How #metalgate is totalitarian thought control


Totalitarianism 2.0 doesn’t look much like the former version. In the past, a dictator in uniform — like socialist and diversity advocate Joseph Stalin — would command secret police to enforce speech codes. Now, government sits back and allows a vast media establishment to enforce political ideas which just so happen to coincide with the goals of government: more control of citizens and ideological obedience, which makes government stronger.

As Jonathan Chait writes in New York Magazine, “political correctness” is an attempt to control thought by excluding all but one side of the debate:

But it would be a mistake to categorize today’s p.c. culture as only an academic phenomenon. Political correctness is a style of politics in which the more radical members of the left attempt to regulate political discourse by defining opposing views as bigoted and illegitimate. Two decades ago, the only communities where the left could exert such hegemonic control lay within academia, which gave it an influence on intellectual life far out of proportion to its numeric size. Today’s political correctness flourishes most consequentially on social media, where it enjoys a frisson of cool and vast new cultural reach. And since social media is also now the milieu that hosts most political debate, the new p.c. has attained an influence over mainstream journalism and commentary beyond that of the old.

It also makes money. Every media company knows that stories about race and gender bias draw huge audiences, making identity politics a reliable profit center in a media industry beset by insecurity. A year ago, for instance, a photographer compiled images of Fordham students displaying signs recounting “an instance of racial microaggression they have faced.”

While on the surface this does not seem consistent with government objectives, it quickly becomes a servant to power, arguing from its good intentions to demand increasing amounts of control and often, violence. As Stephen Kinzer writes in the Boston Globe, yesterday’s civil rights and human rights advocates are today’s warmongers:

Now, several decades after the human rights movement traded its outsider status for influence in Washington, it is clear that this has produced negative as well as positive results. The movement has become a global behemoth. Sometimes it functions as a handmaiden to the power it was once dedicated to combating.

The most appalling result of this process in the United States is that some human rights activists now regularly call for using force to resolve the world’s problems. At one time, “human rights” implied opposition to war. Now some of the most outspoken warmongers in Washington are self-proclaimed human rights advocates.

Chait’s view is that this trend toward SJW hipster activism is in fact forming a parallel to the bad old days of 1940s totalitarianism:

The Marxist left has always dismissed liberalism’s commitment to protecting the rights of its political opponents — you know, the old line often misattributed to Voltaire, “I disapprove of what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it” — as hopelessly naïve. If you maintain equal political rights for the oppressive capitalists and their proletarian victims, this will simply keep in place society’s unequal power relations. Why respect the rights of the class whose power you’re trying to smash? And so, according to Marxist thinking, your political rights depend entirely on what class you belong to. The modern far left has borrowed the Marxist critique of liberalism and substituted race and gender identities for economic ones.

In effect, as Jonathan Frum writes in The Atlantic, political correctness represents the self-radicalization of liberalism toward a totalitarian mindset. We can clearly see this in #metalgate and #gamergate, where SJW hipsters have crushed not just dissenting voices, but any voices that fail to parrot their own agenda.

The reason they target metal is that metal is chronically disobedient. We do not like illusions, metalheads, and we did not buy into the “peace and love” of the 1960s which culminated in ex-hippies getting into office and authorizing drone strikes on suspected extremists. We did not buy into the “just follow Jesus and Gordon Gekko” outlook of the 1980s, nor the 1990s dogma that all was going to be right through globalism, McDonald’s and peace. We see human society for what it is: an ugly tussle of animals competing to put their favored illusion above the rest, all while ignoring the majesty of reality as it is.

Remember how the Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC) acted back in the 1980s. First they said they wanted to stop “dangerous” content about sex and drugs, and suddenly, any album with swear words on it got the infamous warning label. This encouraged record stores to card you for buying the album, to not stock the album, or to put it in a special section. A few years later “censored” versions of Metallica and Cannibal Corpse albums could be found in your average record store, with conspicuous bleeps editing out the words that we shouldn’t hear, to the detriment of the music (often not in key).

It’s easy enough to ignore #metalgate right now because it may not affect you directly. But the important point is that it intends to. SJW hipsters behind the incursion into metal that provoked #metalgate want to censor your words and mine, not just avoiding bad stuff as they claim, but forcing you to repeat “good stuff” as they envision it, to the exclusion of anything else. If this isn’t totalitarian thought control, nothing is.

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45 thoughts on “How #metalgate is totalitarian thought control”


    Let’s start killing some SJW and be done with it !!

    1. Nomen Nescio says:

      We should really portray ourselves as what they claim we are – neonazi, long-haired unwashed barbarian Satanists. They will back off once they figure out that whatever they do to us, we will lash out harder and more directly.

      1. Who speaks for the realists who also find a transcendent joy in life itself, not all the crap people do to “succeed” and “be important”?

        1. Richard Head says:

          Hippies, lel.

          Maybe finding joy in life goes hand in hand with dedicating yourself to a cause like not bathing or neo-Nazism.

