5 thoughts on “Deceased –Fearless Undead Machines Reissue”

  1. vigilance says:

    I’ve given this band far more fair chances than it has deserved. The songs well overstay their welcome. It isnt even that they lack focus but simply take what would otherwise have been 3 minute heavy metal masterpieces and stretch them out to obscene lengths to fill an album with less actual songs.

    1. Morbideathscream says:

      Their first album, Luck of the Corpse, doesn’t suffer from that problem.

  2. Can you survive the blitzkrieg says:

    I’ve always thought they sounded like a Go Kart Records technical pop punk band amped up fed through speed metal. I have four albums by Deceased and rarely listen to them. One review hilariously pointed out every other line in their songs starts with “as the”

  3. Dave the Faggot Grohl says:

    Always enjoyed this album since I peered into the ANUS so many years ago…

  4. Morbideathscream says:

    I like Luck of the Corpse and Birth by radiation demo. Couldn’t get into their later albums. Fearless undead machines couldn’t do it for me neither.

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