Arghoslent Declare Intent To Complete Songs

Arghoslent, a speed metal/black metal hybrid famous for their politically provocative lyrics, have taken notice of criticism of their songs as disconnected bundles of riffs and heavy metal conventions which go nowhere despite having promising beginnings. Those who read the subtext of their statement, “CORRECTION: The band has decided not to write new music since it is ‘merely a collection of riffs and heavy metal wank’,” can infer that the band is re-focusing on their songwriting as a result of those quoted incendiary statements made here at Death Metal Underground.

Industry insiders know that this site is content-agnostic, or not swayed one way or another by what a band advocates or writes about. We support flagrantly Communist bands like Napalm Death and ignore bands sympathetic to the varied viewpoints of our authors unless these bands are also musically powerful. This agnosticism means that we write about the music, not the ideology, unlike the rest of the metal press, which seems to fawn over novelty (BabyMetal) and political orientation (Castrator) more than musical content; in other words, ideological content outweighs musical content.

For this reason, we have no criticism for Arghoslent except what we can hear in the music. There is much potential in this band: creative riff-writing, a good but somewhat repetitive sense of melody, tactical integration of percussion and a good sense of dynamics. Songs — however — make good beginnings, and lead up to something promising, then trail off or repeat. This means that the artistic conflict set up by the song is never taken to a conclusion, creating a sense of incompleteness… and possibly boredom.

Our hope for Arghoslent, whether they go full feminist and multicultural or not, is that they may improve their musical content by tackling the unfinished potential of their songs. This is their only weakness as a band, and while a burly one, would allow them to rise a level of quality and reach the level of influence they clearly desire. Whether or not they realize it, we are cheering them on, in part by not relaxing our standards for anyone simply because of ideological content.

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31 thoughts on “Arghoslent Declare Intent To Complete Songs”

  1. Interracial Porn and Arghoslent says:

    Arghoslent deserve a special commendation for not getting ass-ravaged over DMU’s criticism like so many other bands and for actually accepting it in a cheeky, playful manner.

    1. Necronomeconomist says:

      …Nope! They don’t! They deserve exile and disdain for acknowledging a quote from an Internet website. This is the definition of butthurt. They appear weak and concerned about others’ opinion of them. That behaviour is anathema to Hessian values. Go back to your weird-ass racialised sexviolence fantasies, you degenerate little bitches. HAHAHAHAHAA

      DMU.ORG: “Power-worship by the powerless”

      1. Necronomeconomist says:

        Do you think Bon Jovi puts a critic’s quip in his ad copy? Or Taylor Swift? L’il Wayner? Stryper? Nu Shooz? NO. Big-time niggas don’t read shitty reviews of themselves off a small-time website. Arghoslent clearly position themselves as small-time niggas who get affected by small-time, street-level type shit. [Did u catch the Pantera ref there?] Maybe DMUs hype will drive them to an NYTimes name-drop in an article about weird ‘alt-right’ niggas…

        1. Anthony says:

          How is that autism working out for you?

          1. Rectal Abolishment says:

            Talking about autism is the Godwin’s Law of
            (i.e. a lazy response.)

            Try again, boy!

  2. Parasite says:

    Arghoslent must play live.




    1. Necronomeconomist says:

      There it is again: “Power-worship by the powerless”.
      My nigga, you’re just throwing a tantrum, you don’t sodomise shit, you don’t fuck with death. Quit perpetrating.

      1. Necronomeconomist says:

        “Power-worship by the powerless” isn’t bad when the powerless aren’t pretending to be powerful.

    2. Morbideathscream says:

      Grand Belial’s Key played hells headbash without a problem from what I understand. I wasn’t there though.

      The NYC antifa was nowhere to be found when D666 played their infamous gig right after KK warslut called out those fags in Denmark. All we got was a whiny invisible oranges article by some queerbait.

  3. This band is boring and you are light on them because of ideological content and that they are not musically atrocious like NSBM when in reality it’s gay heavy metal music that fakes being death metal because like so many other shits in this style they couldnt or didnt want to find a good singer probably because few want to put the effort into singing well anymore so there is that and I meant sing better in metal not like in general because there are still good singers like FKA Twigs or I don’t know I dont really listen to much pop which is why I read hear at waiting for some good single melodic line music with superfluous rhythmic backbones that basically arent composed except rare ecceptions like Dave Lombardo or whatever from Slayer but did you ever think that maybe we should call metal Dark Modernist Quartet music I think that would be really cool cause like its pretty accurate If you think about?

    1. Arghoslent made decent heavy metal records almost twenty years ago. I think they sound like Running Wild more than Dark Quarterer

      1. really thats cool you should post a link I want to hear it in full [album].

      2. Parasite says:

        to what era of Running Wild specifically are we talking about here?

