Oakland Police Ally with Antifa Terrorists to Stop Marduk Show

The Oakland Police Department allied with antifascist and communist terrorists to get the Oakland Metro Operahouse to cancel Marduk‘s booked show with Incantation there today on February 18th according to a post on the venue’s Facebook page. Antifascists and communists had previously vowed to attack Marduk’s planned gigs in Oakland and Austin.

In the last week we have read interview after interview with Marduk spanning over the last 20 years and found no statements indicating the band are white supremacists, nationalists, or anti-immigrant. That being said, we don’t want to subject our security staff, venue staff or the public to violence. Our staff is almost exclusively POC and/or LBGTQ and they have all expressed the desire to work, but as we are getting threats, we just can’t risk it. So, in the interest of safety, and because the Oakland Police Department would have insisted anyway, we have canceled the Marduk performance on Feb 18.

The Oakland Police Department has decided in the interest of public safety that the Marduk show on Saturday, February 18 at the Oakland Metro Operahouse be cancelled. Refunds at point of purchase. We apologize for the inconvenience.

According to the comments section, the Oakland Police Department told the venue that they “would not give the venue a permit to let the band play.” even if the Oakland Metro Operahouse tried to go through with the show. Apparently the Oakland Police Department are okay with allowing continuous violent protests against police from groups like Black Lives Matter but refuse to allow a caveman, beercore “black metal” band to play in the city due to their use of World War II imagery.

Are Slayer and Manowar banned from Oakland now even though Manowar wear fur underwear and Slayer sport Raiders jerseys? Will Iron Maiden be banned from Oakland for “imperialist propaganda” contrary to the Bolshevik creed? Will Sodom be banned for making chemically burning Vietnamese peasants into oh so moshable speed metal on Agent Orange?

Angela Dancev, the same communist terrorist responsible for threatening Deathfest to get Disma kicked off the bill, was responsible for this incident. Why hasn’t she been arrested for threatening acts of terrorism against two music venues and actually firebombing UC Berkeley? If Muslims had made these same threats instead of leftists, the FBI and Homeland Security Department would have thrown them in a hole in the ground. Here’s Dancev’s LinkedIn page where apparently she is indoctrinating Bay Area youth into leftism using the public school systems.

Leftists like Dancev do not wish for freedom of speech, freedom of association, and freedom of the press. They want every single person and publication to chant the praises of comrades Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao or face gulags and guillotines. They wish to purge every aspect of occidental civilization they find objectionable, the same as Islamic fundamentalists. They will not stop until the killing fields are filled with the skulls of freethinkers.

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37 thoughts on “Oakland Police Ally with Antifa Terrorists to Stop Marduk Show”

  1. GGALLIN1776 says:

    I don’t believe in hitting women, good thing Angela isn’t a woman. But since all the sjw faggots want “equality” ,maybe we should beat the shit out of them regardless. I mean if they want something to cry about, a broken jaw or shattered orbital will do the trick.

    And fuck you OPD, you aren’t cops, you’re commie terrorist enablers. You should all be in prison.

    1. Morbideathscream says:

      Yeah fuck the Oakland police department, they’re giving these antifa fags power. Now if Nazi skins threatened a leftist punk show OPD would have a different attitude towards the situation. Bitches like Angela need to die, they are parasites.

      1. Sordid Meth Dream says:

        “Now if Nazi skins threatened a leftist punk show OPD would have a different attitude towards the situation.”

        True… but under what pretense would Nazi skins threaten (i.e. protest) a leftist punk show?

        Nevertheless, this is fucked. I’m strong anti-Nazism, but I’m not into this mob-rule shit, where things are cancelled because the cops are too scared to deal with it. If anything, the cops should stand solid, and the cave-in should come from the venue who fears damaging their own reputation.

