Ceremonium T-Shirts

Underrated underground New York doom metal band Ceremonium have made some t-shirts celebrating “Incarnated Entity” track off of their 1995 debut album, Into the Autumn Shade.

The T-shirts are available from the band through Facebook. Please message them over social media.

“Incarnated Entity” Tshirt. Evil Priest artwork-Available for sale now. Sizes S-XXXL. $12+shipping.

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6 thoughts on “Ceremonium T-Shirts”

  1. death, doom, thrash, dinner says:

    That t-shirt says incarnated fruity.

  2. death, doom, thrash, dinner says:

    yes, only shop through facebook, that is the best idea since…never.

  3. Robert says:

    Legendary band, shitty t-shirt.

  4. neutronhammer says:

    Too bad about the shirt design, it’s awful to be honest. In to Autumn Shade however is one of my five favourite Death- Doom records, flawless.

  5. I Sacrificed My ANUS To Brett Stevens says:

    Zis vegitz play zat gey emu kvap. Avod liek zee vlage!

  6. kek says:

    > XXXL

    lol American metal

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