Why do all SJWs look the same?


For those who are not so narcissistic that they are oblivious to the fact that Western civilization is in full downfall — and only a few hundred years after we fixed everything with the Enlightenment and the French Revolution — the events in politics and the news seem like frosting on a cake. We know everything is in dysfunction, and that our leaders were elected for being entertaining, and that the end is rushing up to meet us. Death metal knew this thirty years ago and black metal formalized it.

The question of “why?” is too big for this article, but it is worth mentioning that some think it is genetic decline. All of the weird stuff in your shampoo, chemicals in the air from strange factories, preservatives in your junk food, toxic carcinogenic truck exhaust, and your genome getting hammered by bad TV and other brain-busters… maybe it all adds up. Perhaps technology is a one-way ticket to doom for all societies, and we’re not the first to invent it, and we’ll die out like the rest.

In support of this theory, I present a series of SJWs. They seem to be cut from the same cloth:


It is not just the glasses, the body weight or weird puffiness of the flesh, or even the fixed zombie stare that comes of repeating the same non-solutions in the face of your society coming apart at the hinges. No, it’s as if they share some kind of genetic similarity, a mutation like Down’s syndrome or Mongoloidism. Is it a virus? Or simply broken-down DNA?


They don’t help by dressing in the most ugly unisex fashion that retains its ugliness on both sexes, or by doing their best to look intently like both victims and V.I. Lenin in that famous “forward into the future poster” at the same time, both assertive and hurt. But beneath all of that, it’s like they are an alien species among us.



The fanaticism is obvious, that’s certain. But so is a kind of doubt, as if saying “I’m beautiful” doesn’t actually make it so. The sort of doubt that comes when reality peeks in around the edges of ideology and says, “Peek-a-boo! All the stuff you’re saying… it won’t fix anything. And you’re miserable and drink yourself to sleep five nights a week, after pigging out on TV dinners and individually-wrapped bon-bons.”


In these faces there is something horrifying. They are not happy. They are not even content, or halfway joyful about life. They are hurt, angry and resentful. They are on a mission to destroy. The world has injured them and they are chronically unhappy, grasping for power as if it will fill the void in their souls (that, alas, eating 412 pies did not fill). These people are a joke. They are miserable angry vandals screaming like monkeys in a desperate attempt to both avoid the obvious, and make themselves feel better about their utter insignificance in the face of it.


Smile for the camera! Smile big and show us what’s inside! Oh wait, nothing but worms and bitterness. Well, then do your best to look like some kind of squash. People like squash. You want people to like you, don’t you? No, you want them to serve you. To bow at your every whim, and bring you pies and bon-bons when the inner weeping gets so bad that a gallon of box wine can’t put it to rest.

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57 thoughts on “Why do all SJWs look the same?”

  1. Ara says:

    I don’t think it’s so much an SJW thing as much as it is the look of today’s outspoken women. Fashion is kind of the same across most current blanket ideologies. That’s just how women look now. And since most social media is geared toward and abused by women, nowadays women are more visible than they’ve ever been, and historically, women have never been content. Regardless of the power I feel they have and the upper hand they can exploit in many ways, by being the less privileged gender they have generations of discontent drilled into their beings from a long historical narrative. But they’ve always been there, only now however thanks to the Internet every gripe is in everyone’s face, and most spineless guys who want to get laid will agree with even the most ridiculous standpoints. As far as overall image though, we shouldn’t point fingers as there are still two acceptable metal hairstyles. Every movement has a look, and differentiating from it gets you shit on by your peers.

    1. Ara says:

      Another thing to consider is that pretty much ALL women nowadays are liberal unless they are religious, which would allow the abortion issue to point them toward American conservativism. So unless you all can tolerate that, I’d suggest we all makeout with dudes exclusively, post haste.

      1. The only true love is between men. Manly men.

      2. LostInTheANUS says:

        Sodomy is more than just religion, it’s the only way to live.

        1. I blew my head off like Per Olin says:

          Our baybuh’s babies will know come to know the sign of the ‘Stache by the trail of moist vaginas and tingling guitar strings.

          1. LostInTheANUS says:

            Do not forget that it will also be followed by compulsive eating of hot, melted cheese while petting soft, furry kittens.

            1. I blew my head off like Per Olin says:

              I just got a Svollen-Boehner.


    Hey Brett:

    I’ve got a serious question for you. Would you say that Adolf Hitler was leftist or right wing?

