SMR – Descend Into Boredom

Fleshcrawl – In the Catacombs of Flesh
Fleshcrawl return after a twelve year layoff with this abortion of an album that should be avoided. The overall motion of the album is extremely bizarre as the band start with one decent song before slowly spiraling into simple chugging rhythms reminiscent of later Entombed and slowly falling into pure saccharine Melodeath. The vocals have devolved into the almost shouted Nu Death vocals popular in the early 2000s. The weak vocals lead these songs and help distinguish them by shouting each title multiple times. The lyrics perfectly illustrate to what mentally deficient depths this band has descended to with golden quotes likes “Suffer you fucking cunt, die you fucking cunt”. The drums have devolved into follow the riffs without any of the intelligent fills and patterns that were once emblematic of this band. In the Catacombs of another man’s flesh!

Bergi – “Avalancha”
Starting off with a simple melody on the right hand that is repeated multiple times while the left hand slowly flourishes with it and slowly pushes the song forwards and pushes the right melody to its most potent. When the initial idea is fully developed Bergi opts for a secondary melody sharing the same set of motifs but explores a diverging path that reaches a beautiful summit filled with hope before returning to the composition’s main motif and then using that to springboard to greater heights before the break which plays a calmer variation of the main idea that moves towards its final conclusion that is unfortunately a bit too short. Bergi possesses a rare ear for melody that fully exploits the capabilities of the piano with short and to the point songs that avoid the meandering commonly found within the genre. A more emphatic climax would have helped this song but overall this shows that there is still capable piano music that is being created.

The Sovran – “Lights”
A mixture of Hard Rock and Post-punk that is reminiscent of Killing Joke’s early work as pummeling guitars provide the base for ethereal arpeggios as a half shouted voice enters in force with a jumpy bassline in a collage of many of the tropes of the time. The subdued chorus adds mystery but the band make the mistake into falling the poppy clichés that contaminated this genre. While the main idea is interesting and the lead guitar choses some interesting melodic shapes to progress this song it isn’t till the end of the aforementioned chorus that the band really start showing the most progressive tendencies as they start to develop the underlying riff with the constantly moving arpeggio shapes and the voice gliding on top without taking too much attention. The Sovran really do seem to understand what made their influences so great even their faults and are too willing to follow them to their mistakes. If the band can keep this aesthetic and the basic Modus Operandi while allowing themselves to experiment, this could be some very interesting Post-Punk.

Lingua Ignota – Caligula
The funderground has always been comprised of some of the most gullible music fans constantly getting duped by struggling musicians from exterior like Myrkur and Deafheaven that exploit quirks from other genres that oppose metal and then market them within a sea of pseudo-intellectual nonsense as something profound. Lingua Ignota is the latest fad in this style which has gone outside of the realm of Black metal into some form of minimalistic music that consists of one simplistic two note melody while this lets out weak screams that are digitally distorted that is accompanied by some off key singing spouting out nonsensical lyrics like “who will fuck you if I won’t”(probably directed at her dog or famed loser Hunter Hendrix). This is the worst excuse for music I have heard all year. Lingua Ignota is making money while laughing at her fans. No sane individual could take this seriously which is why the Post-Black trendsters are jumping at this album with the lyrics directed towards them. “All men are brothers and brothers only love each other”.

Blut Aus Nord – Hallucinations
Overly blown out songs with no direction in riff salad arrangements that present no shifts in mood or narration. While each song has a fairly large number of “riffs” that aren’t connected, the band don’t even manage to create the carnival feeling of a lot of Modern metal but rather a lifeless wallpaper where nothing actually happens except for some weird distracting chanting in the background on occasion. What makes these melodies so weak is that they rely on very basic jazz intervals that are played for excessively long periods that the mind can no longer connect the notes in a logical way and what is left is a bland wall of sound and since the band are completely against reintroducing previous ideas in any shape or form, there is no lasting effect whatsoever. This is ambiance music for those waiting in line to do their administrative paperwork while conjuring hallucinations of actual music.

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16 thoughts on “SMR – Descend Into Boredom”

  1. Harder Than Your Husband says:

    Do a Cattle Decapitation review to show how the new album fails even by the band’s own standards. The writing on Death Atlas is weak as fuck, and no one seems to notice how much it’s been downgraded from the previous album.

    1. Vegan Gains says:

      Both sonically and thematically, this band has been and continues to be AIDS.

      1. Harder Than Your Husband says:

        Yeah, you’re right, I always thought that trashing the planet was something to be proud of. Can we at least have some pumped up jams while we’re at it, instead of this mellowcore nonsense? None of the riffs amount to anything, they just take up space in between the atmospheric clean sections. I guess people like that, just like they like the ambient filler in Blood Incantation. Fantano gave Death Atlas a lukewarm review, but all the idiot fans keep blurting out “album of the year!” I’m trying to find some insight into how a band can release this kind of shit without the fans even noticing.

        1. ignominious says:

          Obviously, they were lulled to sleep by gradual change. Or boredom. Either way, there’s not much “insight” to be had.

