Sépulcre – Cursed Ways of Sheol (2022)

Incorporating Finnish death metal technique seems to have replaced the Incantation/Blasphemy trend. Unlike many who simply inject harmonized guitars playing creepy melodies, Sépulcre resurrect the spirit of that tradition: pummeling violence that expands into existential doom.

On this album the band follows in the footsteps of Demigod and Sinister, utilizing brutal rhythms to create a sense of conflict which they carefully expand into a climactic statement of theme, much in the manner of a startling realization at the end of a horror film.

In that world newly-created from familiar elements, the band gives new context to the tension in each song and resolves that in a final haunting theme, accomplish what is arguably the aim of all death metal in creating a sensation of transcendence in darkness.

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15 thoughts on “Sépulcre – Cursed Ways of Sheol (2022)”

  1. Death metal is dead…

    And it will ever return

    Long live early ninety’s shit

    And I want Zuleikha Robinson and 100 japanese Hawaiian big assed tit satanic death metal rappers no men should perform it
    Ha you say it cannot and it can happen through cloning and artificial insemination haha this is sure to be a classic but not to the deathcore generation we live with now sad huh?

    1. Deathcore is like a cross between hip-hop and Christmas music with all of the good parts removed.

  2. I am sorry that wasps are dying out if it makes you feel better I like Malaysians chinese Persians thahiti Hawaiians Japan and Zuleikha Robinson…

    Is it possible that you don’t mind the fact that I hate my tribe you know there are honest race mixers you know.

    Death metal band slayer in 91 was the best band ever Deicide a close second…

    And I want one hundred Greek Hawaiian satanic death metal rappers with hooters the size of planets…

    1. The “Brett theory” is as follows:

      1. Diversity works for no one because it abolishes culture.
      2. Tyrants choose diversity to displace the majority
      3. This impoverishes the society and destroys it.
      4. This is the fault of no ethnic or racial group.

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      1. High Speed Reality Denial says:

        Brett, if you haven’t seen the movie Glass, you should check it out. It outlines the grotesqueries people with power will go through to enforce the impossibilities of equality. It’s the third in a trilogy of movies by a very maligned director, though.

      2. Patrick Pearse says:

        What is culture? How does it come about?

        1. Culture, like morality, is a series of aesthetic goals. It comes about by observing the much better things one could have by avoiding the default human behavior of anarchy + subsidies.

      3. Townsend says:

        Trying to wrap my head around your theory; what is meant by diversity, and is it really something that could be stopped, or do you mean to say it shouldn’t be encouraged? Also, would you accept that capitalism, as a modern tenet, is effectively an agent of diversity, and dissolves social structure?
        p.s. much respect for the clarity and precision of your reviews. Really, I haven’t read anything like them in 3 decades of gluttonous album review consumption.

        1. Thank you, Mr Townsend (have you ever written with one of these? nice weight), for the kind words on the reviews.

          The following are Radical Realist® / Furthest Right® viewpoints:

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          4. There is worrying overlap between capitalism, democracy, and social popularity, called “demotism” as a group, because they rely on individual judgment instead of social order.

    2. WASP is only one of many European populations. People like me, of continental, culturally-Catholic descent seem to be doing alright fertility-wise.

      1. Quality is also an issue, as is trace admixture.

  3. Conan the Librarian says:

    Agree that death metal is dead. At least we have the late 80s and early 90s classics.

    Brett, what are your thoughts on The Enid’s first few albums. Is this somewhere that metal should have gone?

    1. I like progressive rock. I think metal needs to be progressive within the metal vocabulary. Very few bands can do that; for example, Gorguts did it for four albums and then absolutely failed just like all “tech death” fails by basically being bad jazz fusion with some basic metal riffs played in novelty rhythms.

  4. Conan the Librarian says:

    Brett, what are your thoughts on The Enid, and is that a direction metal should go in?

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