    Thank you.

    1. SQ,

      I’ve got a serious question for you. Would you say that Adolf Hitler was leftist or right wing?

      Why don’t you ask the easy questions? The answer here is probably not very satisfying: National Socialism was both right-wing and left-wing, in that it intended to move in a right-wing direction but used left-wing methods and assumptions. We’ll never know if Hitler had goals beyond the intermediates he achieved in the pre-war years, but we do know he wanted a racially-isolated, classless, worker-oriented society. Sounds like Bolshevism plus racialism to me with the intelligent choice, borrowed from fascism, of incorporating private industry.

      1. Dualist says:

        Hitler was an animal loving, vegetarian leader of a Socialist Workers party. So he’s not as right wing as the Left NEED him to be.

        It’s just that the left has defined any form of racialism to be automatically right wing, mainly so they had another stick to beat any remaining proud Indo-Europeans with.

        But even that’s not so clear cut. His racial theories were as much about eugenics than about simple white supremacy. And although they try to distance themselves from it now, many early 20th century leftists were pro-eugenics. Marie Stopes was a pen-pal of Adolf. The left love her now for being an early advocate of their beloved sacrament of abortion ie. child sacrifices to Adramelech. But she was all for purifying the species through eugenics. We should all remind them of this, often.

  3. Kingdom_Gone says:

    Fuck! That was ugly and disturbing at the same time. I wish I hadn’t read this, these creatures will surely haunt me in my sleep.

  4. Babak says:

    “SJW” — I don’t know where this term even comes from.. but if you mean progressive liberals, or I guess marxists, and/or radicals… I count myself as one — I don’t look like these women at all.. and I could point out a ton of really ugly anti-feminists and reactionaries.. so what’s your point.. it’s like you’re calling people subhuman just because they disagree with you… all this anti-feminism to me is a hallmark of fear.. gender equality is not a bad thing its good for men in the long run too..

    1. Equality is a mathematical concept, not applicable to human beings any more than conformity is. Oh wait… they’re the same thing.

    2. Dualist says:

      Equal opportunities for women isn’t what we tend to be against.

      It’s the enforced notion that men and women have the same aptitude for all skills that we’re against. And the reason why we’re against it is because it isn’t true.

      Liberals, because they tend to be less intelligent than reactionaries and hence have a tendency to use linear logic and other signs of mental deficiency, point out examples like “hey, but I know this woman who’s a professor of maths” as if it proves us wrong.

      They’re not quite smart enough to realise that when we say women are generally worse at abstract problem solving etc. we don’t mean EVERY woman is worse than every man at it. We mean the normal distribution for that skill is shifted slightly to the left for women. So yes, with equal opportunities in place we should expect some female science professors. But we should always expect more men – which is what we do observe in real life.

      And if you then say “well, at least you shouldn’t make generalisations because it’s a sign of prejudice…..” Then I’ll say back – well, I have no choice. Unless each time I want to talk about anything relating to women I personally mention every woman in the world and describe her individually.

      And if you’re not against generalisations and agree that there are fundamental differences between the sexes – then just stop talking. There’s nothing more to campaign against – women have already had total equality of opportunity since, say, the 80’s.

      If you continue campaigning we’ll have to suspect you really have an ulterior motive….. like showing off your liberal credentials for reasons of social status or other self-centred motives.

      1. Dualist says:

        ^ @ Babak

      2. Ara says:

        Women still are getting paid less than their male peers in the exact same position when they have the exact same skill set. That would chap my sweet, sweet can if I were a lady.

        1. Richard Head says:

          (Citation needed)

          1. Ara says:

            Various lady friends of mine in the corporate world.

            1. Ara says:

              This seems to be the least biased article I could find on the subject, and although I’m sure the cases I hear about personally are particular, as a furniture mover I know nothing about the white collar world.

              1. Here’s a good unbiased return:



                As anyone with basic experience might wonder, yes, it is impossible to achieve parity of numbers because people and paths are different.

                The statistics relied on by the earnings gap type are not just fake, they’re misrepresentative because they cannot in any possible way measure what they purport to.

                1. Ara says:

                  Like I said, the situations I mentioned are those of friends of mine who wouldn’t gain anything by telling me about them, and it would be foolish to think that in the male-dominated white collar world that these situations didn’t still occur sometimes.

