Anatomy of an SJW attack


Tonight, on When SJWs Attack: a small metal distro finds itself in the crosshairs and crossfires of political controversy.

Diabolic Force Distribution is a small, independent mail order wholesale price distributor or “distro,” participating in one of the institutions that forged the underground back when metal CDs were unavailable in all but dedicated specialty stores that often went bankrupt. Some time ago, this distro came under fire from “social justice warriors,” or SJWs, who are people who hang out on social media looking for people who are not politically correct enough. Driven by the thrill of subjugating others with political power and the need for self-importance, SJWs frequently destroy lives with their witch-hunting accusations of racism, sexism and other political constructs.

Upon hearing of this situation, I wrote to Diabolic Force Distribution and got the story in interview form. Read on for the latest outrages of the SJWs — the new censors — as they try to limit what you can hear and buy so they can in turn limit what you think.

How did this all start?

To the best of my knowledge this all began when the singer of Bestial Evil (Shawn Wright) suddenly became aware of a Facebook status I made approximately seven weeks ago from the time of this writing, about how the band should be dismissed by fans of metal, because in my opinion they aren’t any good. Simple as that! We got enough awful crap around here as it is. That being said I never accused them of anything other then being posers, no trigger warning required hahaha. I am not alone in this low opinion of the group either.


Apparently receiving criticism is not one of their strengths however, so they started a smear campaign complete with all the usual name-calling and threats. I want to point out that it was a private post that I made and only my friends could see it… so how exactly it came to the attention of the people in question is unknown to me, probably a screen shot or word of mouth. I don’t care. I wasn’t hiding it from anyone in the first place and I still stand by what I said too. Bad’s bad and good’s good, tough shit. This is Heavy Metal, not a reality TV show where you get a prize at the end from Carson Daly. There is already a band from Italy named Bestial Evil anyhow so that just goes to show you they didn’t even do their homework in the first place.

How did these guys try to rally an internet army?

Again, social media was involved, like always. Facebook to be specific. A concerned friend showed me a post made on Shawn Wright’s Facebook page inciting a “boot party” if anyone ever saw me out somewhere and proclaiming that I was to be “banned” from the city of Baltimore, that he was gonna come to my house, etc. This was based on accusations brought on by Shawn himself that I am a homophobic/neo-nazi or some other completely unfounded nonsense like that. One person even commented that I “infiltrate shows” to sell white power music, which is an outright lie.


People ask me to vend at shows very often, I never have to sneak in, let alone with the intent to slip some poor unsuspecting SJW a skinhead album or whatever. The whole thing is totally absurd. Anyhow, not long after this stuff was brought to my attention I started to receive threatening calls and texts to my phone from Shawn himself. None of which I ever replied to. The voicemails have been recorded and saved though, as well as any other evidence of threats against my home or person. So if anyone does do something stupid I have evidence of a conspiracy I guess. They have done some tidying up on the band page it seems, I think their attempt to raise an army has faltered for now.

Is there truth to their accusations that you run a white power friendly distro?

Absolutely not. While I personally do not believe in censorship of any kind, especially with regards to music and art… there’s just nothing in there that qualifies. The merchandise and albums that I sell span across multiple genres of extreme music, everything from black and death metal to harsh noise and grind, but there’s no “white power” bands… The thing they have accused me of is totally baseless and merely an attempt to incite a witch hunt against me to fulfill a personal vendetta and stir up trouble.


People of this SJW/hipster type of mindset seem to always invoke these things to try rally an angry mob as a means to carry out intimidation tactics or make it seem like they’re in the right because they got a couple hundred views on their webpage. You see it more and more as of late.

What have they threatened you with? Do you think they can accomplish it?

I was told multiple times that I would be visited at home, that they would kick down my door and “destroy my life,” and then there was the foolish claim that I was going to be sued for “defamation of character and distributing hate material.” Loads of ignorant threats and boasts were made. I welcome any legal action from them, as I am sure the courts would like to hear the voicemails that Shawn left on my phone, threatening me with home invasion. And as for the defamation of character thing, I am pretty sure they just did that to me so good luck getting that charge to stick. Personally, I do not think they can actually accomplish these things, especially the part about being sued, but I am not taking it for granted either. That’s not the sort of thing you joke about. I am prepared for all eventual outcomes of this retarded comedy.

First phone call

Second phone call

What are your distros/bands/projects that people can support?