  2. working says:

    This article is garbage. I think the point is severely missed. I dont think anyone is trying to actively “change” metal. But you cannot deny there are racist,sexist,and homophobic elements that exist in metal and that make it anything but “enlightening”. Metal genuinely exists as a subculture outside of the taste of the upper class. It was viewed as a degenerate and working class art that appealed to working people. If you’re going to say that Marxists and Social justice warriors are going to try to cleanse metal then you’re wrong and comparing it to the PMRC is not accurate either. Marxism seeks to enhance the scope of human freedom of the working class and poor. But all of these articles like this one seek to defend elements of society that have been conveyed through metal as an art form which are in of itself repressive. NSBM is alive and well. Metal over all has a sexist and degrading view of women in general, along with homophobia. Metal has a unique capacity in its aggression to be able to convey the angst and aggression we feel towards the world. I could only wish bands made more socially relevant lyrics like Napalm Death,Assuk, and the like that you find in grind bands. But at the same time you get ultra cheesy and reactionary shit from a lot of bands as well. There is always a place for differing options but denying that those degrading and extremely shitty elements in metal don’t exist is a total cop out.

    1. hypocrite says:

      Wow, seriously?

    2. Richard Head says:

      Your claim that metal all over has racist and sexist themes is typical of someone who only knows what people have told them, not experienced themselves. That means: Bullshit. Prove me wrong. Name 5 metal bands with at least two songs that promote whatever the hell you’re talking about. Provide lyrics. The bands have to actually matter and be relevant to metal and its development at large.

    3. Gentility says:

      The #metalgate articles on this site neither defend racism, sexism or homophobia per se, not do they deny their existence. I’ll go out on a limb here and claim that what is argued for instead is that topics and ideas which are vulnerable to be (justly or unjustly) attacked and silenced under the pretense of furthering “the Good Cause” can find legitimate expression in art and, as well as artists who don’t explicitly thematize their controversial beliefs in their works despite holding them, should not be denied that possibility e.g. by cauterizing them due to someone’s political calculations.

      I could only wish bands made more socially relevant lyrics like Napalm Death,Assuk, and the like that you find in grind bands. But at the same time you get ultra cheesy and reactionary shit from a lot of bands as well.

      Certainly your ability to enjoy Napalm Death is not infringed upon by the existence of Ad Hominem, and are reactionary statements not socio-political commentary as well? What makes either more relevant than the other, and is this a question of what it is directed at or the quality of its criticism? They do at the very least seem to have a tendency to differ in scale.

      There is always a place for differing options but denying that those degrading and extremely shitty elements in metal don’t exist is a total cop out.

      Let heavy metal be such a place, as it has always been.

      It strikes me as a bit dishonest that you both identify elements in heavy metal which you (in line with socialist values) deem oppressive and Marxisms goal to remove such elements from society, yet discount the notion that Marxists will not spare heavy metal on their cleansing crusade as paranoid hogwash on the basis that both have traditionally been associated with the worker class.

    4. Lord Mosher says:

      > I could only wish bands made more socially relevant lyrics

      I wish there were less people in the world like you, “socially conscious” cry babies that think that the world should be as you believe it should be rather than as it is. How old are you and how long have you listened to metal? What makes you think that your opinion amounts to anything other than whining bitching.

      Clearly not only do you not understand metal if you state that it “conveys elements of society which are in itself repressive”. You are reducing metal to its lyrical content and from your own ideological standpoint railing against “elements” that people like you believe are wrong to even exist and through coercion displace what antagonizes with your limited weak PC worldview.

      Your approach to metal reveals that: a) you’re not a real metalhead, b) you don’t really understand metal and, c) you want metal to comply to your leftist ideological leanings.

      To that I reply with the following: 1) fuck off. 2) There is enough space for your ilk to banter about the world, just do it somewhere else far away from metal because metal has been doing wel for 40+ years without you people, who don’t like metal and are not metalheads, trying to opine about something that clearly is not intended for you. Why can’t you get that?

      3) lyrical content from the great foundational bands ALWAYS express through metaphor to poetically participate us of an experience that coupled with amazing music creates a whole experience that is never political. Any other approach to metal usually leads to poor music. I’d be glad to ban mediocre metal which would most likely include all your shitty leftist indie-rock dressed-like-metal bands you probably listen to.

    5. Nomen Nescio says:

      What the hell are you talking about? There are people from all walks of life who enjoy and make metal, not to mention all the behind-the-scenes stuff that has to be done as well (label management, publishing and writing for metal zines etc.)
      Infiltrators such as yourself are all the same, you pretend to have listened to metal for a long time, while you either have listened to it for a short time and more importantly, don’t understand what the music is all about and don’t have a clue about its actual history. Whatever the actual musician is and whatever his opinions in real life are COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT to the message his music wants to convey. There are complete idiots who have made great metal and great people who have made shitty metal.
      Homophobia? Do you know who the fuck Rob Halford is? A homosexual is the member of one of the most important metal bands and you’re trying to tell us that we’re not inclusive enough?
      But I know how it is, you just want to peddle “progressive” and “weird” bands with “diverse” members who make shitty music, but are needed so that metal isn’t eeeeeeeevil and a “menace to society” anymore!
      Grow up, metal is all about merit, not pousering and “keeping a good image”, two things our cancerous society is built on.

