My Dying Bride – Feel The Misery (2015)

Regardless of how you might feel about My Dying Bride as a whole, you could make the point that their earlier, more death metal oriented works gave them more musical breadth to work with. Feel The Misery mostly tosses the ‘death’ part of the band’s legacy and doesn’t replace the holes with anything. To be honest, I found it quite depressing, but I don’t think it was really for the reasons that the band intended. By trying to stretch out a minimum of musical ideas to just over an hour, My Dying Bride has turned their latest studio album into an exercise in tedium and predictability.

Like many a doom band before them, MDB takes a style of metal (on this album, really basic traditional Black Sabbath type stuff) and plays it especially slowly. The emphasis is generally on the vocal performance of Aaron Stainthorpe, who on this album seems shackled by the sluggish pace and constant atmosphere of the recording. His combination of both proficient growls and a clean baritone register give him some versatility that would certainly come in handy on an album with enough diversity of musical language to accommodate his talents. The emphasis on the traditional, mainstream sorts of metal, though, come with a troublesome burden – permanent consonance and conventional pop music language mean that anything the band introduces often lasts for a very long time or is callously discarded without much in the way of elaboration. The songwriting here isn’t completely stagnant, but it certainly meanders, and the inability to properly develop on anything makes an already lengthy album feel even more drawn out than it already is.

The obvious point of comparison is not necessarily to death-doom or even more mainstream forms of doom metal as a whole, but to other drawn out, minimalist/ambient works. The best works of that sort (sparse as their construction often is) tend to trace out a sort of musical “journey” by building up a logical connection between every aspect of the music. Compared to more conventionally structured music, it’s simultaneously easier and harder – the former because there’s less elements to work with, and the latter because listeners would therefore have more opportunity to inspect and scrutinize what actually is there. It seems, however, that My Dying Bride doesn’t even attempt this on Feel the Misery, which is content to wallow in its own sorrow. If you want a miserable navel gazing experience, it would fit just fine, but as a work of metal, it is a dismal failure.


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8 thoughts on “My Dying Bride – Feel The Misery (2015)”

  1. Tom says:

    The album title is off putting enough.

    Sounds like a lame catchphrase to appeal to angsty kids.

  2. Naruibi says:

    Question for Brett Stevens.

    Brett, you reviewed Demented Ted Promises Impure back in the early days, I think it was on the early Anus versions, do you still like that album?

  3. jinko says:

    i understand there are many kinds of reviews.. one from a musicians viewpoint such as David Vincent, and then the devotee view who was there as this unknown source of energy was landing in these lowlife record stores in the 90s, like myself. i admit we can dissect this dead synthetic alien 2day and say this that of origin.. but try bein the one there just being amazed discovering this sound.. and ever more frustrating nobody around you feelin the same way about it. the blessin & the curse. as mentioned if i spun this CD right now it might sound a bit sputtery.. im not sure which release you fuckin assholes got cuz mine is the original & it starts off with “She Is The Dark.. and simple detail like how insanely beautiful the artwork on the CD looks is nuff said. since doom metal continues to fail in sales & more of a dingy for pirates to waft about in.. we’ll most likely never see these printed in this fascion ever again. Honrz up!

    1. hypocrite says:


      1. jinko says:

        dind’t like then get the fuck outa here!

        1. hypocrite says:

          Do you mean the album, the review or your hamfisted trolling?

          1. jinko says:

            who are you man? acting like a damn 14!!

  4. jinko says:

    I can’t believe no one is really getting in to this. I’ve been in contact with aaron for years and a really top guy that puts 1001% really. you need to listen to this shit unhindered by exterials i.e. forget about fuckin ‘DLA-approved” or not!!! stupid assholes

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