Linie Aquavit

Hailing from Norway, Linie Aquavit is a 41.5 % vol. aquavit distilled from grain and potatoes and flavored with a secret recipe of herbs, which possibly includes caraway, dill, anise, fennel and coriander. It owes its name on crossing the equator line (Linie) twice in order to mature.



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Accidental Suicide – Deceased

Accidental Suicide hail from Wisconsin and were formed at the end of the eighties and managed to release one full length in ’92 at a time where Death metal, despite its explosion still remained an underground genre as the band were quickly forgotten before finding a cult following and releasing a compilation in 2017. Accidental Suicide play a Death/Doom style that is firmly entrenched in many schools of Death metal and have managed to produce a minor gem that deserves an occasional spot on any Hessian’s playlist.



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Brief Analysis: Lincoln Beers

Here are some beers on which I have stumbled upon during my journeys. Beers were considered a barbaric beverage by the people of Roman antiquity due to them being made by the Teutonic people. They still carry this aura of manliness with them, regardless if brewers flirt with the avant-garde in order to create a blue-ocean strategy for hipster consumers. The themes of war are also quite prevalent and stimulate the imagination! Thus, our site believes that beers also serve as a great parable for metal music. On this review we will feature two bitter ales from the once Roman city of Lindum, now called Lincoln.



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Bizarre Curiosities: Reverend Godless – Fresh Hell

The European metal scene has been infected for well over a decade by various Rock and Melodeath bands calling themselves Folk metal due to their use of traditional folk instruments playing typical drinking melodies while the guitars are either aimlessly chugging or playing Slaughter of the Soul string skipped melodies. These bands have pushed themselves away from metal and entertain people who enjoy the notion of metal and don’t care for the actual genre. Enter Reverend Godless a band who have taken the reverse approach. They take folk music and lightly apply some Rock and Metal notions to create their music.



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DMU Song Contest #3: The King of the Serfs Edition: Final Holocaust

The battle of the serfs has come to an end and only six competitors remain with only one to remain standing at the top. For the first time in DMU history, the senior writing has combined forces to decide which one of these candidates should be crowned the king of the serfs. For the winner to be chosen this time, he must face the scrutiny of not one but three judges and the song with the best aggregate score shall win the the battle of the sefs.The grand prize of the competition shall be a standalone review for the winners (if their future/past or present work has merit, else we shall simply spare them from our Sadistic Metal Reviews – for now!).

Let the final battle commence!



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Old Man’s Child – Born of the Flickering

Infamous for their eventual descent into the depths of the maligned Symphonic Black metal movement, Old Man’s Child like fellow latecomers Dimmu Borgir once produced respectful records that while ultimately derivative of the greater works of the genre and inherently flawed, were still worthy listens. On their first record, Old Man’s Child create Black metal influenced by Bathory, Emperor and Judas Priest by utilizing Black metal techniques to expand on previous Heavy metal ideas. While this does not stand with the classics of the genre in any shape of form, this album combines great riff craftsmanship with sub-par contextualization in the scope of each composition.



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SMR – Dispelling the Magic of the Pretenders

O Mars! God of War! Infernal battles and bestial devastation have ensued on this week’s Sadistik Metal Reviews! Unholy wars between the true and the pretenders, the golden race and the plastic one. Which shall prevail?



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DMU Song Contest #3: King of the Serfs Edition Part 3

(Join Ionnas as he dives into the final heap of contestants hoping to prove their worth, will there be any talent left or will he be forced to scrape the bottom of the barrel for any redeeming qualities. Either way every band here will have to face the harsh truths of reality.)

May the best survive!



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DMU Song Contest #3: King of the Serfs Edition Part 2

By the Hammer of the Gods, the time has come to round up those contestants who dared to volunteer themselves as subjects to the perennially stern yet perspicacious judgement of the DMU Lords! Let us see who shall emerge from this round victorious, rising unchained while their compatriots be left to live among the ruins!

With all that said, let the judgement commence!


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DMU Song Contest #3: King of the Serfs Edition Part 1

The third edition of the DMU song contest has finally returned and a staggering amount of contestants are ready to prove that they can escape the curse that confronts the modern musical landscape. The DMU team has united in reviewing this large field of hopefuls. Each writer will review a selection of songs and then nominate the two best songs from their song list to the finals where we shall form a panel to determine which of these bands can escape futile serfdom.

Onwards to war!



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