    6. Ruby, The King of Gemstones says:

      This guy here, “Working”, he says that Metal bands should have lyrics and themes like Grind bands. Why doesn’t he just listen to Grind then, he would like it more and then he can leave Metal alone. Buuuut, he’s a Zombie, just shuffling around the world, putting anything and everything he sees into his mouth without knowing what it is, while rotting away at the same time.

      “When there’s no more room in Hell, the dead will walk the Earth and eat the living.”

      Instead of doing all the bullshit these people do to try to make themselves something other than the zombies that they naturally are, why don’t they get a mate, have a kid or something and get a life? Shit, make yourself useful to someone or something. I know this “working” dude doesn’t have a girlfriend, because men who are male feminists don’t have/can’t get girls, so I’m asking you and the rest of your zombies, why don’t you all just get lives, go listen to whatever you want to listen to, and leave everyone else alone?

      1. Ara says:

        Don’t you think you may be strongly jumping to conclusions a bit here? The problem with SJWs apparently is that they want to limit everyone to one way of thinking, yet people with this guy’s perspective are all naturally zombies?
        Why can’t we all agree that none of us want there to be other schools of thought other than our own?

        1. Ruby, The King of Gemstones says:

          Long, rambling post ahead, don’t worry, I get to my point eventually. Brett/Staff, please let this go through, I have some wisdom for ol’ Ara here:

          They are Zombies because they have no real passions about anything. When you have passions, you do what you do and you leave people alone. The Social Justice Zombies have no real passion about life, so they go around trying to change everything to what they want, and championing stupid causes and doing a whole bunch of stupid things (like hipsters) to make themselves look different. They do this because THEY KNOW that they are boring ass ZOMBIE people. In a different society, these people would probably just have simple jobs and work and raise families.

          But Ara, you know that this is all about status, right? The only reason why these people do this is because the media says it’s cool, and instead of being their boring selves, they chase STATUS, THAT’S ALL THEY CARE ABOUT. Brett talks about this ALL THE TIME.

          Look at tattoos, when I was a kid if someone had a tattoo you knew they were a bad ass, just off general principal. They had them because they were different from the herd for real, it was an expression of their TRUE ESSENCE. The herd HATED tattoos. Then Miami Ink and Kat Von D are on TV and now EVERYONE wants one and you know what’s funny? When they get looked at funny, THEY GET UPSET and they go on this crusade to make EVERYONE accept tattoos.

          And you know what? These people didn’t want a tattoo, they just wanted the ATTENTION to boost their STATUS, they thought because Kat Von D is cool on TV, they would be cool as her, and when reality set in and someone said they looked bad or whatever, their individualist fantasy died and they are mad.

          If they would stop being individualists, they would see that there is such thing as DIVERSITY that extends far beyond just RACE, and they would respect that and stay in their fucking lane and leave everyone else alone.

          As far as the school of thought thing you said, Metal is what it is because a certain school of thought, and these SJWs want to call something METAL without following the TRUE METAL SCHOOL OF THOUGHT. All Metal that is good follows THE SAME SCHOOL OF THOUGHT. So when you change that school of thought to something that is the opposite of what the Metal school of thought is, IT ISN’T METAL. The SJWs are trying to get rid of the TRUE SCHOOL OF THOUGHT FOR METAL and replace it with bullshit and then call that METAL.

          So….what they are pushing ISN’T METAL, that’s why we are fighting with them! They are trying to destroy what we want. Why can’t they say, “well, I’m not feeling what METAL is about, let’s go make our own music that has NOTHING TO DO WITH METAL and just call it a day”?


          In a zombie movie, they eat ANYTHING that’s in front of them and gain NO nourishment from it.

          Real humans eat things to GAIN NOURISHMENT so they can LIVE and CREATE. Real humans consume things that THEY LIKE/AGREE WITH THEIR TASTE. Before they eat, they look at/smell/taste test things BEFORE they eat, and if they don’t like it, they leave it alone and find something else to eat and call it a day.

          SJWs eat (consume) ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that’s in front of them and then complain about what they ate, when they KNEW that they wouldn’t like what they ate. They think that they are the center of the world.

          A real human will see a turd of shit on the ground and NOT EAT IT, they will go find something else to eat. Well, unless they actually like eating shit.

          A SJW will see a turd of shit on the ground, eat it, say that they didn’t really want to eat it but then COMPLAIN that SHIT should taste better and then go into YOUR HOUSE while you are SHITTING and complain to you that YOU need to change YOUR diet so that your SHIT tastes better even though they don’t want to eat your shit.

          What would you do Ara, if they did that to you?

          Now you see why the way we are the way we are on here?

          1. Ara says:

            This still seems like a sweeping generalization here, and the idea of generalizing is what metal hates about SJW thinking, right?

