Master – Saints Dispelled (2024)

Many of us enjoy death metal and particularly Master, a crossover between garage rock and proto-death metal, but we might acknowledge the Late Stage Hardcore problem here: when a genre gets too solidified, it becomes formula, and the formula reduces its core to the same thing as everything else.

In the same way the more ornate the metaphor of a postmodern novel, the less its parts have in common, and so its essence must become a simplified idea like the golden rule (Cloud Atlas), symbols losing referents (White Noise), or meaning decaying over time (V).

With Saints Dispelled, Master fire up the amps for an approach that is more Motorhead and Discharge than death metal proper, and with its verse-chorus plus a few shock transitions approach, a type of music that enters Late Stage Hardcore territory.

These songs are not bad, but they are not expressive of anything but pop hooks written into the Master formula, and because they are not evocative, they are not memorable. Like all of the worst threats to human life, that which is not bad but takes the place of the good is in fact a real threat.

With a heavy heart, thus one must conclude that Saints Dispelled will scratch that Master itch for a few weeks and then be forgotten, in part because unlike Motorhead, Master do not write a melody that unites their riffs, and unlike Discharge, they do not shape songs around an idea.

These tracks are catchy, energetic, and feature riffs cut roughly from the same cloth, just like the song structures. Maybe it is time to dig out Collection of Souls and Fuckin’ Death for the raw moments of the Master niche in metal history instead.

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92 thoughts on “Master – Saints Dispelled (2024)”

  1. If wasps are so smart…

    Go back in time then…

    Metal is dead can’t you admit that?

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    1. Harold says:

      Okay dude

    2. Metal is dead can’t you admit that?

      Most of it is, not all of it.

    3. Keyon Parks says:

      Western civilization is dead. Humanity is dead. Art is dead. Except for those that resist. We are the future. Everyone else is a wigger.

      1. “Join us… we are the future!”

        The next thousand years are ours. This time the world. Sodomize the weak.

  2. power metal > death metal says:

    ” a crossover between garage rock and proto-death metal,”

    This actually describes Master’s sound perfectly. But I would add “Slayer if they never learned how to solo like Judas Priest or Iron Maiden.” But that also makes them less interesting.

    Best thing they ever did was the Children of the Grave cover, which just turns it into a Venom song.

    1. In my view, Slayer nailed it when they said they were NWOBHM plus hardcore. Mix Discharge and Mercyful Fate and you get something roughly like Slayer.

    2. Brian Laundry and Gabby Potato says:

      Slayer was all noodly, Master is like the Stooges at 1.5x speed.

      1. The Stooges and Discharge were more important than people realize. Cro-Mags too, and DRI basically ended hardcore by being more intense and real than anything else.

  3. relmz uv thot says:

    par for the course when youre all old and comfy and thats why i dont save my money

    1. Only streetcorner alcoholism is true.

    2. Christine Paolilla says:

      This is why I live in a van down by the river.

  4. MLM says:

    Read hegel gaddafi lenin guenon dugin marx please

    1. Schizoscribbles says:

      I would rather read the compiled works of the resident schizophrenic shitposter. You could throw ebola, land, hollaback, etc in there too and that wouldn’t change anything.

      1. Evola, Houellebecq, Land, and Guenon may be worth reading. Marx is worth familiarizing oneself with; Britannica does an adept synopsis of his theory (basically, that by increasing wealth, technology, and efficiency capitalism propels us toward socialism because it has obsoleted so many workers).

        1. High impact autismal logic says:

          So the implication is that capitalism does not in fact work in most cases.

          1. IMHO, capitalism works great, but Darwinism must always be in effect, which means (this was a shock to me) that you want the poor, stupid, insane, retarded, sociopaths, psychopaths, soft-hearteds, stupid, lazy, perverse, and criminal to die out. Capitalism is an economic system; Darwinism is a biological one.

            1. And then there were nun says:

              If only…

              1. It’s coming. The pendulum swings back slowly but gains momentum.

      2. Kamala Harris says:

        Read “Siege.”

        1. AOC says:

          Listen to Necrovore.

          1. George Lincoln Rockwell's corn cob pipe says:

            Or Mozart.

            1. To be fair, music is not going to make sense until people are familiar with Schubert, Mozart, Beethoven, Handel, Haydn, Saint-Saens, Bach, and the rest of the canon.

              Same way philosophy is gibberish until people have read and understood Plato, Sophocles, Kant, and Nietzsche. “Siege” is cope for people who want an easy way, and there are aspects of this in Evola and Guenon too. Plato called it: we need orientation toward transcendental ends, not individualism.

