Gorguts – Considered Dead Turns Twenty-five

Gorgut‘s debut Considered Dead turned twenty five this year. Gorguts shockingly were once an excellent death metal band. Considered Dead combined a rhythm riffing style reminiscent of Death but arranged those riffs into almost neoclassical compositions which unfolded over the course of each track, surprising with sudden shifts of utmost aggression into cathartic sonic violence.

Luc Lemay now seems to be ashamed of his past Morrisound Studios work but Considered Dead remains one of the peaks of his career. Perhaps he should start playing more material from it live other than the occasional begrudged rendition of “Stiff and Cold”.  Maybe then contemporary Gorguts sets would be attended by people other than headbangers only there for the headliner,  jazz school graduates, bored hipsters bitching to each other about how outraged they are about some triviality, and intoxicated bar patrons who wandered in off the street.

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7 thoughts on “Gorguts – Considered Dead Turns Twenty-five”

  1. dick tip torn due to crusted semen says:

    One of the best death metal cover arts of all time

    too bad about that flat morrisound production job

    1. OliveFox says:

      Maybe, but what is with the Dick Tracy hat on that monster fellow?

  2. Cauterize says:

    The production is quite irritating and a little off-putting only because its almost completely flat and lifeless.
    This music may seem generic on the first two or three listens but it becomes clear that the structuring is where the innovation is, not the riffs. It was a landmark at the time for its expansive and truly progressive compositions. On Erosion Of Sanity they simplified the structures, played more technical riffs and focused on potentially more effective and ‘brutal’ songwriting, not unlike Suffocation.

    1. The cymbals fade in and out unless your setup is bright as hell like Beyerdynamic headphones. Thank you Scott Burns.

    2. dick tip torn due to crusted semen says:

      Good analysis. I could always tell these songs were pretty advanced yet none of those percussive jigga jigga jooga ever really stuck with me in any way outside the context of the whole songs.

  3. Glibc says:

    This, alongwith Therion’s Beyond Sanctorum and Suffocation’s Pierced from Within, are enough to waste a few weeks to, and that’s time well spent.

  4. thomasw_ says:

    Killer album — thanks for bringing it back to mind

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