Massacra – Live in Sweden 1990

Prolific Death Metal Underground commenter Rainer Weikusat submitted a video of Massacra playing live in Sweden in 1990 in the comments of a recent article. Rainer pointed out the sound and video quality is not great but is tolerable enough to watch if you are familiar with Massacra’s material.

Coming from Massacra’s prime, this live set is extremely energetic, brutal, and straight to the dome. The set list of course consists of compositions from Final Holocaust and Enjoy the Violence. Witness Massacra slaughter all and their roadies rightfully prevent losers with rat tails from stage diving. What more needs to be said? Revel in the violence of the greatest French metal band of all time!


  1. Enjoy the Violence
  2. Researchers of Tortures
  3. Atrocious Crimes
  4. Gods of Hate
  5. Full of Hatred
  6. Seas of Blood
  7. Near Death Experience
  8. Agonizing World

Here’s the Youtube version Rainer submitted. It has a incorrect aspect ratio and seizure inducing camera artifacts as a proper death metal video should!

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5 thoughts on “Massacra – Live in Sweden 1990”

  1. Stephane says:

    French Metal at its best \m/

  2. Ränga Werkeslat says:

    This video was intense to say the least. Though Massacra is perhaps slightly overestimated by this site, one can very much feel the strength and fury of this live set (which if the truth be told, was on YouTube at least for the last decade though without proper gig info). Watch as the boys from Massacra pound their drums, thrash out on stringed instruments and whip their hair back and forth. From the ashes of democracy, grow the the roses of success.

  3. Zorak says:

    Phrasal Holocaust

  4. Cornrose says:

    Hollow cost

  5. canadaspaceman says:

    One of the better bootleg concert videos around. It was only shared initially online in forums, but some hero decided it had to be on youtube and every blogspot too.
    By the way, the original video ripper “Unmerciful”, is an old time metalhead from the 80s, the drummer from Ontario death/thrashers MOLECULAR REPULSION. That dude must have hundreds of concerts he filmed himself with a pro-television quality video-camera, besides the 1000’s he owns from tapetrading.

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