Kever November 9th Tel Aviv Show

Kever are playing a show November 9th in Tel Aviv, Israel with Spectral Voice and Blood Incantation.

Eon of Cycling Death was one of the best recent death metal releases so Kever should be worth checking out for Israeli Hessians. Blood Incantation are a wanky and boring tech deaf band while Spectral Voice are just mediocre and boring so if Kever go on first, attendees should be able to hit the sack early.

Kever have been giving away Eon of Cycling Death for free on their Bandcamp page for years. Go listen to it:

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One thought on “Kever November 9th Tel Aviv Show”

  1. GGALLIN1776 says:

    Kever looks like it secretly says koon. ALERT THE CLAW!

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