            2. Headfirst in trash says:

              Scratch that, listen to Siege.

              1. Except all Leftist grindcore ends up being boring af. Too much messaging, not enough inner conflict, therefore no chance of reaching a place of clarity, balance, and purpose.

                Listen to Dead Infection, Blood, Carbonized, Terrorizer, Repulsion, and early Napalm Death. Once they got into the Communist nonsense they quickly became droning indie-emo with a grindcore flavor in the background. Jesse Pintado saved these typical council house children from themselves.

                1. Knucklehead muzak 101 says:

                  Most hardcore, grindcore, etccore is just ok and that’s OK.

                  1. “OK music for OK people!” — we all have different paths.

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        1. It’s not that. This is a complex argument framed in simple language that baffles everyone: diversity itself is bad. One ethnic group good, anything else bad. The groups involved do not have to be bad; if there is more than one, the situation itself is bad, and this leads to bad outcomes. I want a country for WASPs and everyone else gone (especially the fucking Irish).

    2. Chris Snyder says:

      Read Richard Weaver, C.S. Lewis, Roger Scruton, Russell Kirk, Ernst Junger, Madison Grant, and Lothrop Stoddard.

  5. AAAAARGH! Bloody 2-handed Chainaxe Blow says:

    This review could have been written 30 years ago and still ring true.

    1. By 1985, the problem of Late Stage Hardcore was well-known, but bands were still recording classics they had written in the previous decade, however by the time Fugazi came around, it was clear that hardcore was morphing into emo. Bands learned to play, deferred to the herd (defherd?), and tried to make music for wider audiences, so they ended up making the same crap everyone else was making but with muh hardcore punk flavoring and pretense. The Leftist lyrics took over at this point, where even the original Left-leaning bands like the Dead Kennedys were more punk than Democrat. Now Late Stage Metal is a thing, and we are trying to celebrate the exceptions here, even if we have an enduring love for all things Master, Deathstrike, Abomination, Funeral Bitch, and Speckmann Project.

      1. art snob says:

        all art movements are centered around a core group of artists who are pretty much all friends and like to do weird shit together that most people don’t like to do. as the ideas spread and you get farther away from that it becomes less interesting because it’s less about life and more about art.

        1. If you substitute “method” for “art,” I tend to agree. The goal of making art gets replaced by the goal of attracting an audience, which then dumbs it down into the Same Old Shit with a “unique” and “edgy” flavor.

          Sort of like how mainstream whisky is just raw potato alcohol infused with the flavor of roasted rye.

          1. Or maybe it is corn alcohol at this point. If Soylent Green were a real product, it would be the organic refuse of society being fermented in giant tanks then twice-distilled and run through a carbon filter, with flavoring added afterwards. All alcohols start at the same assembly line and only later get turned into their specific varieties, which is cheaper than brewing or distilling them the right way.

            1. Ironically, on paper, it may also be safer, since you avoid some of the odd components that show up when you distill brandy, for example.

              You can generally get the flavor out of any plant by drying it, pounding it, and roasting it (like coffee) to intensify the flavor.

              I am still waiting for the green onions and tomatillos whisky.

  6. Nobody is impressed says:

    I nominate Cradle of filth – Midian as the best metal album ever. It’s got all the proper good/bad metal shenanigans crammed into one package, and the concept, artwork and title are cool as fuck. If you disagree, which I know you will, go eat a dick and go back to your basement and listen to Bumzur for the zillionth time.

    1. Beneath the remains (Taylor's version) says:

      I agree that Midian is the best Cradle I give you that. The much hailed Dusk is decent, but too sloppy in comparison. Only flaw is satanic mantra, but even Rust in Peace and Painkiller have a seemingly pointless filler near the end.

      1. The best way to get raped by an elephant is by a baby elephant. When do you want to be raped by an elephant?

        I agree that Midian is the best Cradle I give you that.

        Nein. This band has always been guntermensch material (gooner + untermensch = masturbatory useless person) and they did nothing but adulterate black metal with normie music.

        1. Gothic Legion Archives says:

          In the shadowed catacombs of extreme metal, where the air reeks of sulfur and the moon casts elongated shadows, Cradle of Filth’s fifth opus, “Midian,” emerges like a spectral wraith. A symphony of darkness, this album beckons listeners to traverse its labyrinthine corridors, where forbidden knowledge and monstrous visions await.

          “Midian” materialized in the year 2000, a time when the genre’s boundaries blurred like ink on ancient parchment. Dani Filth, the band’s enigmatic frontman, wove a tapestry of horror and grandiosity, drawing inspiration from Clive Barker’s mythos. The album’s title itself hints at a hidden realm—a twilight zone where nightmares and ecstasy intertwine.