            For the record, I have no tattoos, and think both extreme sides of this debate are silly.

            1. Ruby, The King of Gemstones says:

              Dude, you aren’t fooling anyone.

              You should just leave this site, it really isn’t for you. It just isn’t.

              1. There’s no point in any of us retreating to enclaves. This is a good public debate to have.

              2. Ara says:

                Hmm, that sounds like an order to ostracize someone for a different way of thinking…wait a minute here…

                1. Sandmann says:

                  In a real zombie outbreak you would be shot too. You are infected dude! Better get rid of it before it takes complete control of you.

                2. Ruby, King of Gemstones says:

                  Okay, Ara, let’s give it a go….

                  No one is upset with how SJWs think, they can think how they want, we are upset at what THEY ARE DOING. If they don’t like the way comics, games and Metal are, they can go make their own comics and games, and they can go make their own music AND NOT CALL IT METAL because METAL already is about something.

                  The problem with the layman is that they think Metal is all about MUSICAL TECHNIQUE ONLY (heavy guitar, harsh vocals, etc.) so when they see people like DMU people they think we are being assholes and they get angry. But if you listen to the music and do research like Brett has, you can see that Metal has a philosophy that it communicates, and that’s why those certain musical techniques are used and why it sounds the way it sounds. The musical techniques are used to communicate things, just like in ANY OTHER KIND OF ART.

                  That is what BRETT and FENRIR were trying to tell you in the review of your album.

                  The layman says Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, and Deep Purple, and Slipknot are Metal because they use musical techniques of Metal; but they are NOT METAL because the music doesn’t have the PHILOSOPHY/SPIRIT that Metal does. The SJWs think about Metal in the same way the layman does, so they want to make music that has the sound/techniques of METAL but without the same SPIRIT that Metal has, and call that METAL, but they are both WRONG.

                  Read these, to understand what METAL REALLY IS:









                  If you didn’t see these and you want to read more articles, go to the top of the page and hit “reviews” and then hit “articles” and there are a whole bunch of them to EDUCATE yourself with.

                  METAL is METAL is METAL is METAL. It doesn’t need to change.

                  SJWs/Hipsters or should I say ZOMBIES, want to get rid of METAL and replace it with something else that ISN’T METAL and then call that Metal.

                  1. Ruby, King of Gemstones says:

                    You know what Ara? Brett was right, we need to have this discussion because I remember I was JUST LIKE YOU ONCE as far as this site and Metal goes, and look at me now!

                    Oh, and to anyone who may think that people on here are just mindless followers of BRETT STEVENS…

                    Dude, I TRIED AND TRIED to argue what BRETT has written and said about METAL over and over and over…But when I read and re read the articles the staff here have written and I started going though my albums and listening more critically, I knew he was correct…I got upset too when he kept going on and on about hipsters but now I see why he did it. I got upset when some album I liked got trashed in a review, but I went back and listened to it and researched what the review said and I see that it was correct. Check his history, the staff here know what they are talking about. Sure, you aren’t going to agree with everything 100% of what he says, but at least you know that it’s more than worth it to look into it to see what he’s talking about…

                    1. Ara says:

                      Are you happier now?

                    2. Ara says:

                      Also, that bit about liking a record and then having this site make that album no longer valid for you is sad and kind of stockholm syndrome-y. Utilizing websites as pieces of information to enrich your tastes is fine, but if doing so makes you no longer like what you like or causes you to squash the urge to like those things due to fear of outside persecution or because you’re letting someone else’s opinion obscure your own directly or indirectly, you’re becoming the same kind of zombie you’re trying to protect the world from.

            2. fenrir says:

              blind Ara.

              Over-rationalization guy gets stuck in logic and cannot see practical reality.

              1. Ara says:

                Once again, there is an ability to disagree with you guys without being labeled as blind. For a group so determined to protect free thought you sure are wrapped up in one way of thinking.

                1. Sandmann says:

                  There is also the ability to not want to have the last word about everything… where the last word sounds like a faggot moral appostle of the faggot jesus the faggot!

                2. Ruby, The King of Gemstones says:

                  Let’s go, ARA! This is the last time, after this, I’m done.

                  I stuck with this website BECAUSE I wanted to learn about Metal, so I could listen to things that are good. LEARN why something is good/bad and not waste my time with things that I will eventually get tired of/suck, so I can spend the rest of my time doing OTHER THINGS, because I have other interests. This site upped my discernment level, educated me, and saved my time, so OF COURSE I’M HAPPIER NOW!

                  It was MY DECISION to do this Ara, and I could care less about what others think because I’m the only person that I know that listens to Metal, and I could care less about fitting into some online community, that would be PATHETIC.

                  So therefore, I AM NOT A ZOMBIE, because I make AWARE CHOICES.

                  SJWs….They are ZOMBIES because they DON’T MAKE AWARE CHOICES. Like I said, they CONSUME ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING in front of them because they have no true PASSION and PURPOSE in life and then they try and change things they don’t like instead of moving along.

