John Joseph Joins Danzig in Lambasting Cancel Culture

Although Death Metal Underground, as a site run by veteran free-speech activists who crossed over from Leftism to Nihilism, has opposed “cancel culture” — a variety of “political correctness,” itself just another version of humans attempting to control reality through appearance and emotion — for some time, not only Glenn Danzig but now John Joseph from the Cro-Mags are speaking up:

“Just because some of you don’t agree with it I could give a fuck less,” the punk rocker said. “Stay the fuck home, watch CNN and the rest. I never gave a shit what critics said in the 70s and 80s and I still don’t care.”

“Cancel culture can go fuck themselves,” Joseph continued. “They are the same ones who criticized punk rock in the 70s and hardcore in the 80s. And they will all go away soon to live out [their] quiet lives of desperation while we carry on what we’ve been doing for decades.”

Joseph also railed against the “metal and alternative press,” which he said “threw us under a fucking bus,” and “trusted the lying ass media,” instead of going directly to the band members to get their stories.

It seems that the canary in the coal mine is singing, with more former punks pointing out that the new version of control is just as bad as the old one:

Moreover, Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon — also known as Johnny Rotten — recently called “wokeness” a divisive political weapon being wielded by privileged, “tempestuous, spoilt children,” whom the media offer a platform to push their unpopular politically correct opinions.

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32 thoughts on “John Joseph Joins Danzig in Lambasting Cancel Culture”

  1. Spaniard says:

    Danzig has been pink-pilled (a mild version of the red-pill) since the Obama administration. John Joseph is unfortunately somewhat of a buffoon as were/are most of participants of the NYHC scene. The majority of punks were/are representatives of the lower end of the gene pool; if their mothers would have aborted them, nothing of value would have been lost. I submit the following as evidence of punks being what they are:

    To all the heshers here feeling the unbearable strain of this dystopian hellscape, stay safe, stay healthy and stay frosty. This is only the beginning of the tribulations that are to come.

    1. jef hanuman says:

      you sound just like my mother, spaniard
      why do you always do that?

      1. Spaniard says:

        Don’t sass me junior; now go brush your teeth and get ready for bed.

        1. jef hanuman says:

          your link was interesting, btw, seeing those critical punks getting a “vaccine” -and getting filmed while they at it- including top poodle jellow biafra.

          1. Spaniard says:

            The older I get, the more I sincerely believe that punk was a psyop. It’s conformity masquerading as rebellion designed for a bored, restless and hare-brained suburban consumer populace.

            1. The psyop was the takeover by Leftists. The original punk movement was late 1960s and unformed, but as it flowered into the 1970s, Leftists realized that they had to manage it and trotted out stooge bands.

              1. Spaniard says:

                The reason Leftists were able to takeover was because Leftism was baked into punk’s cake. I kinda disagree with you on the origins of punk; to me it was definitely a product of 70s degeneracy and excess. I’m not mad at you for your take, hell it’s a common trope that Iggy Pop is the Godfather of Punk. My issue with this line of thinking is if we go down this path, then you could argue that Lester Bangs was right when he said, “punk rock all goes back to Ritchie Valens’s “La Bamba.” Just consider Valens’s three-chord mariachi squawkup in the light of “Louie Louie” by the Kingsmen, then consider “Louie Louie” in the light of “You Really Got Me” by the Kinks, then “You Really Got Me” in the light of “No Fun” by the Stooges, then “No Fun” in the light of “Blitzkrieg Bop” by the Ramones, and finally note that “Blitzkrieg Bop” sounds a lot like “La Bamba.”

                For my money, it began with the New York Dolls. The androgynous imagery coupled with the saccharine humanist lyrics set the ball rolling for what was to come: A nauseating stew of faggotry, pinko politics, gang banging and miscegenation sprang forth from this rancid concoction. If you want some really good books on the subect, check out Disco’s Out…Murder’s In!: The True Story of Frank the Shank and L.A.’s Deadliest Punk Rock Gang by Heath Mattioli and David Spacone as well as Safety In Numbers: My Journey with L.A. Punk Rock Gangs 1982-1992 by Adam Wilson. Begin with the Wilson book as that one is particularly telling on punk’s degenerative effects and the types who were drawn to it. Wilson is a mulatto of Irish/black-American extraction (I know, I know you will say Irish/black is redundant) who came from a broken home and had/has a learning disability you will pick up on when you read the abundance of grammatical errors found in the text. Nevertheless, it provides excellent insight and reinforces my point. Later.

