Cemetery Urn – Suffer the Fallen (2023)

Coming from the part of the old school that focuses on producing dark cryptograms from the most basic robust and straightforward riffs it can conjecture, Cemetery Urn makes music that sets up a dominant rhythm trope like Immolation or Sinister and then spins contrasts until the theme gains a new weight.

Like most death metal of this nature, this band of old school stalwarts rush into a storming major theme and then drop it into a cadenced groove, giving it a hypnotic feel, then break them up with discursive passages that slowly modulate from pure contrast into commentary.

That process creates a sense of rushing chaos with a few snippets of melody and structure emerging that tie everything together, and if the band periodically gets lost in its internal commentary, it deepens the mystery which ends with the major theme existing in a new light and new strength.

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57 thoughts on “Cemetery Urn – Suffer the Fallen (2023)”

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    Also I love this band cemetery urn and have loved them for ten years

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    3. Infected Gooch says:

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      1. New Incantation is formulaic. It has its moments, but it does not merit repeated listening, in my view. The band was last good on the third album after bungling the second. Incantation became immensely valuable after the first album, but instead of repeating that process, they decided to go for the gold and shat the bed.

        Whether he dumped his sick wife or not is irrelevant. Partners with chronic conditions basically doom the other party to become a nursemaid until the inevitable death rattle. If that partner wants to be a musician instead, they are going to cut free and run. It is just mathematics in the end.

        1. Cynical says:

          Not sure how they were supposed to repeat the process that lead to “Onward to Golgotha”, given that it took them cycling about a twenty members through the band…

        2. Warkvlt is High IQ Music says:

          Why do people give so much credit to McEntee? He didn’t write all the riffs on the album, Pillard (and others) contributed a LOT as well, even he admits it. Sort of how Euronymous is credited for “creating” DMDS. I guess it’s impossible to know the true story, but I often get the impression that people think Onward to GG = McEntee, the same way they say DMDS = Euro. Or Nightside Eclipse = Ihsahn. Or Satanic Requiem = Kadeer Lakhdari.

          At least Darkthrone is somewhat transparent as to who wrote what on each album.

          1. The credit goes to the Project Manager who kept the band going. In my view, most of what makes great metal involves editing it down to make sure it makes sense and QA to make sure no bits are out of place or extraneous.

            1. Saul Ledney says:

              A masterful satire of modern IT organization. Really triggers the itch to commit mass murder at the office.

              1. Raul Ledney says:

                The new Profanatica album was made exclusively with Agile management principles.

              2. Sadly, one truth of life is that management is one of the most important factors.

                Intentionally or not, McEntee and Euronymous were excellent project managers on the great albums they produced.

                But jobs are jails, no doubt about it. Most managers are also not very good.

                1. Cynical says:

                  In the case of of Mayhem, I think the more appropriate metaphor is that of a terrible project manager who was able to get away with being terrible because he has an amazing software lead (Varg).

                  1. The whole elite of Norwegian black metal either marched through that band or were there to offer insight, so I think Mayhem was a lot like early Incantation: almost a project of the scene as a whole. Euronymous could produce some quality material as well, but he needed someone to keep it in proportion to the rest of the song, and they needed quality control. The steady refinement of riffs into songs is what makes both of those projects so epic. I like the Incantation EP too, in that they took the time to rework some material into greater strength. This was probably not a single person but the presence of people who could critique, analyze, and push toward higher quality songs instead of just throwing in their own riffs and instrumental flourishes.

                    1. Chronicler says:


                      “We have worked on this album for six years, and it’s full of brand new ideas. We could have put out a lot of shit like for example CANNIBAL CORPSE are doing, but we have taken our time because we want this album to be the BEST! [ … ] This is NOT a typical mass release, we have worked HARD on it and have thrown away most of the riffs, and only the perfect are saved.” – Euronymous just before releasing DMDS

                    2. A good roadmap to quality metal: throw out the filler, make sure the riffs talk to each other, and design songs around an atmosphere and experience.

          2. Butt Sleevins says:

            what the fuck is Satanic Requiem

            1. It is not Black Music, nor is it black metal music, but it is Black Muzak.

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  2. Sss says:

    Are other Cemetery Urn albums also worth checking out?

  3. J-Dawg is back says:

    Ledney saith that he wore this hat longer than Varg in Interview pt 2


    1. HitchCawk says:

      J-Dawg should interview Brett. What a meeting of the minds that’s bound to be.

    2. who’s the danzig ripoff? italians truly are clownish.

      1. Let me introduce you to [[[ another population ]]].

  4. 3 of swords says:

    I’m 36 years old and think this music is pretty tolerable!

    1. Lawrence Kane says:

      I have AIDS and no legs, and this music really changed my life for the better.