        1. canadaspaceman says:

          I think all of this might be outcome of the skinhead/white power movement becoming lenient.
          Across Canada. the USA, a very long time ago, skins used to go to all of the punk / hc /metal gigs to get drunk and fuck shit up. They got bored of that I guess or got smartened up by elders in the movement.
          If the skins had always kept pressure on leftists/communism/anarchists, probably then today’s metal shows would not have these problems.
          It always surprised the heck put of me when I was a long haired teen and skinheads had my back when I knew next to nothing about them except they were scary.

          1. canadaspaceman says:

            typos, ugh

          2. GGALLIN1776 says:

            Yea back when i had a shaved head/white laces in my boots/genuine 1939 iron cross as a necklace, i really didn’t have to do anything to scare people aside from walk into a room haha. The long hair/beard/thors hammer is less intimidating, but i still punch commies for fun.

            Back around ’00 these three thick rimmed glasses faggots started coming to the hanover house death metal/hardcore shows & would sit on the edge of the pit to punch/kick whomever came close to them. There was stupid short blond bitch with a dyke haircut & she had two plaid fags with her. One time i went flying across the pit to intentionally send her into the wall as she was the main culprit, she starts screaming & crying, i’m smiling. Of course the two fags with her did nothing but they continued hitting people. Eventually someone from one of the bands cold cocked the bitch then went after the guys. They never came back.

            Another incident around that time one of those cunts snuck a steel bar that was about a foot long into the venue(toads place, i think it was a skinless show) & hit me in the head with it. I’m pretty dazed at the moment & security isn’t doing anything. My friend who got pretty pissed at that beat the bitch to the ground & was pummeling her. Security finally gets involved & attacks my friend. Her husband comes over & attacks security….they tried kicking US out over that, not the pipe dildo cunt.

            Back then the whiney “eracism” shitbags were in the weak minority, now they’re all over the place & morphed into antifa. Time to start smashing again.

            1. #blessed are the Sick says:

              Cool story, bro!

  2. euronymousdeservedtodie says:

    Even the “protectors of the constitution” clearly stopped giving a shit about free speech. If things continue like this these antifa faggots will only get bolder.

  3. Rainer Weikusat says:

    There are groups who want you to believe this. This rests very thinly on the fact that Marduk is thematically focussed on presenting a dark, heroic fantasy picture of “the Germans in world-war II”. I skimmed through all of the ‘Frontschwein’ lyrics and there’s nothing “Nazi” in there. The track which comes closet to this would be ‘The Blond Beast’, obviously about Reinhard Heydrich’s (SD) activities in so-called ‘protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia’. Lyric example:

    Blackest shadow full of death
    The Blond beast comes marching in
    Sender of fear and abhorrence rise
    Through clouds of ash and decay
    Black birds of carrion follow
    He comes to fill the graveyards up
    Setting sails towards your last mask
    Through bleeding wounds yet to come

    This is not exactly “high-class poetry” but nevertheless an accurate description about the not so well hidden evil in the nature of man and what’s going to happen when this beast is ever unchained, all so-called civilized culture notwithstanding,

    The gentle touch of violin strings
    The crows of death and ashes sing
    … the Blond beast

    Why precisely does the so-called antifa object to Nazi mass murderers being referred to as man-shaped beasts?

    1. Billy Foss says:

      “Why precisely does the so-called antifa object to Nazi mass murderers being referred to as man-shaped beasts?”

      Because critical thinking skills are painfully absent from their knee-jerk modus operandi.

      1. Rainer Weikusat says:

        This is now something people will put down as deformation professionelle or »autism« but I nevertheless consider it important:

        There’s a logic error in here. These lyrics are supposed to demonstrate the “hidden, political leanings”[1][2] of the band, however, they only demonstrate this if they’re interpreted contrary to the meaning which would suggest itself (“He comes to fill the graveyards up” would usually be considered a condemnation or a ‘horror movie scare effect’, not a glorification) and based on the assumption that what is supposed to be demonstrated is actually true. That’s a fallacy called »petitio principii« (or »begging the question«).