          “Midian” diverged from its predecessors. A fuller, more substantial production enveloped the listener, as if the very walls of the abyss resonated with dread. The opening track, “Cthulhu Dawn,” erupted like a necromancer’s incantation. Church organs clashed with Maiden-esque guitars, while Erlandsson’s drumming, though less intricate than Nick Barker’s, lent a primal urgency and Dani Filth’s vocals, a banshee’s lament, narrated tales of forbidden love, cosmic horrors, and the macabre.

          Cradle of Filth, like alchemists, transmuted their nocturnal romance into gothic horror. As the moon waxes and wanes, we tread the path blazed by their infernal artistry.

          1. That’s a lot of words for “my HIV levels are spiking.”

            1. the product of miscegenation on a moonlit night says:

              Brett, I think your illegitimate offspring is gay.

              The combined result of your repressed potato fetish and lamentations of the death of metal expressing themselves on a foggy night back in ’08.

              1. I told her to get a DNA test. Never heard from her again. Means she was lying all along. I wasn’t that drunk anyway. I might bribe a sheep with some carrots when I’m that drunk, but never plug a potato.

          2. metasexual wook patchwork pants blissful boner says:

            cradle of filth sucks i mean we all have our own tastes i kinda like their second album but idk man who has the time

          3. Nugget from Wakanda says:

            We don’t do that here.

    2. good/bad metal shenanigans

      So it’s a waffle? It uses stomp beats. Should we call it a waffle stomp?

  7. dmu fan says:

    Brett what do you think about the album putrefaction in progress

    1. Last Days of Humanity – Putrefaction in Progress? I did not hate it, but would not listen to it again; sounds like a deathcore-influenced and modern grindcore take on Dead Infection, who knew how to create an antigroove and ride it into conflict that eventually found sanity.

    2. big kahuna says:

      that shit has the worst snare drum totally ruined it for me even before i really understood metal and then i realized that the songs suck too

      last days of humanity boring

      but human remains i will fuck with

      1. I cannot give a shit about production. It is a benefit when done well, but it does not make the album.

        1. fibonacci crew says:

          true that. if the songs weren’t so boring i wouldnt care. but i’d see them live and have fun because i’d get all fucked up and thrash in the pit like a stupid animal

          1. Boring personalityless songs always make me wonder, “Why? Why bother? Silence is better.”

            1. C Tier Metalarchy Dystopia says:

              the creative process possesses a significance of its own even if the final iteration is derivative. no one is making me listen to it…yet

              1. The creative process is bonding to the transcendental heart of existence. However, the creative is only useful when realistic as well. Even Tolkien built his world around reality and philosophies of life in it, not some fairy-fart dualistic Heaven like the Abrahamists conjure.

  8. Linda says:

    Brett, how do we get Trump re-elected? I know he’s not the best choice to fix America, but he’s the closest thing we have to restoring this country to sanity. The recent Colorado Supreme Court ruling is preposterous and it’s proof the liberals are scared he will win re-election. Is this a big concern? I know the Supreme Court can rule against what Colorado is trying to do, but the libs are trying their hardest to destroy this election.

    Do we need to fear for the worse? Should we kill a commie everyday until election? My boyfriend is down to kill a liberal everyday. Should we do this to make a point that we won’t tolerate another stolen election?

    1. you're already the worst says:


    2. As the meme goes…

      I will not get all political and stuff at Christmas.
      Three drinks later: “Let me tell you something about the Federal Reserve…”

      Where’s that great Big Bird meme? Bertstrips may have been the queen of memes.

      As far as Trump… well, first, we should ask, what would really fix America?

      My answer is a trad futurist society, so kings and hierarchy, eugenics and exiling the useless, Half Earth, capitalism, and then leave everyone else alone. Conservatives take the opposite approach, which is to fart and fiddle around with issues like abortion, LGBT, drugs, Satanism, etc. so that they can dodge the big issues. They are weak and cowardly.

      But on a graph, we would have to draw a line between that point and where we are now, and Trump would be the first leg of this. He is perfect: a Reagan-Kennedy libertarian who has slowly learned that any laws he makes will be abusive so the right thing to do is remove laws and most of all, remove bureaucrats.

      I think he is going to win if an election is held, but the odds of an American election at this point are low. In particular, any cheating and it will start both a civil war and a race war, so I think the powers that be are reluctant to even let it happen. Maybe Yemen will give O’Biden his permanent blank cheque mandate.

