Metal Will Never Die

Online music magazine Perfect Sound Forever (nice job stealing the 1980s advertising slogan for the then new CD format) recently posted a piece entitled “Metal For the New Millennium” by an idiotic hipster named Cam Netland who said that metal was a limited music genre as result of being a “as an offset of rock music”. Netland claims that metal became “more hardcore” as a result of the “radicalization” of other genres in this period citing staid examples such as Bad Brains (softened hardcore punk for idiotic affirmative action multi-culturalists) and Public Enemy (rap made into pop music with tough street gang lyrics to make suburban white jocks feel good about their short penises). He goes onto claim that metal is divided into many “micro-genres” and that the new millennium has seen the rise of many new ones such as what Neton terms Babymetal‘s grass-eater Japanese pop music, djent (random post-hardcore jazz fusion) Deafheaven‘s “blackgaze” (screamo pretending to be tough that is neither black metal nor shoegaze), and Vektor‘s random techno speed metal idiocy. Netland cites such turd non-metal albums as MastodonLeviathan (alternative rock), Converge – Jane Doe (post-hardcore math rock), and System of a Down – Toxicity (nu-“metal” which is in actuality of course rap rock).

While Chris Netland acknowledges the directionless of the present mainstream “metal” and the “funderground”, he is of course full of it. Metal as a genre of music is as far from rock ‘n’ roll as jazz, classical, baroque, and blues are. Blending superficial aesthetic production aspects of metal onto another musical genre like whiny Japanese vocal pop does not make whiny Japanese vocal pop metal. Netland gives us a picture of the mighty Sodom and mentions a few other influential 1980s metal bands such as Bathory and Death but since Netland refuses to dive into the underground and explore it, if he were conscious during the eighties, he would have never even heard of these bands until well after their creative prime; he would have never heard of Sodom until at least 1989-1990 during the more commercialized Agent Orange speed metal era well after In the Sign of Evil , Obsessed by Cruelty, and Persecution Mania. Netland completely ignoring underground metal misses the point entirely as metal almost exclusively developed in underground, with varying sub-genres eventually emerging to mainstream popularity for the first twenty odd years of metal’s existence.

Black metal was the culmination and realization of the hidden musical potential in what Black Sabbath, who just performed what they say is their final show, started. Death metal riffing was strung along to central melodies in a purification of what had always made metal great. The best heavy, speed, and death metal bands always followed this somewhat but were almost always led astray in the end on subsequent works by self-parody toward delusions of stardom. This neoclassical realization of melodic narrative was first famously made by Euronymous from Mayhem and Snorre “Blackthorn” Ruck from Thorns. Snorre, Varg‘s “accomplice” in killing Euronymous according to the Norwegian criminal justice system, was very influential and is held in high regard by the Norwegian black metallers for helping pioneer the Norwegian black metal riffing style beyond chromatic powerchords as long-espoused by Fenriz.

Black metal took the mythological-historical view of history and applied that to riff-based compositions. The two were related philosophically. At that point, the genre had also reached the most extreme position, Nietzschean occultism, that is possible. There is no where more “moar extreme” to go; “kill yourself and your parents” paled in comparison to national socialism and existential social Darwinism.

Modern society denies this Nietzschean, Darwinistic idea so metal denying to acknowledge this denial of reality took everything to the furthest extreme. After black metal died as a novel movement in 1994, there was nowhere further for metal to proceed in extremity as it had already been purified down to its true platonic ideal. For metal to develop further and develop more of a permanent nature, it was going to end up like traditional folk music and early music: longer melodies, complex song structures, and very distinctive themes (i.e. not generic evil but still metallic in ideal). If you are thinking “Orion” crossed with “My Journey To The Stars“, that is basically it.

The problem with this is that few can execute it, relatively few can appreciate it, and it does not have the hipness factor of jazz or punk. It would be a non-starter; Ancient – Trolltaar did not go as far as one might expect.

Metal is dead in the eyes of the mainstream who never really grasped and appreciated it. Most artists and fans who could understand it saw that the next level was nearly impossible and bailed out. Those who remain are people who can see the eternal nature of metal’s validity or blowhards imitating the past to discover false glory. This has been the case for the last twenty two years at this point. The best modern bands such as Sammath go completely unappreciated by punks, scenesters, and hipsters wanting more three-chord tripe rock to get drunk and slamdance to on the weekends. As the filth of man dies around them, these few and worthy will stay standing like mysterious megaliths of unknown origin, emerging from the dirt of the underground and weathering the ages as testamental proof that metal as a musical ideal will never truly die.