        [1] Considering that Marduk are from Norway, these “political leanings”, whatever they might be, don’t matter
        the least in the USA. There, they’re just foreigners with a time-limited work visum.

        [2] No “hidden subliminal messages” this time? How boring! But at least the SPLC claims Varg Vikernes
        would advocate “ritualistic satantic child sacrifices” (in the “Black Metal Spreads Neo-Nazi Hate
        Message” text). That’s a start.

  4. Dusty says:

    Angela Dancev. Thanks. I now know against whom I must rage.

  5. Necronomeconomist says:

    This quote from the venue is heartening; they’re trying to do business, and seem to be maintaining a rational mentality. Their whole staff is minorities, man! >>>

    “we have read interview after interview with Marduk spanning over the last 20 years and found no statements indicating the band are white supremacists, nationalists, or anti-immigrant. That being said, we don’t want to subject our security staff, venue staff or the public to violence. Our staff is almost exclusively POC and/or LBGTQ and they have all expressed the desire to work, but as we are getting threats, we just can’t risk it.”

    1. Jacob says:

      Metro staff have always been down to earth people and in the past have done their damndest to keep shows going even when disaster strikes. They own several venues throughout Oakland and there have been several ovcassions where one of their venues was compromised in some fashion where they moved the show almost instantly to one of the other locals to ensure the show went on regardless. I’d cite the Rotting Christ, Belphegor, Averse Sefira gig a number of years ago when the old Metro location had a water main burst so they moved the show to a place called Sweets Ballroom that they normally reserve for raves and club BS. The staff that normally work there were a bit surprised since metal crowds aren’t what they normally deal with but were genuinely respectful and accomodating. Metro owners and staff are cool people and should be supported without question.

      1. Syphilis says:

        Are they metro-sexuals too?

    2. Rainer Weikusat says:

      The idea that people feel ‘voluntarily’ compelled to making public declarations of their political un-taintedness just to be allowed to do their jobs/ run their businesses without immediate danger of violent attacks by gangs of students is completely rotten.

  6. Exfoliation says:

    I still notice this never happens anywhere in the south, midwest or even north eastern states. Every stoner trend faggot from the rest if the country flees to the west coast to be coddled by commie weed friendly states and are soon morphed into something far worse beyond hipster (the larval stage for commie tool).

    Fight fire with fire, but again you will never see these cowards leave their designated play areas, and fuck California anyways.

  7. CuntPraise says:

    Here is to hoping that cunt Angela Dancev gets her trust fund ripped from her cunt and learns to keep her mouth shut. Get raped and get out of metal you cunt.

    1. NoMoreAntifa says:

      Spread her name around.

  8. StopBeingDumb says:

    All of these bullshit comments don’t do anyone any favours. They’re too far one way, you’re too far another.

    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

      There are different people with different opinions on a variety of issues here. Eg, some support Wladimir Putin’s east German friends on their conquest to “make Germany clean again” (and stop harrassing the poor Russians just because they aptly work on recovering their former sphere of influence), others don’t, be it only for entirely personal reasons (such as +10 years of unpleasant encounters with the German police based on ‘non-conforming’ haircuts and other terrible crimes like that).

      1. Misanthrope says:


        1. Rainer Weikusat says:

          Here’s something to ponder on:

          If you conform because you’re afraid of being singled-out, then, you’re weak.

          If you “accept defeat” after a setback, then, you’re weak.

          If you’re afraid of speaking out because people will come down on you for talking despite they do nothing else night and day, then, you’re weak.

          If you can’t resist the urge to lick the boots of worldly powerful, then, you’re weak.

          If anger controls you, then, you’re weak.

          If future scares your and you need a saviour, then, you’re weak.

          If your so-called culture can only survive in a zoo, then, you’re weak.

          If you shoot your own foot as soon your mind become penis-shaped, then, you’re forename probably starts with M.

