Why metal is better than “social justice”


As #metalgate rages on on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Tumblr, the people who are trying to force these views on metal are defending themselves by claiming that #metalgate doesn’t exist or is insignificant. The truth is that this agenda has been advancing for some time and it has a dirty secret.

The dirty secret of the “SJW” agenda in metal is that it is totally unnecessary. Despite my own sympathies with many of the ideas they hope to achieve, like better treatment of human beings, I suspect most of these people are just poseurs. They are adopting certain viewpoints that they think are necessary to get ahead socially. Nothing makes a person feel more powerful than to be able to call someone else ignorant and selfish, while (in their own minds) looking superior, intelligent and altruistic. Especially if you are coming from behind and feeling ashamed about your family origins or stature in life, it can make you feel like a god to have moral right on your side and to look much more advanced than those around you. This is just another shade of the broken social life in the modern world coming home to visit metal and use metal for its own ends.

But even more, these “helpful” demands from SJWs are totally unnecessary. This is metal, where if you can create the music, you can join in the fun. We have always had something better than feminism with women being present and respected in Nuclear Death, Mythic and Bolt Thrower. People of color have always been here in Thin Lizzy, Suffocation, Blasphemy and Mystifier. Metal bands come from all over the world and from every tribe, culture and religion imaginable. We tend not to mark a little box each time someone who is non-heterosexual, non-white and/or non-male joins our ranks, but they are there and always have been. In metal, there is no need for a crusade for equality because we already have it. Even better, we have done so without turning that into a crusade against those who are heterosexual, white and/or male. We just accept people as they are.

When #metalgate upsets people it is because they do not want to face the conflict between outsiders and metal, as is shown in this article on MetalSucks:

But my ultimate problem with #metalgate is that it’s entirely manufactured. No one, or no group, is banding together to try and change metal in any one specific way — the threat is entirely imagined. Certain social values enter the metalsphere simply because those values are spreading throughout society as a whole — this idea that “SJWs” failed with #gamergate so they’re now moving on to a different cause is total bologna. They’re entirely separate people!

Personally, I enjoy what Vince Neilstein writes but don’t read it that often, mainly because I don’t visit sites with ironic names that censor out the word “fuck” for reasons unknown. But while I think he’s normally on point, here he confuses a few things. First “those values are spreading throughout society as a whole” means society outside of metal is adopting these values, and now wants metal to bow down and conform. He’s basically taking a pro-#metalgate point of view there but I’m not sure he intended two. Second, he assumes that the people involved in resisting the SJW incursion are #gamergate people, when actually it’s people like myself in metal who are not from either side of the political spectrum. We hate politics in our music, metal has already addressed this issue, and we don’t want to follow the herd in whatever flavor-of-the-month the iconoclastic hipsters behind the SJW fad think is important.

Metal has never been about doing what everyone else is doing but it has also never been about being “ironic” and trying to be different so hard that we act randomly. Metal is its own law and has its own culture. From outside of that culture, as Neilstein writes, people are trying to push conformist social values on us. The best “activism” for all of us who love metal is to push back against that dominant paradigm and go our own way instead.



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6 thoughts on “Why metal is better than “social justice””

  1. kvlt attakker says:

    Fuck metalsucks! Their readers named BABYMETAL the best album of 2014. If the SJWs win there will only be pop music as “metal”.

  2. Richard Head says:

    That metalsucks article was too fucking painful. “Gee guys isn’t good to be okay with homos in metal? I mean it’s not like people who play in metal bands, record albums, fund tours etc. çan tell us who is and isn’t included in the scene amirite?!?!? We download the music for free and listen to impress our guy friends who can play sports better than we can but we decide what the scene is made of amirite? Lulz.”

    Besides, the author had to find out from RoK (which by reading is a hilariously inadvertent admission to not beig able to get pussy despite wanting it desperately) about metalgate, then go to DMU to actually figure out what it was. Poseur detected. That website and those fucking fops that run it are living, breathing antitheses of metal and should be considered an enemy of anyone who aligns themselves with the “DMU dogma”, as I call it (and most of you know what I mean).

  3. Scott says:

    I think he’s right that society is changing and that because of that metal is going to have that kind of pressure put on it.

    Does he not fucking understand that metal THRIVES on that kind of pressure? It goes all the fucking way back to it’s origins for heavens sake. Not to mention other significant news worthy stories that came about in the 80’s. From Jethro Tull beating Metallica for the Grammy, to Judas Priest having to prove they weren’t using Satanic subliminal messages in their music, to the PMRC claiming the “filthy 15”.

    Sure there might not be an outright attack on metal right this second but to suggest there is no reason for metal enthusiast, artist, and production houses to keep a watchful eye on the horizon for any kind of incursion into our fucking hobby is ludicrous. It’s always been that way.

    If nothing else, MetalGate needs to exist for the simple reason of preparing for such invasions. Any such attempt to infiltrate will be much more easily dealt with now that metal heads all across the planet are connecting with each other for the sole purpose of defending our god damn right to express ourselves how we see fit.

    I’m not one to dress in all black and wear studded leather. For all intents and purposes I dress normal and speak normal. I am a ghost in the metal scene which is fine with me and fine with most metal heads. To suggest at all that we’re not inclusive, even the most rabid and hardcore metal fans out there, is fucking stupid and needs to be pointed out for what it is. Political correctness bullshit.

    (rant over)

    1. Richard Head says:

      *slow clap*

      Apathy is a constant threat. Remain vigilant.

  4. Palomita says:

    Of course they are all poseurs, if altruism doesn’t really exists, intelligence is so overrated (and idealized) and the superiority is a moral issue, yet personal.

  5. Agent Steel says:

    “if the father of a fourteen year old girl you met at an Avenged Sevenfold show is looking for you, and he thinks your name is ‘Axl Rosenberg,’ it’s going to be a lot harder for him to track you down.”

    -Axl Rosenberg, co-founder of metal-sucks.com, on why he chose his name

    This should tell you everything you need to know about metalsucks.com

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