Triguna – Embryonic Forms (2015)


Triguna is a band that plays underground metal in that vague intersection between death metal, black metal and the phrasal speed metal of Slayer. Their independently-released Embryonic Forms is both an honest and musically-aware artistic offering that falls short for technical reasons. “Technical reasons” here should not be underestimated. The band’s instrumental skills are just enough to play he music they wrote, but it is the technical side of composition that is loose.

Technique in composition is believed by the populace to mean how many chord progressions and scale names you have memorized or how many contrasting sections you can pair up. In truth, what technical composition ideally affords is an experience and insight into musical forms, elements and their relations and effects along with historical reference points that help the composer distill the purest elements of music. Surely this can be derived by talented and innately perceptive musicians, but they are still building most things from the ground up.

To be fair, given Triguna’s apparent technical level, their decision to make varied yet deliberately dirty, simple and straightforward passages was a realistic one that allowed them to concentrate on the coherence of the pieces as wholes. So while individual sections, riffs or solos are not altogether overwhelming, the songs are solid, enjoyable and meaningful. Creating fulfilling whole music that is not minimalist, Embryonic Forms is a perfect example of the extreme case of a vision superseding technique to achieve a musical triumph. The album garners at least honourable mentions alongside the likes of Manilla Road or early The Chasm (not that I am equating them, just classifying them), and is very much recommended on my part.

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14 thoughts on “Triguna – Embryonic Forms (2015)”

  1. Jeremy York says:

    Wow! Thanks so much for listening and reveiwing our music.

  2. Jeremy York says:

    I love the part a out our music being a goal that we reached even though we couldnt realy do it!

    1. I think you did do it.

  3. Matt S. says:

    Yo Jeremy !
    Is it true that Claude is a porn actor for Reality Kings?


    1. Jeremy York says:

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, no he ia not

  4. LostInTheANUS says:

    This is much better than this crap

    1. Jeremy York says:

      Maby that is why we are getting russian trafic on our website! That is very i tersting that you point that out.

      1. Noktorn says:

        Jeremy, why drove you to compose in the style of the album when it’s clear to me that you guys are more into thrash metal from the 80s like Dark Angel, Sodom, etc. Why not just write in that albums since it suits you guys a lot better??

        1. They did something very good here, actually.
          This is much better than retro “thrash” or being a Sodom clone.
          The problems with it are more execution and a few writing missteps.

        2. Jeremy York says:

          Ummmm creativity man! We wanted to be orginal not just our favorite bands reborn! Also we are atill learning thats why we called it “Embryonic Forms” even if we wanted to write Sepultura or Sodom we probably could not befor doing our own record. Also even if we did write Sepultura II it would not be the same beacuse we are not Sepultura. Also we as a band are musicaly eclectic. I for example have a large soft spot for jazz. Bird lives modern music and allot of party music. Hope that helps!

        3. Jeremy York says:

          It would be harder to force music than to let the metal flow


            Hey Jeremy, it is well known that back in the early 80s in order to release an album
            you had to work really hard and overcome all kinds of obstacles, that said, do you
            think you and your band would have released an album if you had to undergo all those
            kinds of hardships nowdays ?

            I’m not saying it’s easy to make metal and release an album but you keep saying you’re
            not even fully developed as musicians.

            Also, at least around these parts, “eclectic” means hipster and hipster means you’re asking
            to get infiltrated from the rear by a big nice juice throbbing cock. Just sayin.

            1. Jeremy York says:

              Hahah good to know about the hipster lingo…
              Well i would argue you still have to do many of those challenging things today! Shure its easier and cheaper to record but now we have 6x the number of musicians doing it. So yes we wouldnhave still done it in a heart beat, it wouldbhave just taken longer. The funny thing is it would probably still sound like this record. I personally do not belive all the fancy technology helped us much. It is a give and take. So all in al music is what we do amd i firmly know we would do it almost no matter what the circumstances.

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