Metal Sales 1/23/2017

Capitalism remains an important part of underground metal culture and thus we present you two sales happening in the extreme metal underground right now.

Invictus Productions is selling items throughout their distro at a discounted prices.  This includes all physical mediums.  Some good stuff here if the shipping isn’t a pain.  You can reach their distro at this location.

Agonia Records is having a sale on their Bandcamp Page.  None of their best releases from the mid 90s are included however you may end up finding something decent.  The link is here.

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9 thoughts on “Metal Sales 1/23/2017”

  1. Coolest Monkey In The Jungle says:

    Checked out Invictus. Not much quality on offer there, and only two CDs in their supposed “sale” for below 5 euros, which is still too expensive. Vinyl bottoms out at 4.50 euros, for 7″ singles that is (of mainly garbage). No one cares about third rate, ninth-wave 00/10’s metal, which is almost all highly derivative work. But there is a lot of it.

    Let us know when there is a real sale on. 3 euro per item is a good price. Otherwise the merchandise will rot on the distributors shelves forever, until it ends up in thrift/charity store a couple decades from now where it can be obtained for 0.50 euro…

    1. Horny Soccer Mom says:

      I second that. For people who like vinyl, I looked through all of them. Mostly garbage, but there are a few oldschool gems that people around here may like. Probably missed a few, but hopefully this list saves you goys some time. Most of them are $14.99.

      Grotesque – In the Embrace of Evil
      Cryptopsy – Blasphemy Made Flesh
      Black Funeral – Vampyr – Throne of the Beast
      Hades – …Again Shall Be
      Infester – To the Depths, in Degradation
      My Dying Bride – As the Flower Whithers
      Root – Zjevení

    2. Clorox says:

      Drink me.

  2. JohnnyReb says:

    Thanks for the tip. I picked up some old Desecresy and Black Funeral on Invictus. Plenty of good stuff on their page.

  3. Trashchunk says:

    Look at all this shit, look at all the shit that was hyped up the past decade that didn’t sell. What’s the fucking point? You already know everything it’s going to do, anyone you meet listening to this shit is going to have some serious flaws and be a bummer to be around. What’s the fucking point, you’ll get nothing out of it, every label and distro owner I’ve met seems bored and frustrated to move their stock. Everyone in a band doing anything is a fucking autistic faggot, anyone who is an enthusiastic fan is looked upon as a fucking retard. This shit is fucking dumb, give me an Infester CD, I’ll that new Ritual Chamber too, and let me sink into obscurity out of this scene, with no reminders of it presence. Try to do something useful with your life, I would say while there is still time but it is already too late. Live or die, it doesn’t matter.

    1. S.C. says:

      Your profundity is only shadowed by your retardation

      1. Ryan says:

        he actually made a lot of sense but you need to reach around the bend to finally realize it

    2. desu metal says:

      You just watched Fight Club for the first time didn’t ya

  4. Elephant Man says:

    K, had me worried for a sec it all went to the birds again

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