Upcoming War Master Anthology

war master compilation

Japanese label Obliteration Records is releasing a War Master anthology CD consisting of both the debut Pyramids of the Necropolis LP and the Blood Dawn EP, along with a slew of bonus tracks from demo tapes and splits. The Houston, Texas throwers of bolts are one of the better modern death metal bands and a perennial on Death Metal Underground’s best of lists. This release will be an easy way for Hessians in Asia to obtain the band’s material on a physical format.

For all Death heaz in Japan,
Finally, Bolt Death Metal WAR MASTER attack in Japan!
They will change battlefield here and take no prisoners!
Are you ready to die??

Obliteration records proudly release their Blood Dawn EP + 1st album and bonus trax on CD format.
Limited of 500 copies in Asian coutry only.
First sale on their Japan tour in May.

Join us.
May the Metal be with you

Listen to War Master and “Sever the head that does not bang!” on their Bandcamp page.

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14 thoughts on “Upcoming War Master Anthology”

  1. As far as I am concerned the debut of British Death Metal masters DESECRATOR is a little underground gem. At least in my humble opinion. This band might be unkown to most of the people out there as “Subconscious Release” got lost somehow in 1991 in the glut of early 90s Death Metal releases. One factor was maybe their small label R.K.T. Records, but who knows?

    Desecrator – Subconscious Release 1991 full album


    1. Autistically perseverating will not get you want you want.

      1. vOddy says:

        I learned a new word today. Lol.

    2. obviously says:

      Or maybe the album sucked and was rightly discarded from the canon of classics.

      What is this weird metalhead fixation on “hidden gems” anyway? Is it distressing to think that the outstanding metal releases are all already well-known? Noteriety doesn’t diminish their quality.

      1. Many are well-known but unheard. The average hesher cannot explain why Onward to Golgotha is more coherent than Ride the Lightning or why “Incantation” the Grotesque song is better than anything on later Incantation albums.

        1. Abominable Goatpenis says:

          It just is, just like Goatpenis is war!

          Goatpenis – WAR – Goatpenis

        2. Average Hesher with 8 in meat rod says:

          Please do tell how is it better ?

  2. Poser Patrol says:

    What do you guys think of Asphyx’s second and third albums?

    1. Anthony says:

      Second one is equal to the first, mostly because all of the songs from The Rack and Last One on Earth were written during the same time period. Pretty similar situation to Altars of Madness and the b-side of Blessed Are the Sick in that regard.

      Third one has actually been touted as the pinnacle of Asphyx by this site in ages past, but I never really got into it myself. Not saying it’s bad; it just hasn’t grabbed me like their first two or Embrace the Death.

      1. Poser Patrol says:

        That’s interesting. I assumed Last One on Earth was not as highly regarded as it replaced some of the more esoteric riff patterns with more straightforward mosh riffs. Still a highly rewarding listen.

  3. Can you survive the blitzkrieg says:

    Write your own review and start a blog, damn. But ahoy, Warmaster, good band with the greatest frontman in death metal. Has anyone on the DMU staff seen them live?

    1. Yes. They kill. R.G. is crazy with the sword. He shares Karl Willets’ anti-photographers in the front row stance

    2. FU says:

      No one on the DMU staff has seen them live because staff members don’t leave their basements.

  4. Chiming Inn says:


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