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Metallica’s mark on metal in both the mainstream and underground still continues to grow as every riff, drum fill,solo etc has been plagiarized. As Metallica progressed towards much tamer territories, the band did the opposite of what common sense dictated at the time. Instead of reneging their previous records, they embraced them and relished their mainstream status as kings of “The Big 4”. This allowed them to exist in a bizarre duality alternating between mainstream Radio Rock and furious Heavy metal depending on the fan. Through this duality many bands have taken from both periods to create a curious mix that resonates with with a wider audience. Demonpalm fall into this category but their music carries potential for something better in some of the brief glimpses shown here.

Later James Hetfield vocals meet Rock drums in short verse/chorus based around simple Speed metal riffs that show a lot of their Heavy metal roots. Some very obvious Iron Maiden influences creep in with an overall aesthetic bent towards the Black album. The singing is even off at times in the same way as Hetfield’s vocals tend to be off. When the band allow their Heavy metal influences to shine through, good results are produced but Demonpalm have the habit of falling back into the aforementioned tropes. Minor scale ascents are well used with the staccato rhythms that avoid the pitfall of being seduced by the rhythmic nature of the music into making “headbanging” music. The chorus to “Bloodline” shows progression as Mercyful Fate utilized very similar chord progressions on Melissa. Due to the simplistic arrangements of these songs, the band can never really expand into those ideas and there presence is not felt enough. Demonpalm take forays with pentatonic scales that far too often bring them to Metallica territory but sometimes under the solos, the band opts for certain ideas that Judas Priest were exploiting on songs like “Tyrant”.

While this demo is a fun listen on rare occasions with friends who are entering metal, the ability to make good metal is present if the band ever decide to remove themselves from their greatest obsession and to embrace the notions that they have only flirted with. A decent start but hopefully the foreshadow for much better things to come.

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6 thoughts on “Demonpalm – Demo

  1. retard jesus says:

    sounds barely like heavy metal on the surface, more like 2003 cock rock with misfits-inspired pop punk riffs and a singer doing his best serj tankian imitation. most pointless music I’ve heard in a long time

    1. Mika says:

      This comment is quite harsh, but I understand what you mean. This demo was recorded in 2 hours in our practice room and was an effort to have any music at all. It’s hard playing gigs as a new band without venues having any music to listen to. I can’t blame it all on production, though. I’ve heard the “Serj” thing a few times. Sadly, this is just my voice and has nothing to do with me trying to imitate something. But I shall try to change the style so this doesn’t come up in the future. If you have any ideas how we can make this more satisfying to listen to in a “Heavy Metal” sense, I’d love some constructive feedback. Shoot me an Email if you’re interested:

      1. retard jesus says:

        just do something you’re inspired to do, not something that you think other people are cool for doing

  2. frozenlake says:

    The Metallica feel is uncanny, but the vocals are way too smooth and because of a lack of textural grit/distortion they tend to float above the music and become very annoying. I’m surprised that such very subpar M worship would even be singled out, and these guys are gonna need to seriously shake off that influence if they do want to produce metal worth our time.

    1. it’s funny how in a world where everyone from Vader to Lady Gaga want to get it on the M hype. These guys had a slight idea that made better than the hordes of similar promos that want to be Black album + Justice.

    2. Mika says:

      The last thing I want is to be annoying. This was our first effort, and we will take all this criticism into account. Thank you for actually listening to the track(s). If you have any ideas how we can make this less “M” and have ideas for vocal changes, I’d love some constructive feedback. Shoot me an Email:

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