Shawn Wright (Bestial Evil) responds


Not surprisingly, Shawn Wright of Bestial Evil was not happy to read our article about the political drama in Baltimore. Having reached out to him once for commentary on the original article, we reached out again, and this time, got some juicy commentary.

“He isn’t a good person,” says Wright, speaking of Tim Snodgrass who experienced phone threats from Mr. Wright several months ago. “He has verbally slandered me for way too long on and offline. The truth is this was personal and he took it to the surface to media attention.”

According to Wright, Snodgrass became unpopular in the tight-knit — “Communal” was the word used — Baltimore scene for first his personal behavior, and then his politics. “It was more personal than that,” he said, referring to the political split and accusations of censorship. “He went wrong when he and I spoke back in 2012. When he got all shitty with me prior. We called a truce. He decided to slander me again and talk shit. I was totally fine with him up until people started to tell me deeper shit that he has done to my homies here.”

Wright says the Baltimore metal scene desires to be more “Communal,” which he takes to mean “working together,” and suggests that Snodgrass did not fit in. In particular, Wright feels Snodgrass was “slandering bands and people for trying to make the scene more Communal” and is a pariah “because he thinks everyone here is a joke beyond his select few people that give him a chance.”

“Tim needs to learn his fucking place with people,” Wright wrote. “He talks a big game. And no one here supports him.” He points out that Snodgrass came to Baltimore later than what Wright views as the original scene. “I was in this city before Tim,” he says.

Wright adds that he sees two reasons for this alienation. Snodgrass took sides in a band dispute in 2012. “He was ‘cool’ with me when I played in Extermination Angel,” Wright says. “I had a falling out with them. And he was one of the people that fucked with me for no apparent reason. Sticking his nose in my business…He was slandering me for the shit I was going through. Then he and I had issues the second time when he started talking all that shit when he was seeing his girlfriend Marie.”

While not the cause of the disagreement, Wright says, the dispute was exacerbated by the political factor: the Baltimore scene, as he sees it, is anti-racist and Snodgrass refuses to join in. “The point is Tim is a fence walker. And that shit isn’t tolerated in the city.” (A “fence walker” is one who approves of politically incorrect music like white power music.)

Wright says that Snodgrass made himself a pariah in the scene for the bands and people he supported. “I’m sure he is friends with sketchy labels like Freezing Records,” he adds. “He had mutual friends here but those individuals are frowned upon as well.” But he claims politics was not the source of the fracture. “He is alienated because he chooses to run his fucking mouth about people.”

Snodgrass, who runs Diabolic Force Distribution, has sold white power material in the past, Wright alleges. “I bought a 7″ some years back when he was working at the Talking Head for a Toxic Holocaust show selling their merch and other shit. I bought an Evil Incarnate record or some band like from him. Only to find out it was Nazi metal. He has sold my buddy Justin Loys white power shit as well. It’s a fucking personal insult selling shit like that in this city.”

An investigation of Diabolic Force distro provided no smoking gun, although some bands with controversial views were clearly present. Wright indicated that “there’s a lot of bands like Blaspherion, Evil Incarnate, Arkhon Infaustus, Graveland, Aryan Blood to name a few” but of those, only Graveland was present on the website, as were other formerly right-wing Eastern European bands like Thunderbolt, Ohtar and Dark Fury. However, the vast majority of the distro seemed to be the mix of war metal, death metal and black metal found at most distros, and none of the releases made explicit mention of white power ideology in song titles, album titles or imagery.

“Some of the bands are good bands. But some of the shit is offensive ass bullshit,” Wright says. Of himself, he says, “I admit I have anger issues. But I’m not a bad guy.” Other sources have indicated the Wright has a family member currently receiving medical care for a life-threatening condition and that this could be putting him under some pressure.


He forwarded the above screencap, which shows Freezing Records — not Diabolic Force — selling a zine named “Aryan RegardSS” which allegedly has white power, national socialist or white nationalist leanings. The title certainly suggests it. But among many in the metal community, it is considered normal to sell music and zines about metal without scrutinizing them for the politically incorrect content that frequently occurs. Wright disagrees with this approach, and calls it the basis of being a fence walker.

The mystery remains. Diabolic Force distro admits some bands with right-wing political leanings, but these are a tiny minority of what it sells, along with bands like the Nekro Drunkz, Jenkem and Funerus. Clearly it is not a white power distro and its main sin is, as Wright calls it, “fence walking,” which means either refusing to censor bands for their views or not being extreme enough in purging the scene of unpopular views, depending on who you talk to.

