Nocturnus launches kickstarter to fund album re-issue

by Brett Stevens
May 5, 2013 –

nocturnus-thresholdsClassic Florida progressive death metal band Nocturnus, famous for spidery riffs interlaced with outer space keyboards, dominated the metal world’s appetite for bizarre and uncompromising music back in the 1990s, but their music is now out of print.

Their label, Earache Records, wants to re-issue the Nocturnus classic Thresholds, but there’s a catch: the fans have to pay for it in advance. Unlike the usual underground pre-orders, where individual fans order the album and when there’s enough cash the label takes it to print, Earache is using a Kickstarter page to launch the funding request.

If demand is met, Thresholds will be pressed on 100 clear, 200 green, 300 purple and 400 black LPs with the recording taken from the original DAT master. For more information, visit the Nocturnus Thresholds re-issue Kickstarter page.

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  • fallot

    Kickstarter is a woebegotten cancer on the face of the internet. It is usually used by people with internet armies to gain risk free financing for ludicrous dream ventures. This ties in to the modern preoccupation with media and the desire people have for the narrative of societal victim succeeding against all odds versus an oppressive society. Finally, a Kickstarter I can actually support. Not my favourite album, but this is a venture I can get behind.

  • bitterman

    Considering Bolt Thrower no longer receive royalties on Realm of Chaos (licensing issues on reissue), an album which Earache gave the FDRA treatment and sold out of (except for the black option), it’s safe to say Earache has enough money to reissue this album on CD as well without taking a hit.

    1. Unconcerned Citizen

      Eh – Earache doesn’t want to invest much into Nocturnus. It’s quite obvious.

      “Let’s have enough pre-sales to finance it before we do it!” – No safety net is even needed. They would make a profit off of it, kickstarter project or not. They’re idiots.

      It appears that they’ve still got their heads up their butts.

        1. Brett Stevens Post author

          “This is what the music industry does to death metal.”

          The avenging seraph of Jeff Hanneman descends on them, blackwinged and full of vengeance…

            1. Unconcerned Citizen

              I wonder if Ara swapped their name to ‘Callboy Cowboys’ if they’d get the fanbase that they want to invoke?

              1. Brett Stevens Post author

                This music is disco.

                They took the trends of the 1980s — punk, rap, rock, techno — and put them in a disco song format.

                Minor key enough to be wistful, making you feel guilty about your life passing in oblivion, with a totally empty message


                And enough distractions. When the dude started “rapping” at the end, in both death-voice and autotuned mincing, I realized the music industry has come full circle.

                It’s the vapidity of early 1950s rock, and the same song structures, as adapted through disco and encrusted in everything that has succeeded since then.

                The ultimate polyglot pop. Except now it’s not polyglot. It’s just a grey ooze of suitable techniques mated to positive vapidity and sex.

                1. Aleister Crowley (The Bisexual Sadist)

                  Allen West (Obituary) got arrested for running a meth lab. The As I Lay Dying vocalist got arrested for paying an undercover cop posing as a hitman to kill his wife. Earache records went from releasing Altars of Madness to signing Eskimo Callboy. Jeff Hanneman’s death is only the beginning.

              2. Brett Stevens Post author

                Dunno, but I can see why they were adamant about not being from the same genre as Eskimo Callboy. (What is an Eskimo Call– no, no, no actually I’d rather not know.)

  • Parasite

    Fuck you Earache, you cheap cunts press the vinyl on your own dime. I love this album but I hate that earache owns it.