7 thoughts on “Interview with October Tide”

  1. fallot says:

    “Even if you are surrounded by a beautiful atmosphere in a beautiful landscape you could still be very frustrated. I think that might be more usual in our society to day and that is nothing to be ashamed of. Just walk down the street and take a look at the people that you see. I do like the mix of beautiful and frustration.”

    Well answered.

  2. Stratovarius says:

    I remember a negative Prozak comment on Metal Hall about Electric Wizard. How is Earthen Grave better? I remember Prozak discarding Katatonia as irrelevant rock music, I wanna ask, how is October Tide better?? Is there really such a superior craft of Earthen Grave and October Tide compared to the above mentioned bands and if affirmative, does that makes any of the above mentioned bands, worth listening to? Or should we just stick to Disembowelment and Skepticism and run for the hills??? Just a question, what do you guys think????

    1. Prozak is a three-headed beast from the fiery, bowels of hell. How do you really expect to get a consistent opinion from that thing?

    2. Run for the hills. Between those inconsistencies, their apologist stance on the last Amebix album, and the overblown praise they give Averse Sefira (and Birth A.D., Morgengrau, anyone from Texas), it’s pretty obvious the site is in a state of decay. No one should be surprised if there’s an article on Slowdive in the near future at this point but, considering crap like Troll, Absurd, Gutted, and Watain made it into the review archive, maybe this was a long time coming.

  3. Stratovarius says:

    “Katatonia —
    Some people believe this band has some answers. I think it’s predictable rock and roll dressed up like tripped out, keyboard enhanced black metal.”

    – quote: Prozak – http://www.anus.com/metal/katatonia/

    Back in the days when Brett was a happy botanist his judgment seemed clearer and stronger. Please rid us from the October Tide’s, Katatonias and Opeths of the world. I don’t want to criticize without offering a better alternative: 1993 Italian Doom Metal band that is a cross between early Paradise Lost death metal with the melodic emotionality of early

    Sacramentum. “Catacomb – The Return of the Ark” EP 1993. YouTube vids: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqH-W91cJos , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAzgc0o2vwI .

    1. Hi there — the reviews (/band) section is still that way. Here in the news section, we’re trying to be good citizens and cover what people are doing in the underground today. The reason for this is that preaching to the past only attracts people who already know about the past, where this way, we’re helping current fans discover music that is new to them. You might get better mileage by working with us.

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