                  1. Ara says:

                    Also I wouldn’t rely on the Wall St. Journal on this. You really think the fat cattiest of fat cats would own up to that shit?

                  2. It’s dangerous to fool ourselves with categorical logic. In our media, people typically twist “still occur sometimes” into “is the norm.” The fascinating thing about this — and the reason I mention it here — is that it shows the fallacy of categorical logic. Some women are unpaid; ergo women are underpaid. Women is the category, “some” is a qualifier and is quickly forgotten.

                    Interesting discussion on this topic:


                    1. Dualist says:

                      @ Ara

                      Plus (apart from your use of anecdotal examples of the sort I specifically mentioned in my post) I would wonder do they really have the same skill set?

                      Maybe on paper, yes, same degree classes etc. But what about personality traits? Just as a crude example women tend to be less masterful, certainly when interacting with men (who presumably compose about half of the workforce). Isn’t that one trait more likely to be found increasingly as you go higher up the managerial ladder.

                      And you talked about boys-club type mentalities creating the dreaded glass ceilings but don’t forget all the positive discrimination schemes out there are never to help men up, it’s always the other way round. For every example like the ones you alluded to I bet there’s 4 women who have got promotions just because they’re women. In the UK they propose all female shortlists for parliamentary candidates. They don’t even mention equal skill sets then…

                      Your judgement is normally spot-on so I’m sure you know all this already, really. I think you just enjoy being contrary – nothing up with that though.

                    2. Ara says:

                      I’m not contrarian by nature, I just tend to have had some experiences that elicit different outcomes than what is commonly discussed here and enjoy shedding light on them, regardless of how disagreed with it may be. My friends who have dealt with this stuff are in marketing and advertising respectively, and as we know an attractive woman can sell a ketchup popsicle to someone wearing white gloves so being stunted financially in these cases is silly, but of course on the other side a woman can probably never have to pay for a meal in her lifetime if she didn’t want to. The corporate world however is all about manipulation and cutting corners, and these instances are possibly less about how to stifle a gender and more about trimming fat whenever possible.

                    3. The corporate world however is all about manipulation and cutting corners

                      As you note, this is the root of the problem.

  5. Bob the beheader says:

    Its like you skimmed over all the overtly jewish looking SJWs. Cant be seen as anti-semitic now.

    1. I oppose anti-Semitism and support Israel. Go ahead, hate me now ;)

      1. Phil says:

        Yeh but only because it suits your ethnonationalist shit.

    2. 1349 says:

      Everyone will take it in the ass, and jews are no exception.

      1. LostInTheANUS says:

        Oy vey you antisemite, dis is like annodda shoah, let me circumcise your loveshaft and lick off your dickblood afterwards (and maybe something else ;)…).

    3. James says:

      lol I find it hilarious you use the phrase “overtly Jewish looking” and call the author anti-semitic

      1. Bob the beheader says:

        No, I called him out for not having any jewish looking SJWs there, because out of fear of being called an anti-semite.

        Now stop whining!

  6. Bob the beheader says:

    Im a fullblown zionist, I would ship jews off to Israel and cut all foreign aid, including military aid. I think its only fair to let them fend for themselves. This goes for the rest of the world also. You also failed to address my first point.

  7. BreadGod says:

    It’s special snowflake syndrome. Social justice warriors go out of their way to look different and unique, yet they end up looking the same. They all have the same hideous neon hair and the same retarded glasses.

  8. Because SJW’s don’t understand what “diversity” means, that’s why.

  9. StubbornGoat says:

    Don’t bring tarantulas into this :(

  10. Roger says:


    Get fucking real.

    1. Richard Head says:

      Metalheads wear a uniform. They expect to look the same in order to be identifiable to outsiders and to eachother. SJWs suffer from terminal individualism and therefore it is ironic that they end up “expressing themselves” all in the same way with the same fashion. Almost like they don’t have any unique ideas of their own.

      1. SJWs suffer from terminal individualism and therefore it is ironic that they end up “expressing themselves” all in the same way with the same fashion.

        And yet individualism always ends up this way because its goal is not individualistic.

        Individual: I act, dress, etc. because I have a certain purpose and standards.
        Individualist: I act, dress, etc. in order to demonstrate my individuality.

        It can’t be done. They’re misunderstanding cause and effect. Individuality in appearance is the result of having some purpose that others do not; SJWs want to have the same purpose as everyone else — consume — but appear different. This is the same thing that afflicts metal.