  5. Wannabe Byron says:

    What are the best metal lyrics? Anyone know a good article about it? Anyone knowledgeable enough to write one? Would be awesome.

    1. Oscar Wilde says:

      No one cares about lyrics, you faggot.

      1. Painful Truth says:

        That’s only because metal lyrics suck.

        1. Gary Leon Ridgway says:

          Probably depends on the band. To be honest, if I’m going to pay attention to the lyrics, I will haul out Tosca or Aeneid instead of some rock band or the jazz crap with the guilt lyrics they play on NPR.

          1. I ate god says:


            1. Liberace says:



        2. Which lyrics do you have in mind? And, do lyrics really matter? Some things just need to fit in the mood and beyond that can be gibberish if they complement the sound of the piece.

          1. Floppy Buttcheeks says:

            I like to compare Immortal and Bob Dylan. Immortal write crap lyrics, but those lyrics are just placeholders, so it doesn’t matter. The music stands on its own. Dylan writes crap tunes, but those tunes are just placeholders, so it doesn’t matter. The lyrics stand on their own. Different genres, different foci.

            On the other hand, a physical album is always somewhat of a Gesamtkunstwerk. The experience of In the Nightside Eclipse is slightly heightened because the music, the lyrics and the imagery work so well together.

            1. tr00 says:

              Metal lyrics seemed, the closer it got to black metal, to be more about ritual than statement.

              Also, certain words just go better with certain moments in the music, both semantically and in how they sound. Especially when the vocalist knows how to optimize the effect. Take Glen Benton’s merciless staccato performance here:

              Open the gates to the manifestation
              And grant me the powers of darkness


              1. I tend to agree. Metal lyrics are great when they combine myth, history, and some kind of symbolism for philosophy like the occult or Darwinism.

              2. I appreciate the ritual aspect. With black metal, music went back to its root as conditioning a psychological outlook, rather than entertainment. Death metal had a lot of this as well, especially the first couple from Morbid Angel and Deicide. Bands like Cannibal Corpse went the opposite direction.

            2. Folk musicians specialize in working old themes into new songs. 1960s rock of the “protest” variety was mostly about the lyrics. I agree it is best when all parts come together — music, production, imagery, aesthetics, lyrics, band name, cover art — because that creates a total experience, and I think the best metal musicians aim for that. When this approach fragments, you get what happened to middle period Black Sabbath, namely a collection of songs that were ready at about the right time to go on tour and reflected more the chaotic struggle to keep the personalities in the band from self-destructing than a desire to make an experience. Ideally a metal album is like going into a darkened theater and seeing a horror movie, then beating some guy to death in the alley because he demanded your wallet with a sharpened screwdriver.

          2. Butt Sleevins says:

            Not as much as the music but yeah they do, moreso for the poetically minded.

            eg if Tom was screaming about tranny activism or some other gay shit Slayer would have been forgotten or remembered as a joke.

            They can compliment the music by adding depth and direction to the concepts presented. They can also be works in themselves but in the context of metal obviously the music comes first.

            1. It’s a good point: lyrics which do not support the aesthetics of the music will detract from it. Then again, I think it was several years into Slayer fandom before I even read the lyrics.

              1. Butt Sleevins says:

                But thanks to Tom’s punk-style riot shout you could hear everything he said so you knew the lyrics to the first 4 albums even if you were illiterate!

                1. SATAN says:


                2. Weirdly, I just ignored them. For the most part they seemed like horror movie material and that was cool but I was more interested in the riffs and how they fit together. Slayer was a breath of fresh air. Even more DRI lyrics were inscrutable to me; at a certain point, the music speaks louder than the words.

  6. Tired of ass says:

    The Killer 1989 is the best movie ever made.

  7. Cynical says:


    New Demoncy single. I believe this is *not* from the upcoming full length on Dark Descent (which they’ve had for years now, and still haven’t released…), but rather, from an upcoming EP on Hell’s Headbangers (which was recorded after the full length).

    1. Seems more promising, but very much in the mold of their 2010s material.

      1. Cynical says:

        This is a different release than the samples they promo’d earlier. The samples they promo’d earlier were from an upcoming full length; this is from an EP that was recorded after that full length, but will be released before it because Dark Descent is incompetent.

        1. All interesting. I sense more of the early 2010s vibe in this material than in the Dark Descent teaser, but of course one cannot hear full songs on that.

    2. Doug says:

      I noticed one of the comments said “badass!”, which is never a good sign, but this would be an exception.

      1. Gayicide says:

        R u out of lotion bro

        1. Doug says:

          Not attacking free speech or even boneheads, but boneheadedness itself.

          1. A general jihad-crusade against stupidity might be useful for humanity about now.

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