Abyssum – Cum Foeda Sanie Ex Ore (2015)


The brainchild of Rex Ebvleb, Abyssum started out as a black metal project in the mid-nineties, resulting in a few demos and finally its sum in Thy Call, 1998. After a little time, the band simply was no more, with Ebvleb carrying on the torch on his own and in a reserved way. Disgusted by the scene that formed in the name of black metal, Ebvleb took Abyssum away, neglecting even to be openly recognized by the tag. Tags being what they are and changing in meaning as history advances for all but the most stout scholars of any given discipline, are put aside by the independent thinkers and outstanding individuals that an inverted society can never recognize. This reborn Abyssum that distances itself from what the crowds of what is now called “black metal” maintains the truly black essence of the genre that goes beyond speech and pretending, and which, as Sammath’s Kruitwagen, Antaeus’ MkM and other underground artists have pointed out in the past, is a way of life and a mindset — not just a music style.

There are three clearly distinguishable components in the music apart from the foggy and sparse vocals and enunciations. These are the drums, keyboards and guitars, each of which have a very crucial role to play. This is minimalism at all levels, including instrumentation. Only the necessary, the indispensable is used. No gimmick, no posturing. The drums are locked in, not as a machine, but like a vital organ in a living creature, underscoring, emphasizing yet adding motions of its own. None of the instruments is a slave or subordinate, precisely to the others, rather, they represent partial reflections of an otherwise indivisible will. Evident proof is further found in the expert interplay between keyboards and guitars which seem to come to the fore, allowing the other to take the lead at each given moment, or focusing on one idea to drive a penetrating dagger through darkness.

Hermetic in essence and esoteric in its unveiling, Abyssum shares with the greateset like Hvis Lyset Tar Oss to the recent Stormkult, an obscurantist embedding of thought and intention that reveals nuances in the music, a music that is that is only deceptively and superficially simple, to the aware or those who are ready to receive it, which in itself implies not a precise knowledge but a state of mind to which one may come about through different paths. This is a trait that the masterpiece Stormcrowfleet also shared, which still flies over and past most metalheads without them even noticing. In other words, this is not music for everybody or anybody. Not because its “understanding”requires a particular taste (that is a different issue altogether) but because an aural and holistic absorption of the music that supercedes technique and the palpable must be achieved that is never objectively –scientifically verifiable and may only be taken in as a personal experience and inner unutterable comprehension.

AKHERRA .. drums and percussion, graphyx
P.E.R.O.D. EBVLEB .. all music and arregments, ideologies and instruments.
mix and recording by EbvleB

“Y para esos que desprecio por millones no creare jamás un segundo de música…”

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9 thoughts on “Abyssum – Cum Foeda Sanie Ex Ore (2015)”

  1. Lather It w/ Beherit says:

    The liner notes of ‘Thy Call’ include >>>
    “No peace, no life, no mosh, no falses, no pharcicals…”

    Pharcicals?! LOL. Let us propagate this as the new “If U R a false don’t entry”!

    1. farcical
      relating to or resembling farce, especially because of absurd or ridiculous aspects.

      1. Lather It w/ Beherit says:

        I know the definition of farcical, D, I’m not an IDIOT. The point is their unique misspelling, obvs.

    2. Emperor Tomato Ketchup says:

      “SIEL HEIL 100%!” (on the back) is my personal favourite.

  2. Demonseed says:

    Very fun listen that gives an awesome escapist vibe into a dark realm. Only wish is that there were a few more chord changes occasionally. At the same time what this band does – it does well. Also I like how it is not overproduced sounding. It sounds raw/underground in a good way.

    1. Some bands can work with that. Absurd is one example, but I always liked minimal crust bands like Amebix and Discharge as well. The new Tau Cross reminds me a lot of what some of the newer wave minimal bands with a roadhouse vibe do.

  3. Emperor Tomato Ketchup says:

    Cassette only. How quaint. I thought only hipsters were into that nowadays …

    Nice catch, though. Abyssum, I mean.

    1. There’s an edition on CD, but there are few copies.

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