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If, like me, the reader has also purchased the latest reissue of Gorguts’ Obscura, he will find that the booklet’s back side is graced by the following quote by Osho:

The journey is long and the path is pathless and one has to be alone. There is no map and no one to guide. But there is no alternative. One cannot escape it, one cannot evade it. One has to go on the journey. The goal seems impossible but the urge to go on is intrinsic. The need is deep in the soul.

Although definitely not typical of a 1990s death metal record, these lines describe the drive that produced this almost accidental album. But aren’t all such savant releases at least partially accidental?

The spiritual and existentialist atmosphere that this quote evokes actually reflects the nature of the album as a whole and are in perfect alignment with its lyrics.

Some metal albums have beautiful lyrics accompanying the music. But the best albums bring sound and word together to shape a living entity that takes lodge in man’s heart.

Latest being drowned
In fictive degradation
Coming depression revolved
Around an Earth
Nostalgia excludes the whole

As spleen takes over me
Resound, the echoes of my threnodies
And then the fact of being
Has no longer meaning
The hymns of light
They’ll sing once I’ll be gone

Reverie appears cause
Existence collapse

Sadness shall obnuilate

Sadness, feels, the desolated

Desperately lost within
Lament, pain and misery
The more lies burden lives,
The more I am dying
The realm of light
I’ll reach once I’ll…

Latest feeling drowned
In lucid contradiction
Coming relation revolved
Around a heart
Nostalgia excludes the whole

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8 thoughts on “Obscura and Osho”

  1. Antediluvian says:

    (source: http://www.osho.com/iosho/library/read-book/online-library-goal-pathless-look-cf7b709b-7b1?p=dde2752a278699f2953c6944b6e0c95a)

    The quote leaves out the very first line of the source: “Love.” The original text intends to particularly speak about the journey in finding love; that love is the deep need of the soul. By excluding it, it focuses the meaning onto the journey of life that we all walk alone.

    Doesn’t this speak volumes on the values expressed by this site and extreme metal in general? Condemn love, for we are bereft of it, and instead walk the pathless and lonely existentialist journey.

    1. Richard Head says:

      No, it doesn’t. You are drawing connections where there aren’t any when you say that the modification of the quote is a condemnation of love, but thanks for the Freudian insight anyway.

      Leaving “love” out of the quote might be a good decision because it allows us to react subconsciously to the text and apply it to something that we think is deeply important. Besides that, “love” is a very ambiguous word in English, and might have made the quote even even less applicable in relation to the music on the album.

  2. I blew my head off like Per Ohlin says:

    Osho was an idiot.

    1. trystero says:

      Not at all, just a bad man.

  3. Richard Head says:

    Gorgut’s best lyrics were on Considered Dead. Death metal about death? Duh, you might say, but those words are poetry. The lyrics on Obscura are either gibberish, too idiomatic to have much meaning outside of Lemay’s personal sphere of references, or just over my head. I’m leaning toward a half-and-half mixture of the second and third possibilities but have not ruled out the first.

    1. Gibberling says:

      Definitely transcendental gibberish cooked up with a thesaurus.

  4. Blast to Exist says:

    Remember in 1984 when Osho (ex-Bhagawan Shree Rajneesh) was implicated in the salmonella-poisoning of like 10 salad bars in rural Oregon, USA? HAHAHAaaaa

  5. Flying Kites says:

    I doubt this is the same man you refer to, but I found a great wiki quote from an Indian Hindu.


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