                  If they were AWARE, they would listen to Metal, THEN LEARN ABOUT WHAT METAL IS ABOUT. If it doesn’t jive up with what they want, then drop it. They can bash it, whatever.

                  NO ONE IS UPSET WITH SJWS BECAUSE OF HOW THEY THINK ARA, they can THINK whatever the fuck they want, IT’S WHAT THEY ARE DOING, which is trying to TAKE OVER a genre to make it WHAT THEY WANT which goes against what said genre already IS. Who gives a fuck about what they think? You don’t like Metal, stay out of it and listen to something else or make your own music that ISN’T CALLED METAL.

                  (I read a Metalgate article on here where a dude commented and said that some SJW told him that Horror movies shouldn’t be too scary and that they need to change the genre. What the fuck?! That is what SJWs do Ara.)

                  SJWs already have music, it’s called Punk. Hell, current NAPALM DEATH IS PURRRRFECT FOR SJWs. But they can’t just listen to PUNK and call it a day, they have to LISTEN (CONSUME) things they DON’T LIKE. Why can’t they call it a day and walk on?

                  BECAUSE THEY ARE ZOMBIES! Have you ever watched a Zombie movie Ara?! Sheesh…

                  Remember when you asked why INDIVIDUALISM is BAD? Do you see what the SJWs are doing all over the place now?! THAT IS INDIVDUALISM! They think they are the center of the world, and ANYTHING that they don’t like, they need to change it because they think the entire world IS THEIRS, and that is NOT TRUE.

                  YOU KNOW WHAT? Look at the pic of the band ARA in the review Brett did. I notice that one of the dudes is White and he has DREADLOCKS! Don’t you know that the SJWs would get on that dudes ass for “stealing Black culture”?! Even though Dreadlocks are no where near being a Black only hairstyle and non-Blacks have had DREADLOCKS since the ancient times?

                  But you know why they say that ARA? Because SJWS think White people with DREADLOCKS look stupid and that you are a whigger, but instead of just thinking that and MOVING ON, they will try to GET YOU TO CHANGE YOUR HAIR by shaming you when they don’t give a rat shit about who you are!

                  Why wouldn’t they leave you alone about your dreads, ARA?
                  Why do Zombies eat every thing they see without question?

                  Now do you understand?

                  USE YOUR BRAIN.

                  1. Ruby, The King of Gemstones says:

                    I got your number ARA…I see you now…

                    You know why this ARA is on this site? Because they are INDIVDUALISTS. The staff and posters here didn’t feel their album like they wanted so they are on here all the time because they can’t understand why people on here feel the way they do. That’s why they CAN’T UNDERSTAND WHY WE ARE UPSET WITH SJWs/Hipsters, etc.

                    Ara is REACTING to this website in the same way Hipsters/SJWs react to EVERYTHING.

                    He can’t understand how someone like Brett can do ACTUAL INDEPENDENT RESEARCH and suss out the TRUE MEANING of METAL and how PEOPLE WHO VISIT HERE agree with his standards! ARA can’t understand how we can come to find meaning WITHOUT getting APPROVAL FROM THE SHEEPLE! Why?

                    BECAUSE IT OFFENDS THEIR INDIVDUALIST ways of seeing the world!

                    This is the SJWs ARA, this is you!!!!

                    “It is the collective need of individuals for these rules to be upheld that bonds them together into a mob, and removes their individualism in favor of adherence to the dogma of individualism, like someone confusing the signal of an event for its reality. The individual, in knowing only itself and interpreting all reality through itself, not only destroys itself but obscures reality behind unrealistic rules and seeds the path of our collective destruction.”


                    “It makes the most sense however to give it a unique identification, since it is so prevalent that any other reference would be ambiguous: Crowdism. The belief, whether known in language to its bearer or not, that the individual should predominate over all other concerns is Crowdism. We name it according to the crowd because crowds are the fastest to defend individual autonomy; if any of its members are singled out, and doubt thrown upon their activities or intentions, the crowd is fragmented and loses its power. What makes crowds strong is an inability of any to criticize their members, or to suggest any kind of goal that unites people, because what makes for the best crowds is a lack of goal. Without a higher vision or ideal, crowds rapidly degenerate into raiding parties, although of a passive nature. They argue for greater “freedom.” They want more wealth. Anything they see they feel should be divided up among the crowd.”



                    Ara wants everything in the world to be the way that HE wants it to be just like HIPSTERS AND SJWs!

                    SANDMANN is correct! FENRIR is correct!

                    ARA IS A ZOMBIE.

                    1. Ruby, The King of Gemstones says:

                      That last run on sentence should read:

                      The HIPSTERS, SJWs, and ARA can’t understand how people that are NOT IN THE HERD LIKE THEY ARE can RESEARCH THINGS ON THEIR OWN and come to PERFECTLY LOGICAL CONCLUSIONS and AGREE WITH OTHER LIKE MINDED PEOPLE ABOUT THESE CONCLUSIONS and USE THESE CONCLUSIONS TO CREATE STANDARDS in which to judge said things by and use those standards to defend said thing from others that SEEK TO CHANGE said things!

