Uada – Cult of A Dying Sun

Hipster Black metal arrived at the stage where copying from Indie and Post Rock bands was no longer going to work and to distinguish themselves from the rest of the crowd, Uada had to resort to stealing Batushka’s hooded look and the music from the funderground favorite Storm of the Light’s Bane while in arranged in the droning style of Mgla and the like. All of this is sprinkled with every hipster trope possible and the new publicity stunt of “being supposed Nazis” which is a smart way of bringing in Hipster metal to the anti-SJW crowds while playing music that caters to their tastes. The band being formed in Portland which is known as being the hipster mecca should already cast doubts for those who haven’t experienced the pain of listening to such a record.

The production is incredibly silky with multi-layered guitars playing on a fairly low gain distorsion that castrates any venom some of the more agressive riffs could have had but it does a great job in maintaining the Rock feeling during the Indie parts. Drums alternate between annoying clicks and standard Rock drums with a few interesting fills and variations. The vocals degenerate into idiotic hardcore wails that just distract from everything else going on. The Black metal rasp is very well utilized and maintains a bit power while the deeper vocals are borderline whispered and sound pathetic. The bass doesn’t do much and is heard during the click click parts as it has all the low end. Were it not for the drums and some of the vocals this whole record sounds like a Paramore ripoff.

The Inquisition like arpeggios allow the band to stretch their songs to ridiculous lengths that they do not master. The album is far too long for the content being presented here. Clocking at just under an hour, the band are unable of entrancing the listener into a specific state of mind or forcing any kind of reaction at all. This is purely lifeless music that drones on endlessly. The repeated arpeggios sequences change after several minutes and are mainly there for the lead guitar to solo on top or for the vocals to do their usual clown shenanigans of shoving as many vocals styles into a phrase as possible. When the band isn’t playing through these Pop Rock progressions that they owe to Paramore, they devolve into mindless filtered Dissection worship. The worship is filtered as none of the Extreme metal influences remain in the compositions but the long harmonized Rock Star sections the plagued Jon Nodeveidt’s second album. Where Dissection would always combine these passages with well thought out Death and Black metal, here they combine with the bare-bones Mgla drone to invoke nothing but boredom. These melodies barely evolve and are played for far too many repetitions, forcing themselves into the listener’s mind but are forgotten as the band decide to finally jump on to the next random section of the song. Where Modern Metalcore bands seek to shock with contrasting ideas pushed against each other, Uada just juxtapose random ideas together as the band have no idea on how to introduce a new melody that moves the song forward.

Ultimately this is what this album resorts, lots of ideas just pushed together in nonsensical ways until they stick and form the droning style that for some reason they want to emulate. There are a few good ideas here and there but they are drowned out by the mediocrity of everything surrounding them and in arrangements that do not seek to put any real value on any of the individual melodies. Uada is a flavor of the month band and should be hopefully forgotten soon. The band would have more success in utilizing pop structures with an extended bridge for their harmonized section and solos and reducing the song length to under three minutes before throwing out any Metal in their music in order to make good simple Rock.

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13 thoughts on “Uada – Cult of A Dying Sun

  1. Oh says:

    It’s time for you guys to do Hiphop album reviews. Imagine how many records are there to cover! Get a new layout ‘n shit, and you might even actually get views. Peace fam.

    1. We actually get a good number of views. We are specialized in metal and other similar genres but eventually we might review a fw of the better hip hop classics

  2. Steve Turley says:

    Hello readers:

    I´m Professor Steve Turley and would like to share with you a video I made five months ago regarding to Metal music and Nationalism. Enjoy

    1. Tyrell Dahlstrom says:

      Hello Prof. Turley

      That video has actually been posted around here a few times in the past couple of months.

      Although I do understand the point being made in “sharing a common enemy of secular liberal modernity”, I would fully contest that Christianity (“Historical/Traditional” or otherwise) and Black Metal are ultimately NOT “on the same side”.

      Overall though, the video is a good take from an outsider perspective and I commend you for presenting a view of Metal to a general audience that comes closer to understanding the nature of it’s sonic current much better than the Nowadays self-appointed “experts”.

      1. Black metal and Christianity are on the same side in some ways, namely that both defend tradition.

        Black metal is different from Christianity in that its morality is realist, not individualist. It is about orders larger than the individual, where Christianity these days at least seems focused on egalitarianism.

        Black metal is inherently nationalist, Darwinism, and against diversity.

        1. Endlessly Crushing Sentiment says:

          Your so called tradition has been coopted by LARPtards and other attention whores thanks to the Fart-Right movement. Christianity is and always has been anti-Darwinistic in its essence (outside of a few exceptions) and so are humans, when they became self-domesticated.

          1. I disagree. Christianity supports hierarchy, nations, and punishment for the bad. It is widely misinterpreted because that is what the audience wants to hear, and few of them have read the Bible or could understand it anyway.

        2. AAAAARGH! Bloody 2-handed chainaxe blow says:

          “Black metal and Christianity are on the same side in some ways”

          So what? You can find common ground in most belief systems. This doesn’t make any point, but I think it does reveal that Brett Stevens is likely a closet Christian.

          1. Endlessly Crushing Sentiment says:

            Its a simple and ultimately pragmatic move really. The few traditional/conservative “whites” on the American continent are christtards and/or autistic LARPsters. The choice is quite obvious.

            1. Actually, it’s the usual big tent. The Right is a lot more diverse than the Left. Its philosophy is more complex as well. It does not fit into easy silos like the various degrees of Leftism (which are really the shipping order for exiling them to Venezuela).

  3. Thrash is better than Death says:

    Black Metal is corny.It’s like hating Star Wars, but loving Darth Vader.

  4. I fucked Professor Steve Turley

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