Defining Indie “Metal”

As many movies from the 80s and 90s will tell you (e.g. SLC Punk and PCU), youth counter cultural movements of those decades were once various fragmented groups or “tribes” baring their own identity while all opposing the mainstream Whitney Houston and boy bands on the radio. You had your goths, new wavers, punk rockers, emos, ect. at war with the “jocks and cheerleaders” collective of popular kids and, in some cases, at war with each other. But in the years to follow, the deadly combination of multiculturalism and micro culture has effectively ended this conflict as there was no longer a singular popular culture and therefore no “them” in the classic “us vs. them” dynamic. Therefore, these varying counter cultural factions were unified into one ugly all encompassing monstrosity: the hipster.

Rock music always mirrors the culture of its time, and in this case the various rock offshoots (grunge revivalist, screamo, shoegaze ect.) were unified into one all-encompassing genre: indie rock. But just as the emo aesthetic eventually became the “normal” aesthetic, the hipster aesthetic followed suit and became the normal. This was mirrored by each genre of music becoming the mainstream rock music of its time. And with each mainstream rock genre of the last few decades came a mainstream “metal” counterpart. Alternative rock had nu “metal”, emo rock had “metal”core, and indie rock had indie “metal”.

Indie “metal” is the “metal” version of indie rock and hipster culture. It encompasses bands with any of indie rock’s most defining genre traits including – but not limited to – emo, screamo, post rock, math rock, post punk, shoegaze, and psychedelic rock. Under this principle, entire micro genres such as djent and “black”gaze are included under the indie “metal” umbrella. And just as indie rock includes nostalgic “revivalist movements” (grunge revivalist, riot grrl revivalist) indie “metal” encompasses the useless revivalist movements of metal such as redeath and rethrash, which take the aesthestics and licks of earlier metal movements and rehashes them into rock for idiots. Nostalgia is very hipster, and so are bands that stake their entire sound and aesthetic on something that already happened a long ago far, far away like Toxic Holocaust.

Indie “metal” is the arch enemy of hidden in plain sight, underground metal, and we have finally named our enemy. It is responsible for bringing political correctness, Antifa, nostalgia to the point of necrophilia, safe spaces, and regressive liberal politics into conflict with the world of actual metal. Therefore, indie “metal” bands must be shamed as scene bands once were, the indie “metal” tag must be a dehumanizing insult as derogatory as being called nu “metal”, and indie “metal” fans must be mocked and discredited until they abandon their indie “metal” favorites out of fear of their “feels” being violated more sadistically than William Wallace at the end of Braveheart.

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6 thoughts on “Defining Indie “Metal””

  1. AIDS without pain says:

    lol, that guy has an Isis shirt.

  2. canadaspaceman says:

    it must suck for teens these days who are real metalheads and not with the pretend/poser crowd.
    In the 1980s, lines were drawn. Rap versus rock in my school, and even guys like me into the heavier /thrashy stuff sided with the glam metallers in those days.
    Years later I learn my school turned out wimps and allowed nignogs to invade and physically abuse females and get away with it, so whatever this modern day metal/rock is, they are all cocksuckers.

    1. When i was young and getting into the real stuff, emo was blowing up at school. Then indie deathcore horseshit like the devil wears prada towards the end. Nigger/spick shit was of course everpresent. Thankfully I had enough wit to drop out before I blew a gasket and went on a sodomy spree. I didnt need friends like these faggots, and I got respect for not being a herd animal. The tree that grows alone grows the strongest.

  3. GGALLIN1776 says:

    WTF is indie metal?

    1. canadaspaceman says:

      the crapola that doesn’t make you want to bang your head because you are not a retard/female/non-white/etc -etc -etc…so, fill in whatever trendy “politically correct” label is in this week to weep for, i guess

  4. LoAd says:

    The only worthwhile thing on this site are the pre 2010 anus reviews. The issue is they’re hidden, unlike on the anus site where the first thing you saw was a list of worthwhile bands.

    Why the fuck does DLA – or Autist’s Faggy Blog – only talk about shitty bands, shitty rereleases, and complain about hipsers/sjws? Why not keep the truest of the true alive and only review and talk about bands that matter. It’s articles like this that make me want to drop metal forever.

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