        Poseur: I want to seem unique, so I’ll make the same standard music but do something odd with it.
        Artist: My music ended up sounding different because I had different ideas to express.

      2. Roger says:

        A truly idiotic and ad hoc argument.

        The narrative of most metal heads, at least when they first find metal, is one of not fitting in, and finding a way of expressing themselves as *individuals*.

        SJW suffer from “terminal individualism” while metal heads just want to be identifiable to outsiders. WTF.

        SJW probably want to be “identifiable to outsiders” as SJWs. Does this then make them not ‘terminal individualists’.

        Some of the comments and posts around here are moronic.

        1. Richard Head says:

          Oh, I didn’t realize you knew “most metalheads” and already had their “narrative” figured out.

          The only metalheads I’ve known had no delusions of asserting their individuality by dressing in some way or another. They weren’t trying to get people to think that they were unique and special; they were trying to get people to think that they were metalheads. Sounds like you need to stop hanging out with faggot wannabes if your experience is so different.

          Meanwhile, SJWism focuses on the quirks and individual events that shape a single human’s personality; their dogma is that each person is so different that we can’t even rightly apply sex or race categories to groups of them accurately. The irony then comes in their look-alike fashion choices and total enthrallment to nonsense ideology (that is uniform among them; their identifying trait).

          Now hopefully that should be a perfectly clear; my sincerest apologies for presenting an apparently incomplete argument earlier. I’ll do my best from here on out to more precisely outline my points before proceeding, you hairless simian.

          1. Roger says:

            “They weren’t trying to get people to think that they were unique and special; they were trying to get people to think that they were metalheads.”

            Come now, Dick Head. As if these two things are mutually exclusive.

            “their dogma is that each person is so different that we can’t even rightly apply sex or race categories to groups of them accurately. The irony then comes in their look-alike fashion choices”

            HAHA! Because SJWs dress alike, the idea that gender and race are not innate is something they cannot advocate?!

            You are the fucking simian if you think this is some kind of argument.

            A better approach might be to address whether gender and race ARE innate, instead of engaging in bile-filled ad hoc arguments that simply REEK of reaction.

            1. Richard Head says:

              Dude, you are really lagging behind here. You question whether gender and race are innate. I took it as a given and expected you would as well, given how obvious it is if you have dealt with people and work and regular day-to-day real life. Are you just reacting to my pointless needles now or are you actually standing on a solid argument?

              1. Roger says:

                Look, Mr. Dick Head. We’ve reached a logical impasse here that you’re not likely to overcome in this age.

                This is you at the moment:


  11. dawn says:


    Do you even lift?

    Good article in any case.

  12. Viranesir says:

    Fuck, I LOVE these kinds of articles!!! The thing that those bitches are doing is hiding their evilness and playing victim. The world would be better if they accept what they are, which is evil ugly witches who want domination. They are victims when they feel like and they do evil when they feel like and claim that its because they are fragile beings trying to protect themselves. Fuck all that bullshit, I wish rape upon thee, and you know you would like it little bitches.

    1. Cumin at U says:

      I propose we men stick together. Like in anal sex. Strictly.
      Learn to suck each others cocks like we know we like it.

      Fuck ugly, fat , feminist women! Beautiful women are welcome but they should stick to lesbian love with other beautiful women exclusively.

      1. Richard Head says:

        I detect the slightest hint of homoerotic tendencies underlying your otherwise rationally pointed suggestion. Is dressing up like a lady still cool if you’re a guy?

        1. LostInTheANUS says:

          I bet you have a very feminine penis.

          1. Richard Head says:

            Not really, I usually tuck it between my legs and try to tape it between my buttcheeks when I’m dressed up because it’s embarrassingly dominant otherwise.

            1. LostInTheANUS says:

              Goodbye horses, I’m flying flying flying over youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

      2. Viranesir says:

        ugly bitches are evil man, don’t mess with them.

  13. Parasite says:

    the girl at the front of the article probably has one of those super pasty skin tons with super large nipples and small tits and a big a fat ass with a few pimples. i would love to just choke her with my cock, plug her nose and then sodomize her feminist ass all night long!!!!!

  14. Rupert Pupkin says:

    This looks remarkably similar to the old (60s) established Swedish phenomenon Kulturtant, from the hair, the clothes, the physique and everything. They are people who generally devote their time to causes that do not concern themselves, they like to keep that same comfortable distance from their own world as the people in this article.


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