Nigromante – Profundidades (2016)


Article by David Rosales.

Receding light and surrounding darkness encroaching, a stench of death and the beginning of lamentations beyond the veil of mortality; this is the picture presented to us by Nigromante. These images cannot come from elsewhere but the deepest wellspring of human sorrow immortalized through its own seal of power, a searing symbol that brands pain and agony unto souls — that they may be thus imprisoned and chained.

“Usar un sigilo sin saber…. ¡Se maldicen a ellos mismos!”
— A. Valentina
(trans.: “To use a seal without knowing… They curse themselves!”)

Nigromante creates layers of long synth-produced loops, while leading melodies come in and out of the picture without discernible anticipation or fanfare. These, however, are not introduced abruptly nor do they fall out of place. The subtle techniques of transition can be better described as combinations of different types of overlappings which includes fades and motific linkages. These correspondences and seemingly incidental recurrences bestow upon Profundidades a mechanical center and fulcrum. Nigromante does not allow this to become a hindrance to structural evolution or textural variety. Neither do these constitute the driving force or sole end of the artwork, and instead share with the whole of Rex Ebvleb’s musical creations, be they metal or ambient in manifested form, an impetuous will that drives their sense ever forward. It is that daemon always lurking under the rational and conscious which we here witness.

“While there is no end rhyme in these verses, there is a recurrence of consonants which forms a rhyme in the body of the verse; this repetition of initial sounds is called alliteration.”
— W.E. Simmons, ‘A Student’s History of English Literature’

Profundidades is a study in intuitively produced structures as the keys which open the floodgates, allowing fire from above and the earth below to participate in the stormy evocation of living creations. This sheds light on our understanding that Beethoven’s motivations went beyond the mere breaking of convention, and did not find their origin in the same mundane machinations that would later propel Maller and Schoenberg to equal technical heights devoid of the divine outreach of the earlier master. They lacked the organic fecundity whence the perfectly circular motions of an airy entity could sprout from.

“Spinoza seems to mean by intuition the comprehensive understanding of the truth of a proposition that is granted to the person who grasps it, together with a valid proof of it from self-evident premises, in a single mental act.”
— Roger Scrutton, ‘A Short History of Modern Philosophy: From Descartes to Wittgenstein’

Compensating for a missing high-level finesse in composition in the traditional European sense, an intuitive sense that is clear, sturdy and consistent steps in to obviate any such complaints. It is, like the rest of the music by this artist, an entity invested with the savage and dark personality of its creator. Shortcomings can accurately be considered more like sharp relieves and rough curvatures. These can be summarized as a lack of instrumental balance in the densest parts, or a clash of voices when they are presented as independent lines that reveal a disavowal of counterpoint along with its baroque techniques of balance and spacing.

Nigromante’s ambient is more metallic than properly orchestral, despite the instrumentation. It is also, therefore, closer to the melodies of simple beauty of ancient Greece, Persia and India, with a take on arrangements that would remind one of an electronic-loop Perotin, and farther away from the formalities that start developing after the renaissance. On the other hand, this is music of the 21st century, and it inevitably borrows from all mentioned influences , being postmodern in that sense. It seems to me, however, that it is atemporal in spirit, transcendent in its intention, and ancient in expression.

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13 thoughts on “Nigromante – Profundidades (2016)”

  1. Where can we listen to this? Can’t find it anywhere.

  2. John D. says:

    Hi David. I’m snickering to myself now, because this is another fine effort, a pleasure to read, but there’s no place as yet to find and listen to the actual music. You and I are fellow Intuitives, immersing ourselves in depths, reaching into mysterious places where words become more difficult to express, moving into tones and colors – into environments – spreading out into the sky, even traveling into the cosmos, and then returning to human discourse on this rotten ball of a planet with a more objective and truer perspective. I’m sure you can detect in my voice the places I’ve been in my own contemplation. I have my magnanimity in which there are marvels and wonders once one passes through the portal of my modesty. Your thoughtful and kind reply to my comment at your other article is completely understood by me, and much appreciated!

    1. fenrir says:


      Here’s something from this project’s 2008 work:

      1. fenrir says:

        YouTube with that same 2008 content, at least same name

        1. John D. says:

          Hey fenrir: I just climbed back up, huffing and puffing, to poke my head out of the rabbit hole, to say thanks. Back down I go!

          1. Yes John D., please go back down to my hole !

            1. John D. says:

              Down your hole I went.  It was surrounded by barbed wire.  The government claimed it off limits a while ago.   At night I snuck by security, clipped the barbed wire, and slipped through. I put on a gas mask and a miner’s helmet, and lowered myself in by a rope. Some impressive stalactites passed into view above.  Shards of rock broke off where I tried to dig in my heels, and hundreds of bats flew out, screeching and fluttering down into darkness. Suddenly I heard a rumbling, and looked straight down and saw a brown monster.  It was a misshapen thing and didn’t appear to have eyes or a face, but it was stuck there, clinging to the wall and shivering, because it was just too cavernous all around, abandoned like a bear cub by its mother.   I lowered myself down further, and leveled myself in front of the little beast. I took out my bowie knife and swung up next to it, securing my footing, then reaching around it as it whimpered and wheezed, I cut it free. Then I took it up into my arms and swung it around onto my back, where it clung to me, and while it gave off a high-pitched squeal like air escaping from a balloon, I began my ascent.

              When I reached the opening and climbed back out, amazingly, the surroundings had completely changed. I found myself looking straight down into a swirling vortex of water. At that moment I recalled the words of David Rosales: “Receding light and surrounding darkness encroaching, a stench of death and the beginning of lamentations beyond the veil of mortality.” The more I thought about it, the less I felt I had to lose by letting go. Thinking of Empedocles throwing himself into the volcano, and also of the fountain of youth – how fire purifies and moving water cleanses – initiating a return to elementals, I took the plunge.

              1. Rainer Weikusat says:

                This is really throwing pearls on the swine. Try a Hellhammer slogan.

            2. Rainer Weikusat says:

              A while ago (couple of years), busses in Reading featured a side long »Some people are gay. Get over it.« advert. This was rather obnoxious. Unfortunately, my monetary situation is not such as would lend itself to wasting it on this scale but had this been otherwise, I had really liked to run a counter-ad

              Some people don’t care. Get over that.

  3. canadaspaceman says:

    Nigromante, by Parker Bothers, (just cuz it has nigro in it)
    Cryptopsy, the new game from Hasbro (should be just as popular as Rubik’s Cube, Operation,
    and Battleship !)
    Insaner (no, not the Peruvian antichrists, but a new game from dark decent and nwn records that convinces underground metalheads that everything they release is good!)

  4. Rainer Weikusat says:

    I’ve now been in a complete Darkthrone thrall for about seven hours. Another sentence would seem appropriate here but I lack the words for it.

    1. fenrir says:

      Keep at it. Everything before Transylvanian Hunger, please.
      Do the first two Immortals.
      The first two Gorgoroths.
      Early Demos/Eps/split and first of Emperor and Enslaved.
      And of course All BURZUM up to Filosofem.

      It really doesn’t get any better than this.
      This 7s enough for years and years of immersive knowledge, meditation, holistic art as life!

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