Reencarnación – 888 (2015)


Article by David Rosales

Obscure and wacky ’80s bands are always a treat to listen to. They bring the darkest side of Hellhammer or early Bathory while being completely unpredictable, without going to the completely unhinged music of hipsters like later Deathspell Omega. Reencarnación is another weird Colombian band that published a series of underground metal demos that would rightly be considered the true heirs to seventies progressive rock. Among the very measured use extra musical noise, such as a crowd, or a lamenting voice, there is even an interlude that makes use of a classical guitar and a violin.

888 (originally published as a self-titled) is not an album but a collection of old recordings (possibly remastered, given how clean they sound) put together as a compilation. This plays a lot like Infester’s only album, except songs are shorter and perhaps slightly more disorienting given their use of spasmic sections and percussion pauses that give it a strange feeling like that of a man gasping for air. The music basically consists of nonsense chromatic leads, Sarcofago-like thrashing, and mid-paced grindcore riffing. Quite endearing.

While what we have here is a delicious mixture of experimental and progressive thinking applied to anarcho-punk going through grindcore. Unfortunately, the recordings are section-oriented (but not precisely riff-oriented), forgetting about the importance of linking songs by some kind of theme, even if not by a melodic one. The result is a confusing, winding labyrinth that attempts to emulate the progressive rock of Emerson, Lake and Palmer in their most twisted hour, and succeeding to a large degree, as it suffers from the same sort of problems, only augmented by ignorance or inexperience.

Reencarnación’s 888 is certainly a very enjoyable album which you want to play while drinking alone in your room with your computer screen as the only light source as you read collections of BBS posts saved in a corner of the Internet by another obsessive nerd. However, this will not do as an example of great songwriting or endure objective scrutiny.

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9 thoughts on “Reencarnación – 888 (2015)”

  1. Egledhron says:

    I highly suggest people give Baphometh from Venezuela a chance. It’s one of the so few metal acts from there that’s worth checking out.

  2. Roger says:

    “However, this will not do as an example of great songwriting or endure objective scrutiny.”

    Then why waste our time sifting through the article (and the site), in the hope of finding something that will enlighten and uplift our days?

    1. David Rosales says:

      I wrote four paragraphs of descriptions and you latch on to a final point. Try something, absorb everything that is being said here. Not just the last sentence. Listen to the music and form your own empirical opinion, then come back and get value from the intersection of everything.

  3. Roger says:

    You’re falling into the same trap as journalism and news is falling into: Having to sacrifice interesting content for quantity. Why have a blog? Why buy into the modern quantity over quality approach? It’s not like your audience consists of people who are going to fall asleep and never come back if you haven’t got a new post every 30 minutes.

  4. Roger says:

    Why not limit the critical posts of endless shit bands to one dump every month or so: I thought this was what Sadistic Metal Reviews was all about anyway!

    Then at other times, post a) something news about a good release, or b) embrace sweet silence.

    What’s wrong with silence?

    1. thomasw says:



      There’s more to music than good/bad. Not only is there in between, there’s also why it’s good, in what way is it good, what did the artists do to make it good in that way, how could it have been made better, etc. The reviewer covered some of this. Evidently there’s more to this music than would warrant dumping it into SMR.

      1. David Rosales says:


  5. cHOPPEr says:

    What is the consensus around here for Greek black metal band AGATUS ???

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