      As far as Communists and neocommunists, at this point I have to say that exiling them to Venezuela and deleting their citizenships is the best approach. They will be happy in the diverse egalitarian oil-rich tropical paradise. They can have whatever flavor of Communism they want. Maybe it will work this time. But it will not be happening here, so we can just watch.

      1. dmu hater says:

        Who decides what the eugenics iq cutoff is?

        1. How far do you want your civilization to rise?

          1. dmu hater says:

            Giving people proper education and nutrition without capitalist brainrot works better as seen in communist China which had the highest iq increase in history and now leads the world in tech

            1. That is the Flynn Effect. A few vital things to remember: first, it has reversed, and the best explanation of it is reverse of IQ damage caused by endoparasites and low nutrition; second, it was lower than in the West; and third, Taiwan is doing better than Communist China in this regard.

              1. Funster says:

                Brett, why don’t you raise the IQ cutoff to 150?

                1. We would lose a lot of good people. 115 is basically the cutoff for functional person; below that you get an insane retard. 115 is a good zone for the lower half of the middle class, 120s for the upper half of middle class, with 125+ being your professionals and above 130, your thinkers who often as not end up poor. A sane civilization does not really need a lower class, underclass, or other perma-poor. They are useless and make everyone sad. Remove those, then work on filtering out the rapists, sadists, sociopaths, pedophiles, neurotics, psychopaths, and people with generally poor critical ability. Eugenics is the only way to have a society that does not immediately begin self-destructing. You also gotta get rid of diversity, socialism, and the people who want government to solve all problems.

              2. Cynical says:

                Another major factor in the Flynn Effect was simply “not measuring boomers” a.k.a. “the lead poisoned generation.” That’s not an exaggeration; because of leaded paint and, far worse, leaded gasoline, boomers are all mentally deficient as a result of lead toxicity. As they made up smaller and smaller parts of the testing population, and the amount of lead in the environment decreased, average IQ had a brief increase, but that’s reversing because of anti-selectional breeding policies that the west has (unofficially) adopted.

                1. Arthur Leigh Allen says:

                  Or maybe it was just all the spanes, wops, micks, yids, portos, frogs, greasers, and bohunks we imported and mixed into the population?

                  1. Did you mention the Irish? You have to mention the Irish. Repeatedly.

                2. My recollection is that even Flynn himself pointed out immediately that this was a temporary bump caused more by lack of suppression of IQ than an actual rise in IQ. At this point, world human average IQ is plummeting downward. We are gonna be hominids soon!

      2. Linda says:

        I hope you’re right. I just see the commies/liberals trying their hardest to put an end to Trump’s presidency, and I think they’re stupid enough to bring forth the mayhem and remove him from blue state ballot. California is trying next. Remove those red counties in those blue states can affect Trump’s numbers. California and Colorado are liberal shitholes (more California than Colorado) but I think the citizens within these states see the bullshit leftist lies and want their votes counted next presidential election. I don’t want a civil war, but if that’s what it takes to resolve this, let’s hope the true conservative “WASP” types are strong enough to handle it.

        1. The Supreme Court is going to toss these. Trump was never convicted of insurrection because he could not be, so one of the facts assumed by the judgment is not present. However, I think it is good that the Left reveals itself, because now they have polarized everyone who is not a zombie against them.

    3. Goldfish says:

      Kill Trump and he is deified for eternity… or at least until the next election, whichever comes first.

  9. The following style of metal shit sucks and should die of aids

    Death rap
    Rap rock
    Nu metal
    White trash shit
    Nazi metal
    Spicy beaner music
    Latin shit
    Black panther music
    The haunted
    Non phixon
    Ill bill sorry jew ass
    All rap
    All pop
    Kelly Clarkson and her funky white pussy having ass
    Olivia Rodrigo who sucks black cocks

    Hey Brett can u kill these fags before I do something the FBI will kill me for?

    1. Nu metal

      These especially must perish. I gotta add metalcore of all sorts in there, tek-def, Christian “metal,” u.s.w.

      EthniCelebs: Kelly Clarkson

      Ethnicity: Greek (one eighth), English, German, Irish, Scottish, Welsh

      She is barely three-quarters White. The guntermensch is in there with the Greek (Turkic) and Irish (Semitic).

      More broadly, we have to look at her face: she is a classic moonface, with a short rounded head and broad nearly Mongoloid features.

      This woman has high mute load, so odd hypergamous behavior would be normal.

      Hey Brett can u kill these fags

      No, but I think we should point out that their music is FIBI (for idiots, by idiots). Maybe time to add pop country and groove metal to the list too? I am trying not to say that speed metal deserves the ovens, but for the love of the ancient gods… most of it is about as exciting as a granite countertop.