  2. Frozenlake says:

    Quite right about Hallucinogen. This looks like an attempt to cash in on current trends, become more marketable, and it works. I’m quite on board with the Cattle Decap take above, the latest is a diluted version of the already pretty weak original. I never really got the whole fuss about that band, which uses fairly simple devices to please the crowds, namely ultra fast double kicks and deep growls on verses with those rather idiotic melodic semi-clean choruses. I mean, if you do metal, but need to soemhow throw in the “chanting” moments, wtf?

    Thanks for pointing out The Sovran, which, from the embed, delivers solid music.

    I’m a bit surprised by your positive comments above Bergi, above. This is extremely simplistic music, not to say amateurish. OK, sometimes simple is great, and if you like simple yet beautiful piano music, try Arvo Part, Für Alina (, more elaborate yet still quite sparese and no less wonderful, Für Anna Maria ( It’s funny how the desire to be “trve” can lead to praise totally wretched music, simply because it somehow feels more “authentic”. And it’s even funnier when said people go on to criticize bands for being to elaborate or technical. Oh well. Try this as well. Simple and effective. (örgy). It’s by Ligeti. You should also consider the piano works of Schöenberg. More complex, quite atonal and dissonant but exquistely beautiful.

    You’re wrong about Lingua Ignota tho, you are missing where she’s coming from, which is not really metal anyway. So while you’re at it, go trash The Body, Author 1 Punisher and a number of other bands that act on the fringes of noise, experimental and dark ambient. But why would you bother?

    Just a thought here Nick? Are you going to publish some list of what you believe are worthy metal albums in 2019? I get it that all great metal has already been written and all that, but beyond your shtick (which I really enjoy) there has to be something taht makes you tick. I’ve seen you rave about Mephitis, which is an OK band, but nothing really special to be honest. The riffs are solid but somehow lacking in repaly factor. There’s nothing to really pull you back in. Ultimately the record provides a rather flat experience despite the obvious talent on display. Oh I get it, it means it is “no fun” an therefore of high value. Maybe you like it “austere” and that’s OK, because i’m like that too. But apparently not as much as you.

    Polemicist has its moments, but they need to mature a bit more before they can claim greatness.

    What else tickled your fancy for greatness in 2019?

    1. Cattle Decapitation started out as (from my memory) a catchy grind band working its way to a metalcore inspired Death/grind act that hit “party” Death metal spot right on a few rare occasions. Latest album is just hilarious and I forget to review it, the screeching vocals sounding worse and worse by the second and going full on emo. Thanks for those reccs, I will be listening to them. Bergi is well composed and has good ideas on development which is something that is missing from that style which goes Hans Zimmer retardation. Lingua Ignota is terrible music that has been praised by the hipster metal crowd.

      I will eventually get to writing such a list, Mefitis will feature on a podcast soon and we will get to that then but they have been the band that got me ticking this year. Trench Warfare, Sammath, Funereal Presence and can’t remember the rest for now but will try scouring for any other gems that have been released this year.

      1. hammerfart says:

        do you think lingua ignota is more terrible because she’s praised by ‘hipsters’ because if you dont like it then whatever but to judge it as metal is dumb whatever the label shes on and who cares what fags say about anything cuz hey theyre fags

        caligula is 2/3 shitty but that makes a cool ep

        1. no because some idiots are praising nonsensical record about a woman in her thirties who was abused by past lovers and sells off it as profound meaningful art while in reality it’s no more than some kind of new wave therapy nonsense. There is virtually no melodic content which is a plague that can be seen literally in all of music and was weirdly foreshadowed by some of the third rate Speed metal bands and their chugs.

          1. die hammerfahrten says:

            i dont read much so i dont know what she or other people are saying about her music. maybe that helps me find something more universal in it. disagree about there being no melodic content but i will opine that her interesting melodic ideas arent explored enough and too often lose momentum in the way they’re connected for me to call it a strong release. maybe next time. that voice has potential. idk why metal scenesters in particular would be into it though beyond being on profound lore.

      2. Brett Stevenstein says:

        Funeral Presence? How does this deserve more than a second listen, let alone a place in the best of 2019 list? Great kickdrum sound though.

        1. Brett Stevenstein says:


        2. Ryan Paul says:

          Imagine posting stein or berg after someones name to imply things on the internet…

          No wonder the Jews have you faggots on lock down. :/

          1. Brett Stevenstein says:

            I‘m sorry I hurt your feelings Shmuel :(

          2. kool AIDS says:

            Hapless Hessian gets ANUS SPLIT WIDE FUCKING OPEN by laser-guided rocket dildo of pure infallible ABRAHAMIC FACTS AND LOGIC

  3. theshapeofpunktocome says:

    listened to bits and pieces of the Lingua Ignota and i admire its originality but it was pretty hard to listen to, lmao.

    if you want a good female-fronted band with cleans, screams, ambience, and themes of trauma, check out Battle of Mice, Julie Christmas’s post-metal project.

    1. therapeofpunkswhocum says:

      or just shoot yourself through the fuckin palate. same end result without all the suffering beforehand.

      seriously this lunar linguini shit is the most obnoxious thing ever created in the metal periphery. even more annoying than periphery that fagozoid djent band. more like perifairy am i right though, huhuhuh.

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