For over ten years now I have been proactive with music in the Baltimore Maryland area in some way or another, although I do not reside in or claim the city. I was in a weird band a long time ago but I don’t play anymore, there’s too many bands and not enough fans anyhow, I would rather be a fan. I printed shirts for local bands and old school heavyweights like Blood Storm, Nunslaughter and Gravewurm for many many years… and I used to book concerts in Baltimore sometimes but I have taken a hiatus from organizing live events.


My label/distro is called Diabolic Force Distribution, the purpose of which has been and always will be to support underground bands and zines get out there to the maniacs that need it. Heavy Metal isn’t about fashion or climbing the social ladder, it’s a way of life. It’s outsider art and it’s meant to be challenging and dangerous. Diabolic Force likes to do things the old-fashioned way because I believe in the life force of the music itself and the people in the trenches fighting to keep it real. Diabolic Force will always offer support to those individuals and bands who hate posers and love Satan. Our motto is “Support the underground, bury yourself.”

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33 thoughts on “Anatomy of an SJW attack”

  1. Lol says:

    For someone who fronts a band called Bestial Evil he sure is a whiny little shit

  2. Transexual Orchestra says:

    Bestial Evil is gay rock anyway and since he is bisexual, I`m pretty sure he gets his bunghole filled every now and then.

  3. Shawn Wright says:

    As a gay man I take great offense to this witch hunt being perpetrated on me, i want the metal scene to be a safe space for homosexual men such as myself and others. If that makes me wrong fine! I have led many slut walks, lgbtq parades as the grand marshall, I HAVE taken a stand! Gentlemen the metal scene is changing for the better, if gay male male on male love is soooo “evil” maybe you need to find a new scene to be part of!!!!

    1. Nathan Metric says:

      You know Shawn if you are so concerned with doing the right thing and having the right opinions then why front a band called “Bestial Evil”. Wouldn’t it make more sense to name your band The Paladins or the White Wizards or something more noble sounding? Why engage in such self-alienation? Be honest about who you are actually are. You are a white knight. Not a demon.

      And we are not against you taking a stand period. It’s your particular stances we have a problem with. Slut walk? Are you serious dude? Slut walk is about trying to offend and demoralize men. It has nothing to do with protecting women. LGBTQ parades? Get the fuck outta here you faggot. We know the difference between genuine campaigns for justice and just simply being obnoxious. “Hey yo, we’re here and you can’t do a thing about it Oh, you don’t like us kissing each other and dressing this way? Well you can’t do a damn thing about it so we are going to do it anyway!” That’s just obnoxious assholery protected by state police. There is no virtue or humility in it whatsoever.

      Also, Shawn we are not against gays because they are evil in some biblical sense. We are against the dominant culture that pervades homosexuality which we call “faggots” Homosexuality is not just a sexual orientation. It is a cultural group. The quicker you understand that the easier it is understand my metalheads generally speaking don’t like homosexuals. When metalheads talk about “gays” they are really talking about the dominant culture of gays. Not homosexuality itself.

      Men like Jack Donovan or Rob Halford are examples of homosexuals we like. They are homosexual, but at the same time they are not part of faggot culture. They are manly men. Traditional men.

    2. Not a part of the problem says:

      I’m pretty sure, being literate, that you state you’re bi-sexual on the Bestial Evil Facebook page. So which is it? Are you bi or gay? I’m guessing that answer is which ever best suits your lame as fuck, scene damaging, PC agenda.

      I’ve been in this scene for over 20 years and it is NOT changing for the better. It’ll never, ever come close to the family it was before you douchebags started driving a wedge in it. I personally don’t give a fuck what you do behind closed doors, that’s your business, but don’t think for one second that you’ll ever be able to tell me what I can and can’t say. You, quite simply put, are not capable nor are you qualified to do such a thing. And you have no reason to think you are since you are a nobody in the scene. If you were somebody you wouldn’t have had to create your own metallum page.

    3. OliveFox says:

      As a male, homophobic, klan member, I take great offense to the extra “L” in your spelling of the word: MARSHAL

    4. FaGo Fender says:

      As a straight man, I donĀ“t give a shit as to what may offend you ! You fruit cake. You do not have a right not to be offended. If you have a right to hate on homophobes then homophobes have a right to hate you. Most sane people will hate you not because you’re gay but because you’re a fucken social justice whiner. Now go blow a goat.