To Wright, at least, it doesn’t matter. He sees Snodgrass as antisocial in both behavior and ideology. “He got banned for calling people “Faggot” at Sidebar,” he says. “He is a gossip queen.” And with that, clarity evades us yet again, but it’s good to get the other side of the story.

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38 thoughts on “Shawn Wright (Bestial Evil) responds”

  1. lol says:

    Support the underground maaan, so every band can be as shitty as every other band.

    1. Phil says:

      Nowadays music scenes exist for primarily social and financial reasons for the individuals involved. Great bands don’t need backslaps and handjobs. Unlike the developmental collaboration and theory sharing between the musical phenoms in the old Norwegian scene, modern scenes are for the lifestyle.

      1. lol says:

        Early Norsk scene also ended working partially because Euronymous was an elitist asshole who signed and praised only bands he recognised as worthy. One can only wonder how many bad copycat bands got stuck at the demo stage and were swallowed by history.

  2. Myrmidon says:

    Sounds like a Faggot crybaby to me.

  3. Daniel Maarat says:

    Baltimore metal is a bunch of hipsters in shitty bands.

    1. OliveFox says:

      “You owtta take et’ bahhk. Owt-Oh bar, Bohs, and Blahhk Medal my friend. Jus’ get OHhhvER et.”

      Hard to type in a Catonsville accent, but you get the idea.

      Yuck. I hope Joe Flacco gets stomach cancer and The Horse You Rode In On burns down. If you ever get the privilege of meeting one of those bike riding, MICA fruits…count how long it takes for them to brag: “I rode through the riots, but I didn’t feel one once of danger towards ‘regular’ citizens.” Creeps.

  4. Scotty 2 Hotty says:

    So blaspheming Christ and disparaging all Christians is fine but I guess the word “faggot” is too evil for metal…

    1. vOddy says:

      Christianity is a disgusting submission cult which teaches that all humans deserve to be eternally tortured, but that there is a way to avoid what one deserves by letting an innocent man become punished instead. And that this is a good thing.

      Being gay just means you want to stick your dick in a man.

      This doesn’t mean that the word “faggot” should be banned, or any other word. Or that we should silence those who have a problem with faggotry. But please, have some perspective, and don’t make stupid points like that one.

      1. Scotty 2 Hotty says:

        My point was that there are no sacred cows in metal. That being said, the LGBT movement–which I’ll add that virtually every homosexual is a part of before you point out the few exceptions–has contributed more to the culture rot in recent years than has Christianity.

        1. vOddy says:

          If I could remove homosexuality, or Christianity, I would choose to remove Christianity, without any doubt.
          There is nothing inherently culture rotting about fucking other people of your own gender. A lot of transsexuals have taken the SJW blue pill, this I do not deny, but that is not a genetic trait. It is a cultural trait which can be eroded with time.

          Christianity, on the other hand, will always be tied to the bible, which will not change with time.
          People try to interpret it in ways that make it compatible with modern values, but doing this just conditions children to be intellectually dishonest and self deceiving, which we already have too much of.

          1. Christianity, on the other hand, will always be tied to the bible, which will not change with time.

            I wonder if our modern interpretation is at all accurate.

            1. Robert says:

              I think this guy Shawn Wright is doing this for “his scene”. I think he knows if bands with radical views slip through the cracks, the fans will be upset and stop attending shows and then placing the blame on him. I think he’s a douche but maybe he’s just protecting his image and the scene for his “homies”.

          2. Scotty 2 Hotty says:

            The LGBT movement has produced almost nothing of value. It has given nothing back to society and only serves as a platform for people with victim complexes to mewl and moan about how life is unfair. Which is a joke because gay rights have all already been won and mainstream culture loves patting themselves on the back for supporting those poor “oppressed” gays. I hesitate to say there is such a thing as gay culture outside what fetish costumes they wear when they head down to the bar to get dicked. Tradition, virtue, piety… such things are meaningless in the homo-sphere.

            Christianity on the other hand, has a two thousand year legacy that laid the spiritual foundation for the dominance of the Western world, not to mention much of the art and philosophy we venerate today is Christian in origin.

