Rotheads – Slither in Slime (2022)

These songs fit riffs into rhythms to make a song move like an organic mass, its different parts pulling each other along and making repetition intensify rather than provide entropy, using death metal riffs without filler from other genres or phraseless placeholders.

On the basis of those two abilities alone Rotheads stand above the constant flow of goo filling the void left by quality metal, and achieves B-level expression with death metal and grindcore riffs in songs that expand briefly to complexity before returning to the loop.

Avoiding both the “progressive” (read: unfocused, in the pluralistic postmodern product-oriented method) and tryhard approaches, this band uses relatively basic riffing to maintain and develop a mood, producing not so much an old school feel as their take on the effects on a listener of the old school methodology.

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15 thoughts on “Rotheads – Slither in Slime (2022)”

  1. Nuclear Whore says:

    Theatrical, moody and with putrefactive depth. Yummy, thx, having fun.

  2. Hardcore Gay ANal Sextbot says:

    One thing I hate is the gay ass dimwit title that most new school bands use, mostly shitty Maggot Stomp bands. Haven’t heard it yet but the review sounds promising.

    1. Thrusting Through Haemorrhoidal Crevices says:

      Its kinda endearing in its childish banality, in a ripe rosy cheeked way.

    2. Nuclear Whore says:

      There’s a kind of mystery on how the repugnant slime evoked by the record can be slithered [sic]. I figure it’s the interdimensional entity that appears in the cover that has such style and power, not getting stuck in this dense slime.

      1. Large Throbbing Veiny Rectum With Eyeliner and Cigar says:

        Well now that I’ve had a chance to listen to it off bandcamp while enjoying a good Maduro one evening, I was pleasantly surprised and also realized just how underwritten most modern death metal is. I think the genre is too comfortable with simple 5 riff songs relying heavily on “atmosphere”, while this fucker has RIFFS that GO PLACES and guitar solos that are actually good. So strong points to again for pointing out a shining gem in a pile of stinky turd.

  3. atx1b says:

    What in the name of Inquisition worshipping Demilich piece of abortion is this?!!
    I’d rather listen to Swarming’s 2015 COmpilation.

  4. Gaydolf Shitler says:

    Brett, what’s your take on Paradise Lost – Gothic? I enjoy this one despite its Iron Maiden leanings. It’s got a certain atmospheric quality about it that’s hard to describe.

  5. T Malm says:

    Death metal that’s more than a gay gimmick or hollowed out old school image with nothing inside, huh?

    PS Fourth Monarchy put out a full track from the new album about a week ago, so I guess it is coming out after all.

    1. J.P. says:

      Recently found a copy of the first F.M. demo tape. Haven’t listened to it yet, but if it’s any good I’ll put it up on Youtube (unless it’s already there).

      1. J.P. says:

        The cover art looks like a black metal pastischeof some old chiaroscuro painting. Can’t seem to remember what the name of the original motive.

  6. Cherish Sue Gafford says:

    Everything about the layout and font are disappointing, yet inside the music is decent. It’s off putting. It must be like when Phil Kusabs the bass player from Blasphemy and Diocletian rides by Walmart and sees a sign advertising “Little boys pants are 50% off today!” Imagine his disappointment. What a reversal.

    1. Everything about the layout and font are disappointing

      As much as I like these things, they are irrelevant to the music except as a cost signal.

      We must kill the under-120s. Nothing else matters. Total midwit and nitwit holocaust. Giant heaps of bodies.

    2. Pedophiles run the US government and, apparently, what is left of the NWN/FMP funderground.

  7. Warkvlt is High IQ Music says:

    Albums that need reviewing:

    – Frost Like Ashes “Fellowship of Suffering” –> USBM / UnBlack Metal that isn’t complete shit. Unbelievable, I know.
    – Sewer “Sissourlet” –> Death / Gore / Grind that is actually brutal, not just gimmicky “mosh” breakdown crap.
    – Peste Noire “Le Retour Des Pastoureaux” –> Yeah, it’s Peste Noire, but it has some very solid moments. Stands way ahead of pretty much all other modern BM.
    – Graveland “Awakening of the Storms” –> Split with a Finnish BM band. I know what you think when you read “Finnish BM” but this isn’t it.
    – Burzum / Uruk Hai split –> The earliest Norwegian Black Metal needs reviewing, right?
    – Neraines “Fenrir Prowling” –> I prefer Yggdrasil, but whatever.

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