    5. hypocrite says:

      Hahaha you dummies…

    6. viranesir says:

      Who the fuck are you to speak on behalf of all gays in metal? I am a gay and I do not need such a faggot like you to “protect” me, you idiot! Who the fuck do you think you are? You saying you will “protect” gays offends me more than all those people calling me faggot by far! Protect your own fucking self you faggot! forgive YOURSELF for being gay not anyone else you self loathing FAG!

  4. Caitlyn Jenner's Anus says:

    I think everyone in all forms of media are getting tired of these wads.

  5. Commie killer says:

    Shawn wright and hank ciety sound like major fags. Get over yourselves

  6. Shawn Wright says:

    Look, I don’t appreciate the name calling. I’m a proud homosexual man. If I wanted I could probably be the MMA champ of the world and my band has sold more albums than Elvis and the Beatles combined (internationally). I’ve been kicked out of every band and job I’ve had and people generally hate my guts but it’s because they’re just jealous of me. I’ve heard the Rod Stewart comparison well guess what it doesn’t bother me! Rod is a proud bisexual man! I am now in a domestic partnership with my lover Jerry and my girlfriend is the angel of my life for accepting my homosexuality! 2016 will be MY YEAR, I’m working on winning my first grammy and raising AIDS awareness in the metal community I plan on opening the first GAY MEN’S HEALTH AWARENESS kiosk at all the metal fests where guys can monitor their health and provide a safe space for gay male metal heads with AIDS.

    1. OliveFox says:

      A-ha! So it was you all along, Zamfir, master of the Pan Flute.

  7. Serious Question says:

    So do the two bi members make one whole fag when they fuck?

  8. Viranesir says:

    A band with the name “bestial evil” being such pussies is an insult to metal. I am bisexual too and FUCK FAGGOTS!

  9. whitepowerphosphorus says:

    i think all faggots like shaun (please wreck my shitter at the fag walk) wright should be fuckng gassed and sick nazi fucks like myself can watch with glee at his agonized cum gurgling yelps..fuck you shaun white and your boot parties.this isn’t the 80s with your faggy rod stewart mop..fuck your fists and boots ill fucking put a fucking slug in your brain and blast apart the skulls of all your friends and bathe in their putrid fucking offal..only death is real you fucking nigger faggot lover

  10. SomberSun says:

    That dirt pirate will die of AIDs sooner or later.

  11. Reality says:

    This bigot ‘PC’ movement seems to be a huge problem in the US – even more than here in germany. I see this not only in the reports here, but also the whole recent south park episode seems to be dedicated to this topic, so it also seems to affect the public outside of the metal scene. Of course in a musical scene that is supposed to be dangerous and lawless it is even more grotesque than in the rest of society.

    Concerning the post by Shawn Wright (in case it is really by him – since it is stupid enough to be satire): Except in the comments nobody has attacked you for being gay, but only for your own attacks on that label guy who has apparently committed no other crime than not liking your band. If somebody criticizes you for reasons of musical taste or for your behaviour and you whine about being harassed for being gay it becomes obvious that you merely want to abuse your minority status to enforce a purely positive coverage of whatever you are doing personally or musically.

    1. vOddy says:

      It has to be a tosser pretending to be him. I’d bet money on it.

      1. Joshy says:

        Yeah that’s not Shawn. I know Shawn personally and I can say the community hates Tim Snoddgrass.’ He isn’t welcome to shows here. As Shawn maybe extreme. Most people don’t realize his sister is battling life threatening cancer. Criticism is one thing but, Tim is a Internet bully and nothing more. He pisses off other people in our community by saying and acting like a dickhead. Shawn isn’t PC either. That’s funny. He doesn’t claim pc but what’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong. As a fan of Bestial Evil I can tell you they will go far no matter what Tim thinks or anyone thinks. Because I know those guys personally and they all have been playing music for sometime. Shawn isn’t the type of person who just picks a fight. Someone did something to piss him off. I’d watch it too as no one realizes how powerful Shawn is in the scene and who he knows… That being said Shawn is a pioneer in the metal
        Community and has been in many successful bands for the last 15 years. Give my man some
        Slack and don’t go listening to nazi sympathizers like Tim.

        1. hypocrite says:


  12. All the bands that are pro-SJW’s / pro-homo / pro-lesbian / pro-bisexuality /pro-pedophile / pro-bestiality / etc etc etc ,
    if THEY really were PROUD of what they stand for,
    would have large type on the front or back of the album covers, to let everybody know exactly what they represent.