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39 thoughts on “Metal Will Never Die”

  1. Claudia Roth says:

    When there are less than a handful of good metal albums coming out every year, then yes, metal can be in fact considered dead. Autistic ramblings do not change this.

    1. Fuck off Islamic apologist hobbit dyke.

      1. GGALLIN1776 says:

        You forgot zionist, Herr Maarat. It has Roth as a last name.
        Maybe once all the sjw’s are smashed more good stuff will come out, I’m guessing hands are tied because you can’t punch & record at the same time. Or can you? This might make a good album, do a “live” recording in a studio while people unmercifully beat sjw’s & leftists in the same room. The screams will do wonders.

        1. canadaspaceman says:

          if Maarat is actually a jew, and still approving my comments then that maybe means one thing or the other – he is either similar to David Cole and doesn’t care what the jewish lobby says and loves the truth, or he was adopted and is angry about what he has to put up with his entire life.

          1. canadaspaceman says:

            yes, when I was a child / teen, I accepted the Marxist multicultural propaganda from school / TV .. once I got into highschool, the workplace, and made mistakes going to jail, THEN I knew and understood the importance of separatism.

    2. Rainer Weikusat says:

      Hmm … fourty years of rock have produced maybe ‘a handful’ of good albums. I could perhaps come up with two handfuls if I went through all of the CDs here. Considering this, ‘a handful’ per year would be an astonishingly superior quality.

      I also dispute the ‘a handful’ (but my standards are sometimes considerably laxer than DMU’s).

      1. nigstomper88 says:

        oh please.

        1. Rainer Weikusat says:

          <emOh please what? I don’t agree with your assessment that the world ended 25 years ago, hence, I’m not pre-disposed towards fault-finding (always possible) with current releases. As usual, the meadow is mostly grass, eg, the entire WTC ‘black metal’ catalogue (I admit that I sampled only a very limited part of that but all were the same kind of “Uhrfaustmusik”[*]) but there are different kinds of flowers in between (I should use a more eevil simile here …).

          As opposed to the ‘Bernhard Foerster[**]’ nutories commonly ascribed to him, something Nietzsche actually observed (and considered characteristical for decadents) is that people aspire to translate the fact “I’m going under”, IOW, my world has a finite lifetime (although I won’t experience it as such) into the imperative “Everything must go under!” aka “The world has to end” (baby boomers turning to so-called ‘right wing’ ‘popular fairy tale tellers’ in their old age seems to be a good example of that). As I know that the lifetime of my world is only finite as observed by others, “that don’t concern me”.

          [*] Urfaust really refers to the Faust-tale/ -dramas prior to Goethe, the prefic Ur- meaning ‘ancient’. Adding an h to that turns it into the German word for clock: One can imagine a cuckoo clock and with an “avantgarde [black] metal band” howling out the hours here.

          [**] Bernhard Foerster, Elisabeth Nietzsches’s husband was an antisemite, a racist and German nationalist who tried to ‘prove’ Germanic superiority by founding a German colony in Bolivia. This ended in tears with his gullible followers losing everything and him committing suicide to ‘escape’ from the mountain of debt and the total collapse of his projects. Nietzsche thoroughly despised him (and his sister after marrying him), however, because they were family, the lady and her mother cared for him when he went mad until his life ended and inherited the rights to his works. Now calling herself Elisabeth Foerster-Nietzsche, she controlled the Nietzsche-archive and posthumous publications which were edited to remove less-than-flattering allusions to herself and she even had entirely new works fabricated from left-over notes and unfinished plans for some ‘magnum opus’.

          1. Attention Defecate Disorder says:


  2. canadaspaceman says:

    First Aid from Italy is ripping, but yeah, usually most new bands are whatever.
    Hype does help get new death or thrash bands noticed, but if they sound like the old stuff, then I will stick with Slayer, Vengeance Rising, etc.
    I check out the bands from the articles here on DMU about half the time, unless I am really bored and only then take a chance on them all.

    1. canadaspaceman says:

      PS. drinking alcohol again when you wake up helps with hangovers

  3. You says:

    There hasn’t been a masterpiece in about 25 years. The genre is dead and what passes as new/”quality” around here has nothing on a majority of early 90’s releases. Sammath may be better than 3-chord tripe rock, but it’s still not better than the early Earache classics or the Infester reissue.