  5. fuck you,shaun fairy shit stabber,you are the man in the spotlight,i am the pestilence that walketh in darkness, i contracted aids a while back,now shaun i am going to give it to you,i could be anyone,a close friend,a faggot you pick up at the sidebar for some butt hammering,to that guy that instigates a fight,only to not fight back,but to shed blood,my disease spraying your face..maybe i’m the guy waiting outside in the parking lot that will rape you and inject your dilapitated shthole with toxic cum shit live the faggot life,now you must succumb to faggot plague shaun,your sins against metal must be atoned for

  6. viranesir says:

    if someone says I am not a bad guy, then run the fuck away. Do you think Hitler thought he was a “bad guy”

  7. canadaspaceman says:

    What a world we live in these days, where homo/pedophile/destroyers are elevated and thought of as cool.
    Fuck that action.
    I would rather be called a “nazi” or “redneck” I guess.
    With more of this degenerate PC propaganda bullshit spreading, my money now only goes to supporting bands and labels against them.

    1. Joanne says:

      That’s because you are an idiot. We here in Baltimore know who Shawn is and it doesn’t matter what you say. He has full support here. He has many friends and his band formed in 2012 before the other “copycat” band. They will phase out the other band point blank. Anyone that has issues with people that care about shit in there scenes can eat a bag of dicks. We are “communal” but not with shit bags like Tim Snoddgrass. Fuck him and fuck this drama he ensued upon Shawn. When Bestial Evil brings it to the scene I don’t wanna hear no crying. Fuck ignorant pricks that wanna hide. Such pussies. Come out in the open where we can see you. We are here in support of Shawn, regardless of what anyone of you think!

      1. morbideathscream says:

        Bestial evil will be nothing more than a forgotten local band in the Baltimore area. They may open up a preshow for mdf at best and maybe 20 people who are all hipster fags will actually pay attention. The only thing bestial evil will bring to the scene is internet drama. Hails to Tim Snodgrass and diabolic force records for not going along with the stupid communal you all got going in your hipster poser scene. Your all persecuting him because he said bestial evil was shit and the fact that he might have had a graveland cd in his distro? What a fucking joke! You whining pc fucks are not extreme and the shit you all care about is fucking retarded, the political shit you all preach is identical to what mainstream news outlets shove down society’s throat, just delusional hippie morals wrapped with a metal flavor, not remotely rebellious. Metal is death, destruction, Satan, realism(not the fantasy world you lefties live in), nihilism and hatred for mainstream society which includes you pc fags. It’s not about being socially acceptable or worrying if some queer is offended. Being an sjw/pc metal band makes as much sense as a Christian metal band. If you all were to confront any one of us or anyone that doesn’t agree with your Marxist bullshit in person, a whole mob of you of bitches would swarm us or jump us from behind cause your all too cowardice to fight honorably. Just face it, you sjw’s are just an angry mob of incompetent good for nothing morons who can’t hold a job and who’s only weapon is propaganda and demonizing anyone who their jealous of and calling them racist. Enjoy having bricks thrown at your head by negro rioters.

        1. the political shit you all preach is identical to what mainstream news outlets shove down society’s throat

          That’s interesting.

      2. Can you survive the blitzkrieg says:

        Tim has more friends than your band has fans, you will not be treated kindly outside of your hometown.

        1. All local scenes operate this way, to their detriment. There should be one goal: put the best music first.

    2. vOddy says:

      That is almost as foolish as only supporting SJW friendly bands and labels.
      Support the music that is good, even if it’s not against this shit.

  8. Shawn Wright says:

    I’m here to clear a few things up first off I run Baltimore with my homies, no band is gonna EVER play this city unless I ok it first, it’s called keeping the fascists out! If other locals or nationals want to play no big deal, just get permission FIRST or I’ll beat your ass at your show, period. Next, no band can compete with BESTIAL EVIL so just deal, your band sucks period. I am the greatest singer and frontman in metal and not just currently i mean EVER and it’s not up for argument 2016 will be the year we start touring Europe, Japan and South America.
    My girlfriend has accepted my homosexuality and she knows that I’m ALWAYS going to have gay male male on male sexual passion, that’s called UNCONDITIONAL LOVE if that offends YOU maybe you need to find a new partner!

  9. This fucking PC clown didn’t do his homework. Both about my label/band or the fact that his band name is a rip-off of an established act with real releases. He has made himself look like a complete cunt. He’s giving us free promo and burying his worthless band and himself at the same time. He has chosen the wrong people to wage a war with. We’ll never back down. We support the underground music. We support bringing danger back to this music. He supports love-ins and hippies. Fuck him and anyone affiliated with him forever.