        Running Wild :


        Arghoslent :

        1. Rainer Weikusat says:

          Another track may be a better example (I had a cassette copy of this an eternity ago and don’t remember much of it. perhaps?) but the Running Wild style riffing is pretty obvious on the Arghoslent track. Harmonically shifted and with a different tempo but the exact same construction of a tremolo-picked and a power chord part (terms used in the hope that they’re correct).

  4. The real problem tho fam is that this is lacking in occult symbolism because Argohslut dont get it they havent watched rocket power while reading a grimore you notice that the kids dont even look related to eachj other or the dad thats because the shroe shack is an occult temple where lik ethe kids all train to became adpets in this program where you have tito who is like the crazy uncle but hes actually a powerful and experienced mage which is why he is always firing mad beams of wisdom dude at the kids who are trying to overcome various stages of initiation into plemoric society and the squid is basically a metaphor for building the astral body because he starts off ignorant as shown by his glasses which are like a mayan veil dude so like he gets his first surfboard and surfing is a metaphor running throughout the whole thing because catching the wave and going through a sick barrel is a snake who sloughs its skin and you emerge in the after life in your astral body nut to hide it from adults they used the squid metaphor so when he dies hes gonna shoot his ink across the cosmos and its going to hit god in the face dude cause that black shit is his subtle body man but anyway the surfboard you’;; notice if you look really close is actually made of tarot cards so the whole thing is a portent you know and a means of divination for the black temple arts in the shoire shack man its pretty killer if you think about but yeah arghoslent dont really talk abou tthat in their music as they dont care its just about how much they are drawn to transient material concerns like race when really only death is real unless you have the grail and the spear of longinus which births the star child when properly intoning the sacred fourteen words but the guys in this band will never get that because they dont realize how frivelous material embodiment really is otherwise they wouldnt care about blacks not having a civilization like me I bought a bow and arrow at costco the other day along with brett stevens nihilism to train for the coming intergalatic war since I dont own a gun because they are evil but I shoot fire arrows to approximate laser blasters which we will need to beat the aliens using us as organic portals which you can actually catch a glimpse of if you watched hey arnold as a kid who is like this super nice kid but he has strange inhuman proportions and uses his good will to earn the trust of humans who he will backstab but the shows makers were killed before they could show the final betrayal but helga she was the one human who always underminded what he did even though she was secretly in love and that symboliklyl represented the challenege we all face as we have to give up fossil fuels which are killing the planet.

    1. this is the most coherent post on this website.

      1. Gonads says:

        Shut up, faggot.

  5. harsh critiquer of vest patcheses says:

    Shut up, faggot.

  6. Parasite says:


    1. Rainer Weikusat says:


      The player fails to start for me most of the time and causes Firefox eat up more and more memory until it has to be killed. A combination of right-click on video window, click on name to get to player site, use back button to go back gets it working sooner or later (this may not strictly be a required procedure) but that’s a serious nuisance.

      1. Glibc says:

        I’ve got two words for ya, ublock and scriptsafe.

        1. Rainer Weikusat says:

          I’m not in the mood to change anything on my system to work around other people’s broken advertising software. And I don’t do ad blocking. That’s not fair to people running ‘free’ advertising financed or supported services I’m interested in.

          1. yes it is. those people should get a real job. anyone who relies on advertising money should be thrown out of an helicopter

          2. Intensely Sensual Abhorrents says:

            Well Rainier Weisenkat, you’re a generous motherfucker. ;)

            1. Rainer Weikusat says:

              At least, I have more than one idea. You may want to try the traditiondal Scheisskusatt people have been overlaying onto me since 1981 or so. It must be tasty.

  7. Cynical says:

    The best thing Arghoslent was ever involved with.

  8. the George Zimmerman EP says:

    Arghoslent are Obama-voting left wing faggots

  9. ANUSaanite says:

    This band is below Setherial tier (an archived band). Why was a big deal ever made about them? How the hell did crap like Bolzer and Teitanblood get so popular?

    1. How the hell did crap like Bolzer and Teitanblood get so popular?

      1990s underground metal audience: natural elites capable of thought outside the herd.

      2000s underground metal audience: baristas looking for some way to seem cool after work.

      Basically, an average IQ shift by one standard deviation. The sheep — as always — imitated and drowned what greater people before them did. NWN/FMP is the epicenter of this parasitic infection.

    2. Morbideathscream says:

      Bolzer is just gay.

      Teitanblood is good, but lack a certain something to be great. Same goes for Proclamation. Those bands will always be B list status.

      1. Gonads says:

        All three are bands are a rough sketch of one dimensional, with bands like Sororicide, Darkness Eternal, Blaspherian being gonads unknown due to no paid for hype, it shows what trend lemmings the average backpatchers are is incapable of finding their own shit to listen to, must have peer approval

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