Transgressor – Beyond Oblivion (2023)

Imagine a ship sailing through oceans comprised of memory and dreams of those stranded in a time of decay and pointlessness, and you get the general idea of this mixed-genre band who makes death metal and grafts in other metal genres to contrast the mood.

A sense of vivid change, like a ship cresting a wave to see an entirely different hallucinatory epic playing out in the trough below, runs through this release which uses melody as its center but builds up to it with pummeling death metal and mid-paced dark metal.

This creates a protean morbid atmosphere which mostly holds together despite occasional tangents that seem to be too much contrast to complement the mood, in which creativity flowers with riffcraft that elaborates on themes from the metal history while adding in its own personality.

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25 thoughts on “Transgressor – Beyond Oblivion (2023)”

  1. Fisted A$$ says:

    Never leave the ass alone.

    1. Anal Rapist says:

      It might get lonely and start watching anime. Checkmate, bigots!

      1. Anal Papist says:

        but then it gets fatter and greasier which some may find to actually be beneficial

        1. Just the way I like my “ladies of the night.” Obese, oily, and dead.

    2. “Only ASS is true!” — Paul Ledney

  2. Dakosaurus prime deathmetalbluesrapzilla subs and salads

    And fuck Jewish rappers and Eminem no non black girls working there

    How can I possibly be a black nationalist and make a sub store without multicultural bullshit Brett

    And isn’t freedom of association the way I can hire only black girls

    1. Anal Rapist says:

      Cope, seethe, and dilate… which usually just means ADD TO CART as therapy.

    2. The more people endorse organic ways of life — culture, nationalism, hierarchy, competition, belief in more than the individual and material — the more society will adjust to accept them.

    3. You from Staten Island or something?

  3. Person of Melanin says:

    70% of this track is filler
    as memorable as that air pocket you cut loose, after consuming wasabi flavored green bean casserole
    and, topping it with a glass of milk

    1. Anal Rapist says:

      Nothing compares to the gas produced by getting a Crunchwrap Supreme and dipping it in grocery store mayonnaise mixed with Sriracha. Sharp, hot, wet flatus reeking of the death of an entire cruise ship worth of obese people from dysentery and left to float in the tropical waters for a month before discovery.

    2. I think this a bit uncharitable, but it is better to listen to the whole release, which unfortunately the label decided not the stream.

      1. Person of Melanin says:

        >which unfortunately the label decided not the stream.

        It’s by (((design))), Brett. A hint of jap tit, and you gave in

        ancestor sorrow…

        1. Anus Annihilator says:

          It’s not the Jew, it’s the Chinaman. Or maybe both. And the Italians. Probably the Poles too. I’m not going to mention the other group but we all know who rules America.

          1. Patrick Pearse says:

            The Irish…checkmate WASP….

    3. Most of all music is filler but it works OK here. Anyone got the FLACs?

  4. SErious Questioner says:

    When it comes to blasting explosive blasting noisy black metal …

    Which album is better? Panzer Division Marduk by Marduk vs. Triumph of Fire by Kult Ov Azazel ?

    1. Anal Rapist says:

      Just fart in your bathroom and listen to the echoes instead. Also works for any war metal past Blasphemy.

    2. For Mardukh, I might suggest Opus Nocturne. It was their peak.

      1. shitstained balls says:

        I’ve a bit of a soft spot for Those of the Unlight as well.

        1. Black Rectum says:

          Great title, music was a bit hasty.

    3. Autophagic Waterhead says:

      Axis of Advance

    4. All war metal sucks an ass. Blasphemy was OK, Zyklon-B was good but had only one EP, maybe the first couple ImpNazes were OK++ but everything else is a big greasy butt. Even Angelcorpse did not last past two albums… Gene Paluchikibriki has a lot to answer for.

  5. Dear Satan, no. That band and Revenge got boring real fast. You can sell your shit on eBay for bank though.

  6. Tony Rizzetto says:

    The Morbid Visions/Bestial Devastation band and VNV Nation are touring.

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