                    2. Ara says:

                      Haha alright dude. I never said I advocated SJWism. Either way, the argument you laid out is the same process you guys use to determine your stance on things here, and citing sources only from this site doesn’t help your cause as a free thinker.
                      Nobody, your side or theirs, is willing to acknowledge truth in anyone else’s way of thinking. Because despite trying to be bigger than yourself and say that individualism is the root of things turning to shit, we’re all in it for ourselves, and some of us use metal to define personas and that’s why we all get super offended if something sullies that idea. And if you had to research this site to find out why something is good instead of figuring out what you like for yourself, what kind of poser does that make you?
                      Before you can jump to conclusions about me not learning anything from this site and such, I’d like to let you know that’s the furthest from the truth. You know that awesome thing that happens when you go to a gas station and the guy pumping gas next to you has a Mayhem shirt on, and you exchange a dude nod and go your separate ways, but in that instant you understood each other among all the rest of the bullshit that surrounds you? You knew that that guy got you, and if shit were to go down, he and metal would have your back? Well I learned from this site that that is completely untrue, and the idea of brotherhood in metal is on its last legs because of our need to dissect everything to the point where our fears about the genre being infiltrated obscure the fruits of the scene that we are fucking lucky to have. And THAT is the result of your ever-so-proud individualism taking a shit on what could be a collective brotherhood of people that had each other’s back since we all made the conscious decision to abandon regular-world ideals to become enriched by the most fulfilling music on the planet.
                      So, thanks for the ostracizing. You’re exacerbating the metal you are in such dire need to protect in the process.

                    3. Because despite trying to be bigger than yourself and say that individualism is the root of things turning to shit, we’re all in it for ourselves, and some of us use metal to define personas and that’s why we all get super offended if something sullies that idea.

                      It seems to me that self-interest and individualism are not one and the same, although they overlap. And it’s one thing to use metal to define a persona, but becomes hipsterism when the persona is used to define metal.

                    4. Ruby, King of Gemstones says:

                      LMAO at ARA….Look at how typical his thinking is, I’ve heard it all before, blah blah blah…Dude you are a HIPSTER, get over it.

                      I call you a SJW/HIPSTER/Zombie because you HAVE THE SAME WAYS OF THINKING AS THEY DO, you are see through here dude. Do you know that thought influences actions and behavior? Your SJW/Hipster/Zombie thinking patterns are what keep you on this site even though you sit here and tell us we are “closed minded” and “wrong” for UPHOLDING OBJECTIVE STANDARDS. People who DON’T WANT OBJECTIVE STANDARDS are HIPSTERS/SJWs/ZOMBIES.

                      What other garbage did you spew here? Let’s see:

                      You are saying that we are not “free” thinkers?

                      Look at this SHEEPLE talk, only SHEEPLE go on and on about FREEDOM. You listen here good, YOU ARE NOT FREE, NOONE OR NOTHING IN THIS WORLD IS FREE, YOU ARE A SLAVE TO REALITY. REALITY determines things. EVERYONE is REALITY’S BITCH HERE. So, who gives a fuck about being “free” then if only a small amount of things are worthwhile? Who gives a fuck about being “different” when the same things over and over get good results? Shit, you should want to be EFFECTIVE/POWERFUL.

                      You become EFFECTIVE/POWERFUL by testing things AGAINST REALITY and finding the results of that, you then find out what made the best results and then you use that to make OBJECTIVE STANDARDS and you do things by those OBJECTIVE STANDARDS and when people attack that, you DEFEND THOSE STANDARDS.

                      Discovering OBJECTIVE STANDARDS and doing things by those OBJECTIVE STANDARDS is HOW YOU GET POWER.

                      ARA, life is about POWER. Might makes right, you, hipsters, and SJWs CLAIM to listen to METAL, and you don’t know this?! You don’t know that life is all about POWER and that MIGHT MAKES RIGHT?!

                      How are you NOT any different from the SJWs and Hipsters and POSERS?!

                      BRETT STEVENS found out what METAL is about, a fucking little bird could of came to me and told me the same things he did, it doesn’t matter, I’m looking at the information and RESEARCHING IT ON MY OWN to see if it’s right, and Brett has it right, so I’m going with him and DMU. Plus, birds don’t have websites and Brett does.

                      Guess what ARA, when I listened to what Brett says, why is it that I GAIN POWER in my own life? I don’t follow anyone and everyone like your SJW/Hipster brethren, I *LISTEN* TO BRETT STEVENS and I gain POWER FROM WHAT HE IS TAKING HIS TIME AND ENERGY OUT OF HIS OWN LIFE TO SHARE WITH US!

