Blaspherian/Imprecation split 7″ art revealed


Dark Descent records unleashed the cover art for the upcoming Blaspherian/Imprecation split 7″ recording. This will combine the power of the two bands, including Blaspherian vocalist Daniel Shaw who drew the intricate and necrotic cover.

Expect copious apostate blasphemy as both of these bands, coming from the religious yet contrarian abyss of Texas, Houston, have nursed an inculcated dislike of all things holy since an early age. Both bands have a root in the original incarnation of Imprecation who released a Morbid Angel/Revenant-ish compilation of demos in 1995.

Since that time, Blaspherian has emerged as the vehicle of songwriter Wes Weaver to express cavernous thunder of old school death metal austere rage and epic historical-mythological minimization of humanity and emotion, while Imprecation has merged melodic doom metal with old school death metal to create a new form of unholy ritual metal.

As these two new legends prepare to holocaust humanity with their acerbic ire and irreverent heresy, the underground awaits with growing anticipation. The underground death metal revival that began in 2009 with Beherit Engram gains momentum as it overcomes inertial barriers and defines this ancient style for a new age.

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3 thoughts on “Blaspherian/Imprecation split 7″ art revealed”

  1. veien says:

    If cover art is anything to go by this is gonna be fuckin sweet!

  2. Richard Head says:

    Didn’t Wes used to do guitars in Imprecation? Anyway, these are two bands who put out top-tier albums in the last couple of years, so this album will undoubtedly lay the musical landscape to waste.

  3. Orogenesis says:

    So I read this post and decided to check out Imprecation just a while ago and all I was thinking was “no fucking way” the entire time!

    VERY VERY much looking forward to this! Also I would pay good money to wear that cover on a shirt.

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