, watching the latest Hollywood TV commercial disguised as a movie or taking photo “selfies” pretending to be into something you really aren’t, romanticized medieval fantasy, ancient myth and legend provide not an escape from reality, but a highlighting of what is worthy of praise in life and human beings. This is the fantasy of Homer, Tolkien, Virgil or Lovecraft. Underneath the enveloping myth of the story, their stories preserve eternal truths about human nature and show it in a more realistic way than the candy-flavoured, shock-oriented realism of George R.R. Martin.

Today, we shall explore the idealist fantasy that sings to us in poetry of the gods, of virtue, and of the indelible kinship to nature as a whole that man has almost forsaken. In an inverted world in which greed has slowly attained a position of honor and in which ideals, philosophy and non-profitable values are systematically mocked, we sometimes find ourselves in need of a reminder that we are not just deluded madmen upholding untenable precepts of a long-forgotten age or even worse, believers of ideas that have never been in line with reality at any point in history.

Between the bushes we stared
At those who reminded us of another age
And told that hope was away
We heard the elven song and
Water that trickled

What once was is now
All the blood
All the longing and pain that
And the emotions that could be stirred
Are away

We are not dead
We have never lived


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24 thoughts on “Today’s Recommended Playlist”

  1. teimo says:

    Nice to see Kawir getting a mention! I would probably also add VNV Nation – Empires, Timeghoul 1992-1994 discography, Goatcraft – The Blasphemer, Graveland – Following the Voice of Blood, Slowdive – Souvlaki, Beherit – Engram and Rick Wakeman’s Journey to the Center of the Earth.

    1. I think out of those you mentioned only Graveland’s fits the bill here.

      1. teimo says:

        Depends on the mood a guy’s in.

        1. whim says:

          German BPjM (Federal Authority for Publications unsafe for the Youth) forbade the sale of 4 GRAVELAND albums in Germany (namely, “Following The Voices Of Blood”, “Immortal Pride”,”In The Glare Of Burning Churches”, “The Celtic Winter”).
          In may 2008 German Police invaded office of No Colours records and confiskated about 1500 of these old cd’s of Graveland.After this act of repression, these Graveland albums are moved to label from USA Forever Plagued Records.

          1. So they’re afraid of the implications for certain tendencies in his ideas. It is still good music with transcendental ideas of honor, ideals and excellence at its heart.

            Anything that defies the status quo, and especially anything that doesn’t sound inclusive (in this case Graveland is the contrary) will be deemed a threat and will be the target of censorship.

            They don’t censor porn, though. They don’t censor Hollywood neuron-killing movies. They definitely do not censor friendly gansta rap. It’s only edgy, but it doesn’t amount to anything besides devolution.

            1. nilla says:

              Very true but this is Germany we’re talking about!

        2. We’re coming at it from different angles.
          You are coming from a “what’s my mood” angle
          I’m coming from “what is the music saying” , what is intrinsic to the music.

          You’ll find more of the latter on this website.

          1. Jessica says:

            It’s true teimo, emotion is never at the forefront of music but is merely a variable byproduct of it. Do take note that the albums David has selected all have a common origin in being romanticist and fantasy based, but that in being such, they also aren’t escapist. No more at least than any of the other ‘reality’-based distractions mentioned.

  2. Bobby says:

    Thank you for the the George R.R. Martin bit, I thought I was going crazy or something being the only one I know who thinks he’s a mediocre hack

    1. I don’t think he is a mediocre hack, though. I just do not think he belongs in the same category.

        1. I disagree with the article. It seems to be written by someone who is not in contact with the reality of human nature. I am not contradicting myself, I am merely being balanced. I liked Hollywood’s El Cid with its noble-beyond-hope hero, but the rest of the people in the story behaved just like Game of Thrones characters. Why? because that is human nature. It is not a “post-modern view”. It is reality.

          I think Game of Thrones, or more precisely, the books it is based on, is second-rate not because of what it “teaches” or “represents” because I actually agree that seen from outside, we are a comedy, everyone is good and bad, but because the content is completely dictated by how much shock it will produce.

          Like I said I exclude it here because at its core it is not the epic (in its original and complete meaning) fantasy we are talking about here. I also think it is aimed at being crowd-pleasing by avoiding being crowd-pleasing. Martin makes the story too self-aware.

  3. Mormegil says:

    Zemial – In Monumentum is a great Greek black metal that celebrates the above. So is Bathory’s Blood Fire Death and Hammerheart.

    1. Agree on the Bathory.
      Never heard of Zemial, will check it out.

      1. Catastrophist says:

        Another here recommending In Monumentum.
        Also the new Macabre Omen- Gods of War~At War.

      2. hypocrite says:

        I remember Zemial being in the reviews section once upon a time. Their early stuff was great.

  4. J says:

    Very good article and fantastic recommendations David!

  5. Dionysus says:

    I “like” how DMU is slowly starting to become more of an accepting place for Rosales to shove their interests down people’s throats without any quality control behind it.

    I’ll keep repeating this since it can’t be said enough: Zealotry fucking sucks and should stay within your personal interests. No one has time for senseless pseudo-technical bullshit.

    It’s like we’re all “growing” to become Condor-loving fuckheads.

  6. Rich or Dead says:

    Hate to be that faggot, but, what is the name of the ruins in the picture? On a mobile device and can’t reverse search.

    1. Whitby Abbey, Yorkshire

      1. Rich or Dead says:

        Appreciated, thanks.

        Also am really enjoying these recommendation articles. Already am familiar with the first three albums but that Kawir one is new to me and very interesting so far.

  7. Anthony says:

    This Atlantean Kodex band is some serious nerd metal. I’d much rather listen to the second Gates of Slumber album or Witchfinder General when I need my doom fix. Do people actually enjoy Atlantean Kodex, Argus, Dantesco et al, or do they just like the idea of those bands?

  8. Murph says:

    This article speaks to my soul.

    David, is there any power metal you would place in this “category”? Manowar, perhaps?

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