                      EVERYTHING that you and your ilk are about, you didn’t DISCOVER IT or RESEARCH IT, it was what the MASTERS OF SOCIETY wanted you to BELEIVE so they can take OWNERSHIP of you. You listen to the same garbage the MASTERS of SOCIETY say over and over and you don’t gain SHIT from it…

                      You are such an “JNDIVIDUALIST” that you CAN’T SEE that there are people in the world that INDEPENDENTLY LEARN and KNOW MORE THAN YOU DO. Look how you keep going back and forth with me, BRETT and FENRIR, you KNOW that we are right, but your INDIVDUALISM won’t keep you from admitting it, like SANDMANN rightfully said.

                      WHEN YOU LISTEN TO PEOPLE THAT KNOW MORE THAN YOU, YOU GAIN POWER!!! Individualists like you are WEAKLINGS because YOU DON’T WANT POWER, you reject it.

                      Look at ARA how he wants some worldwide brotherhood with SJWs and HIPSTERS, people who DON’T LIKE METAL and want to CHANGE IT. Ara wants to make ties with these people why?

                      BECAUSE HE IS WEAK. HE IS AFRAID OF THE WORLD. This way of thinking by the HERD is why we are where we are as a human race now! Society is the way it is now because of sheeple like YOU.

                      You are so scared of the world, so you think by having alot of people around, it will make you safe. You are scared to wear band shirts or something Ara? Are you scared to tell people you listen to METAL because they will kick you out the herd, Ara?

                      Little does he realize due to his INDIVDUALISTIC mindset, that there are people in this world who are STRONGER than he is and that have POWER. People who are STRONG desire QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. You want QUANTITY OVER QUALITY, how are you not a Sheeple/Herdling/SJW/Hipster/Poser/Crowdist?!

                      People who are truely METAL ARE NOT AFRAID OF THE HERD or the WORLD, Ara. If anything, THE HERD is afraid of people who are really METAL, because METAL is about POWER and people who REALLY KNOW WHAT METAL IS ABOUT are about POWER. You, the SJWs, Hipsters are not about POWER.

                      That’s why your Hipster and SJW brethren want to silence/change METAL, because you are AFRAID OF IT. If you are afraid, why don’t you ENSLAVE YOURSELF TO REALITY like ALL THE POWERFUL PEOPLE IN THE WORLD DO?! Because it would clash with your Indivdualistic, Zombie ways of thinking…

                      Your SJW, Hipster Zombie ways are not worthy of METAL.

                    5. Sandmann says:

                      I couldnt comment on your last thoughts but I dig your reference to power. I´m a bit confused about your guys definition about an individualist but maybe i should read more about it. It´s interesting. I thought to be one myself like- going my own way and giving a fuck about other people oppinion. But the way you have connected the -fake individualist with crowdism makes absolutely sense to me. So these individualist are only host of the crowds persona and because of their lack of -reality check they become the zombie fueled by the drive to destroy uniqueness. Because to be unqiue is the opposite of what they are all about. Quantity over quality, that was good and precise from you!

                    6. Ara says:

                      Brett I respect you and your work on this site, but some of your followers man…this dude’s cheese has clearly slipped off his cracker.

                    7. This site has frequently paid the price for being a bit liberal in the unfettered speech privileges it grants to users. I hope that no one will attempt to make a convincing argument that this policy is ill-advised, because the open expression of ideas serves an important role in human communication. Naturally, all users who wish to support speech privileges should encourage others to exercise such privileges responsibly.

                    8. Ruby, The King of Gemstones says:

                      You “respect” Brett’s work, but you say that I’m off my rocker? That shows that you didn’t read anything that Brett/Prozak wrote, because EVERYTHING that I just told you in this thread agrees with EVERYTHING Brett has written…Why don’t you be honest like the other SJW’s and just call us Nazis or Elitists or something instead of pretending to be “Open Minded” and liking DMU when you really don’t? Our ways obviously offend your Hipster sensibilities…

                      Stop consuming the website like the Zombie that you are and go to Metal Archives or something…Sheesh…

                    9. Ara says:

                      Brett is one of the few here that has actually been cordial to me and didn’t jump to insane conclusions about me when presented with a different perspective. So yes, I respect him as I respect anyone who displays passion about anything they’ve created. You can cite him all you want but are really just riding his coattails and mining his info for whatever supports a mindset you’ve already made for yourself, and that just makes you the mindless follower you’re accusing me of being.

                    10. Ruby, The King of Gemsones says:

                      Hold on a second? So ARA gets offended at what I said to him and Brett says that we get rowdy in the comment section of HIS SITE on comments hat HE approves?! Of course he is going to be nice to you ARA, he runs the site, think man, use your brain, geez…You’re looking funny Brett, are you getting this desparate for readers?

                      Now I’m seeing why the older posters/commenters were complaining not too long ago…

                      Hilarious that you said what you said given the title of this article Brett…It’s obvious that you are trying to gain a different audience, with ARA here and all, if you don’t want us getting rowdy, just turn the comments off so people like ARA wont get their feelings hurt, sheesh…

                    11. I think you should read the reviews if you want to know what I think. Otherwise, my interest is in keeping conversation civil on all levels and was not directed at any particular user. This helps return focus to the music and the changes that have happened in it over the last 20 years.