            2. jef hanuman says:

              The punk rock thing is like a repeat of the 60s story as told by dave mcgowan.
              In 10 years society moved from I wanna hold your hand to Anarchy in the UK.
              and then society moved on to welcome to hell

              A guy named Nino teauneaux did some interesting research on the punk rock movement, showing f.i. the links between some beat poets and the burgeoning punk scene (ginsburg-biafra, burroughs-cobain), as wel as showing the pedigree of some of the actors. Harley flanagan was ginsburg’s godson.

              Unfortunately the links are no longer there since host (parasite) jan irvin removed them.
              Some other insights here though, on ‘popular music’…not metal…but it’s got “dead” in the name…

              1. Spaniard says:

                “A guy named Nino teauneaux did some interesting research on the punk rock movement, showing f.i. the links between some beat poets and the burgeoning punk scene (ginsburg-biafra, burroughs-cobain), as wel as showing the pedigree of some of the actors. Harley flanagan was ginsburg’s godson.”

                I will have to check this out. I’m not too surprised as I can see certain connections between what the beats were doing and punk. The homosexual aspect immediately comes to mind as Burroughs, Ginsburg, and Kerouac wrote about their dalliances in sodomy. Ginsburg was a straight up queer who was a supporter and member of NAMBLA ( North American Man/Boy Love Association) as well as one of the founders of the the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University. As I wrote in my reply to Brett, faggotry was one of the foundational elements of punk you would be surprised how many punks also sympathize pederasty. Harley Flanagan being Ginsburg’s godson says all you need to know about “based” Harley. Oh yeah, huwhite power Harley is also part Dominican.

                I haven’t gone through all the clips on your link, but what I’ve perused is good stuff. I was never a Grateful Dead fan or their ersatz offspring Phish. To me, this type of music robs the listener of their vigor and reduces them to the equivalent of a potted plant. When I was a stoner, my favorite albums to do bong rips to were: and

                The fact that NEITHER of these has been reviewed here is a stain on DMU. A word of caution, be careful getting baked to these albums; depending on the strain you’re blazing, you might feel like you’re suffocating.

                1. jef hanuman says:

                  mortician sort of made me think of these finnish guys

                  1. Spaniard says:

                    Sort of, but Mortician’s sound is dirtier, heavier, and thicker. To this day, I haven’t come across another band that’s heavier. Rottrevore I would say is on par and Onward to Golgotha comes close.

                    1. Plateau Sigma says:

                      Spaniards aren’t white.

                    2. Placental Smegma says:

                      This is a discrimination free zone.

                    3. Spaniard says:

                      It must be devastating knowing the best of you was left running down the crack of your mother’s ass.

                    4. “I love sodomy!” – Paul Ledney

                2. Cannabilized Corpz says:

                  BLAYZ IT NIGGY!


                  1. Spaniard says:

                    Decent entry. Blaze on!

  2. Joe Bloke says:

    So many supposedly Leftist icons disappointing the woke junta. It’s awesome to see them cancel all the good stuff and put their weight behind rubbish with a message they approve of.

    1. It will make it that much easier to exile all neurotics, including Leftists, to Venezuela.

  3. Leaving out the best part says:

    “BLM had a table set up taking donations at the show and we fed over 400 people organic plant-based meals that day,” Joseph explained.

    1. Is horse semen vegan?

  4. Admiral Tirptiz says:

    “Although Death Metal Underground, as a site run by veteran free-speech activists who crossed over from Leftism to Nihilism”
    Nihilism is only fun when your young and idealistic. The minute you hold your kid in your arms after they’re born, that is when you stop thinking shit like that. If you are going to attempt to be a good parent, that is. Then thoughts of meaninglessness and all the trappings of nihilism seem pretty silly when it is your job to make the best world you can for your kids. Doesn’t mean you don’t explain to them the realities of the world, but you don’t make a dreary concept such as nihilism the framework of your life.
    The rest of this article, spot on.
    As far as Lydon, he loves playing the contrarian. He has a history of that. He is a provocateur, not wise. At times, it seems on this site people only hear or read the recent words of someone and run with it, without looking at the dreaded motivations behind the words.
    If John Lydon said the Earth was flat, just to be “that guy”, it would not surprise me in the least.

    1. Contrarianism is one of those time-honored methods of drawing attention to oneself.

      Nihilism simply means a refusal to believe in the human imposed pretense (H.I.P.) of the notion of universal truths, values, morals, and communications.

