Mainstream Media Silent as Antifascist Terrorists Attack UC Berkeley

The mainstream media has been relatively silent after antifascist and communist terrorists attacked the campus of the University of California’s flagship Berkeley campus. Masked antifascist scumbags shattered windows and firebombed the student union building to prevent conservative commentator Milo Yiannopoulos from giving a sold out talk at the supposed bastion of tolerance and liberalism. UC Berkeley of course canceled the talk, depriving fifteen hundred paying ticket holders out to dry.

The antifascist, communists, and their allies in the Marxist-controlled mainstream media and academia will stop at nothing to suppress anyone who fails to adhere to the leftist social narrative of identity politics, liberation political theologies, and mediocrity for all. They will do everything in their power to shoot, suppress, torture, and murder in the name of their red bibles and utopian delusions. The fulfillment of their will is guillotines and gulags.

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10 thoughts on “Mainstream Media Silent as Antifascist Terrorists Attack UC Berkeley”

  1. Erik the Red says:

    “Whose campus?”

    “OUR campus!”

  2. Kvädare says:

    It would have been fun to be there

  3. Matt Risnes says:

    I’ve seen less reporting on the 6 people killed at a Quebec mosque by a Trump enthusiast than I have on this.

    1. thewaters says:

      That’s because the media has not figured out how they can play the “He was a white supremacist” angle on a guy who liked the Israeli Defense force. There has been plenty of coverage of the mosque shooter, notwithstanding.

  4. Moribund says:

    The gay Jew is being attacked as Hitler incarnate, and the violent effort to silence him brought so much attention that his book is #1 on Amazon and his livestreams (that usually revolved around the meager hundreds) now attract hundreds of thousands.

    This is truly amazing.

  5. Slit the throats of the war pigs says:

    The peaceful protesters that were the majority there were rightly exercising their freedom of expression and assembly, the black blocs (that recently got a promotional article in the NY Times, no less) are a mixture of people who think they are left-wing while having a fascist mentality (to think you are fighting capitalism by smashing glass like this you must have completely written off the masses as a revolutionary force), and undercover police agents wanting to create a pretext for a crackdown.

  6. Hallucinator says:

    Living memes, that’s what these leftists are!

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