                      If I wanted to sell out and cash in on a new audience this site would look radically different. I’d start covering all the core that comes through every day, write fawning reviews that say nothing like the big sites, do lots of “streaming” of the latest prog-tek-deaf, etc.

                      Have you seen any of that?

                    12. Ruby, The King of Gemstones says:

                      Rambling a bit:

                      Yeah Brett, you didn’t change the look of the website and all, but you are covering more funny looking bands, what was with those Behemoth and Cuff reviews, are you trying to start slow on us?, lol…Then ARA comes in and because you said he played nice about the review you gave him, you give him another longer review to his album that was unwarranted because he pretty much said beforehand that he isn’t feeling what this site is about and he wasn’t going to change his style.

                      If he is saying that before, why even waste your time? Was it really worth it? Yes, the review was a teaching experience, I’ll admit that, but it still looks funny though…

                      The dude comes on here asking all these questions that could be answered if he read any of the articles on this site like most people on here do, so I post him some links to some articles and he still acts funny…That’s why I told him that the site isn’t for him, the dude is set in his ways and will not listen, even after what was done for him. So why not run him off? I’ve seen people on here get swarmed on for FAR LESS.

                      I got on him the way I did because I’ve heard EVERYTHING ARA said one million times before, he isn’t at all different from the average commoner in the world, and this site is like the only one in which people care about Metal beyond superficial stuff, so yeah, with those two ingredients you can guess how that’s gonna go…

                      Yeah, you can say that we are rowdy on here Brett, but…

                      We are passionate.

                      So at the end of this ramble, yes, you didn’t go whole hog sell out, but it looks like you are moving toward that sometimes and we notice it and because we are passionate, we just let you know sometimes.

                    13. I’m entirely down with the fuck-certain-subgenres outlook. I think Ara has more going for it musically than the rest of that subgenre, and may be able to point it toward a more artistic direction. Our goal here is to comment on the metal community in such a way that upholds its traditions and develops new strengths, which takes on both conservative and liberal roles.

        2. Sandmann says:

          a Zombie is not self aware. So he is pretty correct in the reference. These “peoples” only drive is to shamble into everything and eat away the essence of it. Eat it away without any feeling for it or passion and once destroyed they move onto the next target. MOARRRRR SOOOCIALL JOOSTICEE….
          A zombie is also not guided by reason and logic. And now tell me there is any logic or reason to be found in these zombies ? They sniff sniff something something they dont understand and shamble their way slowly into these areas eating every spirit away that made it so unique.
          So if they are not zombies then ghouls or fucking passionless zombies!

  3. gregory light says:

    I don’t view metal as degrading to women or anything else along those lines. It is about channeling the negativity that the rest of society wants to either deny exists, or condemn. This allows for a more complete understanding of the forms of the world, thereby increasing the chances of transcendence and or acceptance. By the way, that lady’s picture on the top really sickens me and kinda freaks me out.

  4. Ruby, The King of Gemstones says:

    I’ve been doing some thinking, and I will say this…I’m just letting you know beforehand that this post will ramble a bit:

    These SJWs don’t like fantasy at all…The SJWs went after Marvel and DC comics because they said the female characters costumes were too skimpy and in real life they would look like hookers…Uh well, that’s the point! It isn’t supposed to be real! So DC comics messed up all the female characters costumes and none of the comics sold anything because the real fans got pissed off and SJWs were never interested in comics.

    Videogames are fantasy, and they went after that too…

    Metal doesn’t speak literally, so they are going after that now….

    This is a war on the human imagination. Imagination used CORRECTLY is power, there’s even an article about this that Brett wrote on ANUS. (

    Realize that the average sheeple in the world CANNOT CREATE, all they can do is REPEAT MEMES, you can see this in the current Metal scene…

    Do you like George Romero’s zombie movies? We are living in them now. Do you remember in the movie “Day of the Dead” when Dr. Logan said the zombies eat as a primal impulse, and they gain no nourishment from what they eat?

    SJWs are the same way, they want to change everything to make it bog-bland like they are because they are boring ass people who want to make everything boring like them because they think that they are the center of the world, and because they see the world as boring they see passion and passionate people as a problem that needs to be dealt with. But they offer shitty alternatives/no alternatives because they really don’t want anything at all. If you have no passion for life, you are not dead, but a ZOMBIE.

    Welcome to the Zombie Apocalypse.

    1. hypocrite says:

      Well now I’m hungry…

  5. Sandmann says:

    I would just say…
    Racism rocks, no matter if you are an ape or an ubermensch!
    Sexism rocks cuz woman = pussy
    Xenophobia is a retarded word. Yes it is!
    faggots can not suck my dick cuz I´m not a faggot!
    Fuck you silly hippy with your marxist faggotry!
    Ubermensch is always right!
    To offend someone is my daily bread!
    A joke is not meant to be understood by everybody!
    Since when is pop-culture or hipsterism part of metal ?
    The one Who says that satan is cool and great but crys about equality has a serious problem with his self reflection aka confused faggot!

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