Benefit Show For the Family of Alfred Fuentes III: Wülfskol, Elder Gods, Saturnatas and Terrorem (June 3, 2016)


Texas is a huge place, which is why Texas metalheads spend most of our time driving between cities to attend shows far away. We drive the equivalent of several eastern states — Texans measure distance between cities in a unit called a Massachusetts because that dinky little state is a great yardstick — just to see some of the many great bands that Texas has produced.

It is for this reason that Alfred Fuentes III is known to most of us. A fixture at Houston, Austin and San Antonio shows for the last two decades, he always shows up early and supports the bands through intangible ways as well as tangible. He has known many of the Texas metal musicians for even longer. Unfortunately, he has run into health challenges and to counter this, Texas metalheads are throwing a benefit bash to help his family.

The family has set up a GoFundMe page on which they state:

Alfred Fuentes has had to have two major brain surgeries in the last month to help to remove staph infection which was spreading. He now is having to do rehab and therapy to get on his feet again. His wife Irene is trying to work to keep up with the bills and trying to be by his side as well. We are reaching out to all of our friends and family to see what we can help them with. Anything we collect will be really appreciated and going to a good cause to help Alfred and Irene get back on their feet.

Raising funds for this event, on June 3, 2016 the combined forces of Wülfskol, Elder Gods, Saturnatas, and Terrorem will wage aural warfare at The White Swan. This show will kick off with underground sounds from Saturnatas and Terrorem, followed by classic metal covers from the 70s and 80s from Elder Gods, and culminating in the hybrid of early Sodom and Misfits that is Wülfskol, a project of Imprecation, Bahimiron and Morbus 666 composer and frontman David Herrera. The team at Adversary Productions is putting on this show which means it will be well-organized and on time, so it should be a heck of an evening.

Wülfskol — 11:30 pm
Elder Gods — 10:30 pm
Saturnatas — 9:30 pm
Terrorem — 8:30 pm

The White Swan
4419 Navigation Blvd
Houston, TX 77011

Doors: 8 PM

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5 thoughts on “Benefit Show For the Family of Alfred Fuentes III: Wülfskol, Elder Gods, Saturnatas and Terrorem (June 3, 2016)”

  1. Count Ringworm says:

    aaaaaand if he lived in your yardstick Massachusetts he wouldn’t need a benefit concert to pay hospital bills. But hey by all means get drunk and have fun everyone :)

  2. matters says:

    I’d go if I didn’t live 7 Massachusetts away.

  3. Hyperborean with a 500 IQ says:

    What happened to the Brett that wanted to put a hollow point in the head of everyone with an IQ below 120? Softie.

    1. Closer to death says:

      Getting old and senile. That, or mindcontrol parasites in his brain.

  4. shawn wright says:

    i’m going to host a ”who can cause me to get my stomach pumped” at the sidebar Glory hole of non denominational tolerance..i’m gonna be charging 50 a pop (pun intended) and sending all the funds to my homies in Texas..i don’t care how many dicks it takes,i’m gonna show America the communal giving spirit Baltimore is all about

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