          But you’re not much different from other men.

          1. Rainer Weikusat says:

            “Give credit where credit’s due”: This “Rumtata”-ending was shamelessly stolen from a poem someone left anonymously in the Monk’s Retreat which (AFAIR) went: Roses are red/ Violets are glorious/ Don’t sneak up/ On Oscar Pistorious.

          2. Misanthrope says:

            That was a totally inane list, even a cursory glance through it is an utter waste of time. It read like Morgan Freeman getting simultaneously whipped and sodomized by a white plantation owner back in the early 19th century. Even proletariat wet dreams of international communism subjugating the world mass under totalitarian industrial oppression sounds more coherent than that pansy, puerile list. That list is not even worth pondering over after cumming over interracial gangbang porn, no matter how fleeting that pondering may be.

  9. Slit the throats of the war pigs says:

    Or maybe (you know !) the police was trying to do it’s business professionally and, as they note, they just would have needed a bit more time to ensure proper security. Why do you jump to conspiracy theories like that ?

    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

      Whenever you do something, you’re responsible for the consequences, even unintended ones. The Oakland police ought to be capable of dealing with spontaneous street riots and certainly with street riots announced on the internet a few days in advance. Someone there decided “not worth it, let’s kill the concert instead”. That’s exactly what the people making the noises on the internet wanted, hence, the policy has acted as their de facto ally, no matter what motivated them to do so.

  10. Mckeneth says:

    What does Antifa stand for? Is it Anti-Fascism? Thats not why they chose that word to describe themselves. Antifa is cleverly chosen to sound like another word adopted by UC Berkeley as their cause for the last 20 years. can you guess what it is? …. Intifada. As in the First and the Second intifada. The mass scale uprising of Palestenian attacks on Israel in 1990 and 2000s that ended any possibily of any peace in the middle east and cost thousands of Israelis and Palestenians their lives. Sounds like a conspiracy theory? Then Why did UC Berkeley have a class course on “Destroying Israel”? Why were people waving ISIS flags on their campus? Why do they have a PLO (organization). Why are Jewish students being attacked on their campus and at their rallies? Why are they claiming to fight Anti-Semitism? Have you seen a single jewish Antifa member? Antifa is not only “anti-Nazi” but they are also fiercely anti-Semitic. How can one group be against both the oppressors and their victims? They are hiding behind the masked cause of anti-fascism in order to conduct terrorist activity and need to be on the radar as a terrorist organization

    1. Slit the throats of the war pigs says:

      Antifas are full of undercover anti-riot police agents causing most of the mayhem to create pretext for crackdowns.

      Most local police like in this case is just slow fat guys with not too much political involvement however.

  11. Misanthrope says:

    Well “Hessians”! Looks like Marduk just got sodomized by Oakland Antifa! In the eternal battle to sodomize the weak, it appears that Antifa has come out on top, while Marduk and their fans are at the bottom.

    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

      In the »eternal battle« of people trying force their entirely pointless lifestyle choices onto others, whoever manages (by whatever trickery) to enlist ‘the state’ always wins the current round automatically. That’s why people who know their arguments to be weak and who are too weak to openly force them onto other people nevertheless always take this route. Hence “anti-fa” vs “Oakland small business” 1:0 courtesy of OPD.

      1. Misanthrope says:

        To-mah-to, to-may-to.

  12. Rainer Weikusat says:

    Even proletariat wet dreams of international communism subjugating the world mass under totalitarian industrial oppression sounds more coherent


  13. fuck_norgay says:

    And what these nekro goat-sodomizing satanic terrorist warlord role players hailing from the hipster country of swedenstan did to stop this?

    Stupid faggots in leather pants!

    One could think that they would go all the way to act according to their roleplay character and smash their skulls, but no. That’s to much to ask from scandinavian hipsters pretending to be evil for the sake of being rebellious against their hipster peers

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