      All of that is horseshit for weakling morons.

      1. Admiral Tirpitz says:

        I guess that is where we disagree.
        You seem to be a learned, thoughtful person with a very good writing ability.
        Heavily influenced by philosophy. I imagine we have read many of the same philosophers.
        You know what I learned from all the reading? Nothing I didn’t learn through observation and interactions with a wide swath of humanity. Minus all the hokum of terminology. Very few philosophers were anything but recluses withvery few friends and limited interactions with human beings. Just pondering spinsters.
        Nihilism is childish. It’s much like the current left. The current leftists kids see nothing of value. They pretend to use race and inequality as rallying cry for the masses. But in reality most are just suburban kids who are bored and hate whatever values that were instilled in them. Some have been brainwashed through education-at all levels. Others, have found their “philosophy” off the net. But they find nothing of value in morals or values either. When a young punk in a black ski mask wearing a Che shirt screams in the face of an elderly woman simply crossing the street, that shows a lack of morals and values.
        Now your definition of values and morals may be different than mine. You may have some “philosophical” definition that you learned from a book. But I find them essential in determining who is good and who is bad.
        I bring up children again. Do you have any?
        If you do, what value do you place on them if you do not instill morals into their world?
        Better yet, if you do not believe values or morals are important, would you leave your child with just anyone?
        Would it matter to you morally if you left your child with a molester? Certainly a lawbreaker, but why?
        You know the answer. Because we created laws to protect children from harm, because we as a society find it immoral to sexually abuse children.
        Morality and values help us to judge who is to be trusted with the most important things in our lives.
        Is it foolproof? No, of course not.
        But to say they are not important is silly and again, for the young and childlike.

        1. I don’t agree. Philosophy is useful for structured thoughts, not Lake Wobegon style observations.

          Nihilism is simply reality: there are no universal truths, values, morals, or communications.

          This has no bearing on what you teach your children, and in fact is a necessary part of what you must teach them. You have your morals; others have other morals. Do not expect them to follow your ways.

          That’s just (intellectual) maturity.

          1. kerry jo-king says:

            when you say
            “there are no universal truths”
            is that not a universal truth?

            1. No, it’s an interpretation ;)

        2. Mettuhl says:

          “You know what I learned from all the reading? Nothing I didn’t learn through observation and interactions with a wide swath of humanity.”

          Of course you didn’t learn more from philosophers than interacting with people, because the former is hard and the latter is easy. And now you shove your kid in debates as an actual argument. Wow.

          Judging by your superficial understanding of morality, I’m guessing you at most attempted making sense of e.g. Nietzsche when young, and read a chapter or two of a couple of other thinkers for the looks of it, but it was all too damn hard and now you look back on that superficial knowledge as having read them all.

          Dunning-Kruger, eins, zwei!

          1. Admiral Tirpitz says:

            please explain to me your grand take on philosophy?
            People who spout “philosophy” as it’s the be-all, end-all explanation of human nature are more than likely people who have lived very sheltered, isolated lives. Usually “intellectual” suburban culture-de-sac kids who go to a community college or overpay at a large school for a degree that means nothing.
            Ever watch “Good Will Hunting”?. The Harvard bar scene?
            That’s what going to college for philosophy is.
            Hopefully you didn’t spend all your parents money on a degree.
            Philosophy has always been and will always be pretentious poindexters regurgitating jargon that makes them look smart and sophisticated about humanity. That is all.
            Point stands-you can learn more from engaging in real life and understanding how people think and react from actual immersion, not a textbook with created non-sense.
            People are very simple. That has never changed.
            And again, nihilism is ridiculous for anyone over the age of 25 who don’t live with their parents.

            1. Wait, so we should take advice from the for-profit multi-national corporations who make big box movies instead?

  5. Phil says:

    > Although Death Metal Underground, as a site run by veteran free-speech activists who crossed over from Leftism to Nihilism, has opposed “cancel culture” — a variety of “political correctness,” …

    A poor characterisation, in my opinion. Cancel culture is simply leftists continuing to wage social and institutional (Gramscian) warfare to push their very specific agenda. It has been that way since rightists lost the cultural war.

    1. Or perhaps long before it. The Leftist M.O. has been for centuries to make political decisions into personal decisions, then to declare anything but Leftism to be antisocial. It’s just how neurotics work. See Crowdism.

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