    1. Most of the early 90s releases are overrated.

      1. this trip is turning into a bit letdown says:

        By whom?

        Also, is it Chris or Cam?

    2. nigstomper88 says:

      >Sammath may be better than 3-chord tripe rock

      Is it though? GG Allin is at least honest, fun music. Not empty. New metal is totally empty.

    3. trystero says:

      No Sammath really is that good. It’s up to par with the best of metal, but it’s just one album by a band that’s been around for a long time.

      1. Strijd is also great.

        1. S.C. says:

          I liked strijd quite a bit more than godless arrogance. It really took some challenging, confusing and not always entirely logical twists and turns, which is what made it excellent. I think an artist did something really special when, all is said and done, I’m trying to grasp what exactly I had just listened. It’s great when an album feels organic and logical (without being cliche), but I think it takes a certain boldness and artistic integrity to make something a bit unsatisfying, I’m sense. Like, it sounds excellent, but when it’s over you feel dirty, confused or agitated because the artist didn’t make it all nice, neat and tied together. It’s got a bitterness that can be disappointing unless you accept it for what it is. That’s how Strijd made me feel.

  4. David Rosales says:

    Ideas and words seem oddly familiar. Dmu meme in evolution!

    1. S.C. says:

      Dmu memes seem to permeate through most articles here.

    2. S.C. says:

      Though it comes off more often as propaganda, to myself.

  5. Metal's Epitaph says:

    Have you seen the circus freaks from Metal Archives?

    This genre is deader than Jesus.

    1. Baaaarp says:

      Oh, boy… Thanks for the laugh.

      1. Metal's Epitaph says:

        The walking heart attack on the left is a mod. (Metantoine)

    2. Metal R.I.P. 1993 says:

      Metal died a long time ago. Sammath sucks compared to Atrocity’s Longing for Death or Demilich. If counting which mish-mash or repeat of the past is the best and arguing for the legitimacy of a pop-funderground release (Serpent Ascending) is a sign of genre health, it’s well beyond coffin soup at this point.

      1. trystero says:

        Godless Arrogance seems to be terribly underappreciated. It is a difficult album but it’s really up there, no joke, no alteration in standards. It’s legitimately one of the best metal albums, a modern miracle.

        1. Baaaarp says:

          Somewhere between the stereotypical Zyklon-B post-black metal melodies and the constipated vocals, its appeal is lost on me, even though I find the structures interesting. It’s like trying to make a good meal out of shitty ingredients.

      2. Kvädare says:

        Sammath at its best is the equal of Demilich.

    3. Shia LeBuff says:

      Which one is Morrigan?

    4. LostInTheANUS says:

      Eh, I’d sodomize them.

  6. Rainer Weikusat says:

    “Concerts I’m glad I didn’t attend”,

    Have a look at the front row: There’s absolutely nothing going on there, just a bunch of guys with minds dulled by bass-heavy, repitive/ directionless noise. Every now and then, someone jumps onto stage for a “hard posing” exercise (“Everyone looks at me now! Fuck, yeah!”) but all these people seem to be made of clay and barely capable of moving their limps coordinately. And the band is the background for that.

    1. S.C. says:

      Looks a like a beach ball party with dirty drunk bros and bald spots (But gotta keep it long, at least on the sides, cause this is apparently metal) instead of babes in bikinis. Looks like good fun… right? METAL!!!

  7. HH says:

    teckdef, yo

    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

      This is really more brutal death metal/ slam, depending on how you look at it either death metal without death or metal or hip hop without hip or hop.

      “Tek deaf” aka “something combining surface elements of death metal with what could be confused for fusion jazz” is probably more something like this:

      Defeated Sanity may play technically complicated stuff but nobody would accuse them of trying to be subtle :->.

  8. bewitched says:

    Metal is far from being dead. Just check this out!

  9. I blew my head off like Per Ohlin says:

    Public Enemy were political not gangster.
    Get it right.

  10. S.C. says:

    What does DMU think of people who ask for DMU’s opinions on random bands? (I’d wonder if these individuals were fishing for affirmation of their listening preferences…)

    1. canadaspaceman says:

      I wi;; answer this if yiu send me one dollar my friend,and the futuire can be yiurs!

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