Ripper Planning Euro Trip

Two of the best and only worthy modern speed metal bands are embarking upon a European tour together this fall. Ripper and Entrench, who made our lists of The Best Underground Metal of 2014 and 2016, are planning a European tour and need to get some gigs to knock headbangers on theirĀ backs. From Ripper’s Funbook page:

RIPPER announces first European Tour together with Swedish Thrashers of ENTRENCH!

Interested promoters please get in touch with Roadmaster Booking.

Available dates between September 15 and 30.
Booking via [email protected]

Promoters and venue owners should email Ripper’s booking agent as Ripper kick ass and will tear new holes just like Romanian guys with mustaches and stakes named Vlad did to the Turks. Here’s Experiment of Existence:

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6 thoughts on “Ripper Planning Euro Trip”

  1. Bullet-Tooth Tony From Snatch says:

    You lucky bastards!

  2. HH says:

    I liked this album better when Sepultura released it 30 years ago

    1. bleeeeeccchhhh says:

      It’s like Massacra covering Sepultura in Atheist’s old jam space.

      And it’s still a million times better than most of the shit that’s come out in the last decade.

    2. Rainer Weikusat says:

      I didn’t particularly like Sepultura when it was everybody’s “hot new band from Brazil” about 30 years ago. I had liked this here back then, though. I still sort-of like it: It’s more music and less ‘taff guy’ posing. But nowadays, it’s too happy for me.

      Nevertheless, can someone book these guys for a London gig despite it’s a ‘European’ tour?

  3. Cornrose says:

    Hurry… Be clever

  4. Exfoliation says:

    It’s rather flat and lifeless sounding, Europeans should be careful as it is common place for young brothers to brutally beat and rape each other in bed as a dominance game on who gets to eat the next day in South America. There might be misunderstandings that lead to empty bellies and fussy performances, the part with the ass rape will go unnoticed and even expected though euro men have smaller dick.sizes that may anger those with a more ravenous cock appetite

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