Desecresy – The Mortal Horizon Out Now

Desecresy’s The Mortal Horizon, the best record released so far this year, is now available for sale courtesy of Spanish label Xtreem Music.

The Mortal Horizon is available here in Xtreem Music’s webshop. The album is also available for digital download in losslessly compressed FLAC format on Bandcamp below. Hipsters who demand vinyl can fuck off and die.

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2 thoughts on “Desecresy – The Mortal Horizon Out Now”

  1. Imposition says:

    (((best record released so far this year)))

    1. Imposition? More like Incontinence says:

      (((D E S E C R E S Y . I S . B E T T E R . T H A N . Y O U R . S H I T T Y . M U Z A K)))

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