  10. John Gull Bonny says:

    Brett, aren’t you kind of old to be writing about some gay lovers spat? Baltimore is a filthy hole of rioting Dindus and metal fags drama

  11. lol says:

    Everyone else went in the midst of all this drama to check out the two Bestial Evils? The Italian one plays a sort of retarded war metal that is like a pure rush of adrenaline. Pretty cool but falls into basically all the trappings of Blasphemy/Fago worship. The Baltimore one is… just kind of there, reminding me a bit of modern tech death minus all the technical wizardry.

  12. John Gull Bonny says:

    This is the same Shaun Wright who fingers his butthole in the Baltimore Soundstage bathroom? Has anyone seen his posts on with Black Witchery?

  13. vOddy says:

    Unlike some other people on this site, I do not mind homosexuals. In fact, I want them to have the same (no more nor less) rights as heterosexuals.
    But recently, I’ve been feeling a desire to use the word “faggot”. If I use it in a way that makes it clear that I am not insulting homosexuality, then it will only offend those who want to be offended. And those are the people who deserve it. True or not, there is a stereotype about homosexuals as acting in a “faggy” manner. When people act that way, I’m going to call them a faggot, and if they are politically correct sheep, they will get mad about it. And then I will smile.

    Post scriptum:
    Every one knows that when an African American calls an other African American “my nigga”, he is not being racist against his own race. The meaning behind present in the speaker is what matters, not the word itself.

  14. Viranesir says:

    South park really nailed it this season eh…

  15. Life Sucks (it doesn't get any better than this folks) says:

    Threatening a guy with home invasion because someone said his band sucked on Facebook… what a crybaby! This guy is lame. In all fairness, I did check out the 1 song Bestial Evil has out… don’t waste your time – not even mediocre.

  16. Miniscule Penii says:

    WHO cares? buncha people who haven’t or ever will do anything…

  17. In response to Shawn’s remarks and his screenshot about my label Freezing Records selling Arayan Regardss zine:
    Yes, we are the exclusive distro for this. NO, we are NOT going to buckle under pressure from PC/Antifa goons trying to shut us down for doing so.
    We are fans of Musick, first and foremost. We have no political agenda. Our agenda is to spread Musick that we love and support. True underground Musick. We will never cave to pansy assed moral crusasders or social justice wanna be mongos. We stand tall, we stand proud, and we stand united with the real Maniacs of the Underground.
    Fuck your Funderground and all of your “morals”. Fuck your worthless hippy “Scenes”. We aim to bring Danger back to the Underground like it was. The way it is supposed to be. Don’t like it??? Get the Fuck Out!!!!!!

    1. vOddy says:

      I am amused at the attempt to create animosity towards you by showing evidence that you sold music with a disagreeable message.

      How can he not have realized what the most popular attitude on this site is?
      If I only listened to music from people who I agreed with, then I wouldn’t be able to listen to anything.

    2. Cockturnal Demon says:



      HAIL SATIN !!

  18. stupid says:

    Tim and Shawn are both real life losers and generally disliked by most people involved in the Baltimore music scene. Their lovers’ quarrel has nothing to do with music or the local scene. It also has nothing to do with SJW nonsense and the needless tying of it to this situation cheapens actual criticism of SJWs and their rampant faggotry.

  19. Shawn Wright (Not Verified) says:

    You can have all the conspiracy theories you want, but the bottom line me and my homies run Baltimore we are setting the standard and big events like Maryland Death Fest are taking notice. Just deal with it fence rider bands are not welcome, you can still be a band but you better come correct or get a beat down from me. Even bands like goat penis have made public apologies for being political…if you want to make it you better drop the politics, doubt me? Come to Baltimore and see, I run this city and for 15 years I’ve been in the biggest bands in metal, if you’re jealous whatever it’s common knowledge I’m the best front man in metal. People have made some very homophobic statments, are you afraid to get your ass kicked by a gay man?

    1. whatthefuckever says:

      seriously tho? why is this a thing? i can attest this scene does not take kindly to homophobic and xenophobic bigots but this really all seems as a ploy to make they’re bands noticed because there both, well, not that great. this should stay a personal matter and stay the fuck away of the scene. let assholes be dealt with at the time when they do something offensive and uncalled for, and held accountable then. meanwhile free advertising for both bands over personal beef. i’m also not saying said person does not shitty ideals.

  20. Shawn Wright says:

    Change is coming! BESTIAL EVIL stands for love and tolerance by my homies. You can see how scared these people are. I love guys; straights, gays, queers and bi’s!! Just as I run Baltimore with my homies you’ll see, if you doubt you’ll get a phone death threat, house invasion and get your ass beat. We will show the world our peaceful ways THROUGH FORCE!!

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