      1. Santa Claus says:

        Reminds me of an old Peter Bagge comic from the early 90s:

        1. He kind of has a point, but then there’s all the people who listen to Russian composers.

          1. Santa Claus says:

            Boy, the same guy made this:


            The issue is from 1991. I vaguely remember that clash between the hip grunge audience and the antisocial folks. I wasn’t as sexually frustrated (I swear!), but the scribbling in notebooks is spot on and hilarious.

            1. The bigger point is that a society based on popularity caters to the left side of the bell curve and excludes everyone else, leaving them no option but to crouch in the dark scribbling furiously (metaphorically). Most of us just try to have normal lives as possible, but our lack of participation in herd bonding rituals like television, mooovies, liberalism, organized religion, promiscuity, and mass consumption makes us stand out like the Amish.

              1. Thatcher's period cramps says:

                Not if we consider those who are intelligent and easily likeable and know how to make themselves popular. Those people thrive now and probably always have, becoming the leaders of their tribe rather than its engineers. But only if they don’t try to change the system itself.

                And let’s not forget those who are both stupid and socially hopeless cases. That’s probably how we get all the pretentious imbeciles. They weren’t too cool for school, so they pretend to be too school for cool. Until they realize they’re entirely useless and perform a school-shooting and/or kill themselves.

                1. Making oneself popular requires telling simplistic lies. That filters all but the sociopaths.

                  1. Thatcher's period cramps says:

                    Or simplistic truths. There are sociopaths out there, but I don’t think every democratic leader is one.

                    1. Results show differently. They have filtered out everyone but the flatterers. You get the occasional Ron Paul, who is evenly divided between being perceptive and utterly oblivious, for example about foreign policy.

                      You are performing a typical Leftist deflection here, btw. “I can find some exceptions” = the exceptions strengthen the rule. What quality decisions have you seen from Democracy Inc lately?

                    2. Thatcher's period cramps says:

                      You’ve been talking in absolutes – everyone is a sociopath, everyone is a flatterer, everyone who matters is excluded – which is why I (fairly, to my mind) suggested there are exceptions. Then you say there are no exceptions, only flatterers, yet immediately come up with an exception of your own, and then you say it’s “typical Leftist deflection” when I talk about exceptions, but apparently not when you do, as in the sentence just before.

                      You seem to assume I’m a fan of democracy. I am not, so I don’t care to defend it or whatever quality decisions it may or may not have made lately.

                    3. No, you are projecting absolutes. The point was the “filter”: if you only accept flatterers, you get only sociopaths. A few exceptions do not dent that.

                    4. Thatcher's period cramps says:

                      You were so fast to incorrectly assume I was defending democracy that I’m starting to believe that you’re projecting when you’re accusing others of projection. And no, I was not projecting – you were being imprecise. When you say “only” and “everyone” with such assertiveness, I don’t think I can be blamed for taking those words literally.

                    5. Please feel free to list all the exceptions.

                    6. Thatcher's period cramps says:

                      I don’t think they’re exceptions. I think most democratic leaders believe in what they’re doing and saying in general. Even as they’re bound to occasionally curse the average voter, they believe in the democratic cause and its methods. They’re deluded, yes, but not sociopathic.

                    7. I disagree. I think they see it as a career like any other job. You repeat the stuff other people like to hear, they pay for it, your stock price goes up, and you get a bonus. I think it is a mistake to assume that people treat government any differently than they treat anything else. The problem is a lack of order (hierarchy, purpose, routine, procedures, aesthetics) to guide people toward something other than the usual entropy a.k.a. “everybody do whatever they want, someone else pays for it, and someone else cleans up.”

                    8. Thatcher's period cramps says:

                      I just realized this may be down to my limited knowledge of American psychology and politics (and I’m guessing you’re in the US). My experience is largely Northern European, and we’re a naive bunch, people and politicians alike. Of course, a lot of things will be the same on both sides of the Atlantic, but your characterization of politicians as primarily businessmen is something I don’t recognize from where I live (and have lived).

                    9. Naivety is underrated. However, politicians in the north seem to buy loyalty with free stuff from government just like they do here.

  10. specktacular says:

    What are the essential albums from the Speckmann?

    1. I have not heard the 2022 Speckmann Project, would listen to Tragedy Strikes again, and find a few interesting songs on most Master LPs but the above is the vital stuff.

  11. DeAngelo Martin says:

    The first album. The original release is best. The “Unreleased 1985 Album” is the same songs recorded live in a truck stop bathroom.

  12. Democracy is Capeshit says:

    The Deathstrike album Fuckin’ Death is all the good early Master material, which Speckmann then remade about twenty times until the mid ‘1990s

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