Oscar Clorio Earthquake Fundraiser

The Mexico City home of Oscar Clorio, the drummer of death metal legends Cenotaph, was devastated by the earthquake that occurred in central Mexico on September 19th.

Fortunately Oscar and his wife were unharmed in the earthquake but the damage was so severe and catastrophic that Oscar lost much of his personal possessions and his home is slated for demolition.

Chaos Records and Ablaze Productions are arranging a fundraiser for Oscar through Generosity.com. Each label donated numerous metal CDs, LPs, and digital FLAC downloads from Bandcamp to be given out to donators in fundraiser including some decent recent Mexican death metal works such as QuestionDoomed Passages and RemainsEvoking Darkness. Cenotaph’s classic works, The Gloomy Reflections of Our Hidden Sorrows and Riding Our Black Oceans are of course available too in from Chaos Records. If Hessians were thinking of picking up any of these records, now is a good time to do so.

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5 thoughts on “Oscar Clorio Earthquake Fundraiser”

  1. Speedy Gonzalez says:

    dear customers,
    your mail order may be slightly delayed.

    1. jc says:

      Not so Speedy Gonzalez

  2. Nuclear Whore says:

    *thumbs up*


  3. Frederick Dinkledick says:

    Picked up the Riding Our Black Oceans CD, hopefully with our help he can stay in Mexico and not have to hop the border to restart his life in our great White nation.

    1. Procrastinator says:


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