    1. vOddy says:

      It’s just cowards giving in to the demands of the righteous mob of vindictive weaklings.

  13. and
    Before I forget to say it –
    PC Principal sucks balls

  14. Shawn Wright (Not Verified) says:

    These comments are out of control. I will call the cops if i feel threatened because I’m a cop caller, homosexual men have rights and you don’t want to be charged with a hate crime. Heterosexuals have anal sex, so when I receive rectal passion from another man how is that DIFFERENT? the Greeks engaged in male on male rectal scat play and they were one of the most highly evolved societies ever. My male lover Jerry and I are in a domestic partnership I have news for you, society IS becoming more tolerant so is black metal, I want to thank my ugly girlfriend for her support through all of this, yes ugly! I am not a shallow gay man who goes on looks alone.
    I’ve had sex with countless men I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again my rectal passageways are a maze of pleasure at the end you’ll find a little treasure

    1. Joshy says:

      Hey troll^ quit acting like my homie Shawn. You are fake as fuck and everyone knows it, Tim! It’s ok once again pretending to speak for him is dumb. He doesn’t speak like that at all. So quit being an idiot. Shawn would crush you Tim. You know it I know it. All of us here have watched shawn perform for the last ten years. He is one of the best front men in death metal. Because you got called out youd do anything to slander my homeboy Shawn. Well too bad! Bestial Evil is gonna do big things and while diabolic force gets called out for being a nazi sympathizer, more and more people won’t fuck with you. Do what you gotta do to slander Shawn. But I assure you you mean nothing to his scene cred. Or whatever it is your trying to ruin for him. Fuck this post in in entirety and fuck the nazi sympathizers in these comments. Know your enemy! Tim is a Rat and is needs to be exterminated!

      1. vOddy says:

        What source do you have for these nazi sympathizer allegations?
        About the distributor.
        Not that it’s relevant to their function, which is distributing music.

        Unless part of their income funds a nazi political movement and they’re actually doing things in the world, then they are just people I disagree with.
        People who say things that I dislike, I speak against.
        People who commit actions that I dislike, I act against (boycotting, for example).
        And people who are violent in ways that I dislike, I am violent against.

        So having said that, it is clear that I don’t care much for the ideological values here. But I still think that a defaming claim like nazi sympathy should be backed up by evidence.

  15. Shawn Wright (Not Verified) says:

    People can say what they want, I don’t need people to defend me. Plus I can fight, as a matter of fact I was offered a million dollar contract to be the first international heavyweight inter-gender contender of the world, but I turned it down because music is more important! I grew up on the streets with my homies, I’m not proud of what I had to do…the gang violence, i was a member of the bloods, the crips and the mafia…i was actually the ONLY person ever kicked out of the mafia! Once they heard my voice they knew i was the greatest vocalist in the world, as fate would have it I’m now a member of the Russian mafia AND the Yakuza, this is where my band gets our financial backing and why we are THE BIGGEST metal band in THE WORLD! all people can do on here is run their mouths, but I have MILLIONS OF FANS all over the world!!! Bestial Evil is the band of 2016, I’m gonna bury all you guys when I’m flying on my private jet on tour with my homo-ies!!!!!!!

    1. Joshy says:

      Again^ this isn’t Shawn. Whoever you are you need to fuck right off. I play in a metal band in this area and I can tell you sir, Shawn does not speak like you. I’ve known Shawn for many years. He isn’t about anything this troll is saying^^^. Har har. You idiot. Shawns a awesome guy and this all will surface about you and your label tim. Face it, No one likes you here. They won’t ever like you here. Ever. So send you minions after Shawn. But, as a community we know the “real” Shawn. He is far from what any of you say.

  16. Shawn Wright says:

    Joshy, you don’t speak for me this whole thing has been liberating for me…living in the closet sucks. It was a low blow to bring up my sister’s cancer. My critics won’t prevail because I simply have too much leverage in the world wide music industry, I’m on the board at Sony, i do a&r for nuclear blast and David Geffen is one of my closest friends. Over the past 15 years I’ve been in soo many big name bands it’s not even funny, that’s why my homies agree I’m the KING of metal lol i literally have no equal, why else do you think everyone else sucks compared to me?? So don’t get it twisted, i run the universe and you suck. Have fun living in your trailer when I’m on my yacht and i got a different colored ferrari for each day of the week.

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