The Origins of Satanic Realization through Heavy Metal

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Sludgecore band Agoraphobic Nosebleed threw a fit for publicity over a recent batch of Death Metal Underground’s Sadistic Metal Reviews. Frontwoman Katherine Katz called us Fox News for our criticism of Agoraphobic Nosebleed’s shrieking short woman over a drum machine shtick and our psychological speculation as to why Agoraphobic Nosebleed would even bother releasing such failure other than for commercial exploitation of a musically-ignorant hipster fan base craving reaffirmation of their modern liberalism. Katz even claimed that artists should be responsible for the extreme actions of others in response to satire and that some topics should be completely off lyrics. For her, everyone who listens to “Embryonic Necropsy and Devourment” will potentially commit feticide. This is incredibly hypocritical for a band who shared a member with Anal Cunt and wrote Frozen Corpse Stuffed with Dope.

Katz’s Earsplit PR management shared her post and was told to soggy biscuit a Hot Pocket by beer metal blog Drunk in a Graveyard. Hipster music blog Screaming Quietly expressed concern that we treat artists from different social categories differently. The Death Metal Underground treats all creators of sub-par music with disdain, contempt, and scorn.

Compassion is the vice of kings: stamp down the wretched and the weak. This is the law of the strong; this is our law and the joy of the world.

These reactionary leftists refuse to acknowledge that the conjectural is determined by the temporal. Since Agoraphobic Nosebleed’s inferior music is unfit for live performance, they wish to materialize their delusions. The recent attachment of transgender body dysmorphia to the gay rights movement, their paternalistic leniency for recidivists rather than permanently removing them from civilized society, and refusal to acknowledge that all successful hominid societies were patriarchal and hierarchical are manifestations of leftist delusion no different than the Bolsheviks’ desire to create a workers’ paradise through forced collectivization, murder, and terror.

Leftist desire to make musical achievement “equal opportunity” and reward the failures of the unworthy is merely another reflection of their delusion that denigrates those who were actually creatively successful, eg Alex Hellid, Jo Bench, Terrance Hobbs, and Bilinda Butcher. These ideologues now support affirmative action complete with the Ivy League’s current Asian quota, reduced scholastic achievement needed for the admission of minority populations arbitrarily designated as “unmodel”, and preferential government contracting due the modern liberal dogma paraded about to brainwash the masses into obedience and maintain the political power of the ruling oligarchy. These same ideologues would have supported the pre-World War II Jewish quotas due the prevalent anti-Semitism of the times. They are the same impressionable authoritarians who would be proscribing hollow-point bullets to the skulls of the enemies of the people in Communist states simply as the Party told them so.

Metal is a hominid war band brought together by shared musical, existential nihilist, and eventually Satanic idealogy. It thrives in territory carved out of the wilderness by the great conquerors of the past such as Caesar, Cortez, and Washington, who enlightened or butchered the barbaric hordes already inhabiting them. When Alaric sacked Rome, his Germanic army fought on a late Roman model, depending on Roman material culture, and were initiated into Constantine’s militaristic cult with Christ as their new, unconquerable all-father and ruler of the universe. His Visigoths were merely a superior semi-feudal war band than the depleted Western Roman legions of the 5th century.

Metallic virtus transcends such physical potestas. Heavy metal is a guitar riff-driven rejection of the mainstream counter-culture: hippies and disco in the seventies, eighties punk and glam rock, the grunge of the nineties, and contemporary indie hipster whine. Alternatives to the Christianity-derived liberal modern worldview manifest themselves through musical composition. Occultism proved inspirational to such late Sixties hard rock bands as Led Zeppelin and Coven. So to for Black Sabbath‘s primal surge of existential nihilism that established the metal genre. The eventual infusion of Satanic values and thought into metal’s imagery, performance, and structure was natural as the genre further distanced itself from the pandering, stadium hard rock prevalent in the Seventies and Eighties. As the very compositional structure of metal songs began to emulate past classical narrative structures through embrace of romanticism, a ritualistic restructuring by musicians steeped in left hand path ideals was inevitable. Here are six releases in chronological order to initiate readers on a journey that may, if they are so musically-inclined, improve their own individual compositions:

Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath (1970)
Nearly untouched in terms of concrete evil. The feeling of meeting an unknowable entity at the very start of our ritual trip through space and time.


angel witch angel witch
Angel Witch – Angel Witch (1980)


Mercyful Fate Mercyful Fate
Mercyful Fate – Mercyful Fate (1982)


Root – Zjevení (The Revelation) (1990)


morbid angel blessed are the sick original
Morbid AngelBlessed Are the Sick (1991)


VarathronHis Majesty at the Swamp (1993)
The coda of our journey, ending the circle where we began.

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26 thoughts on “The Origins of Satanic Realization through Heavy Metal”

  1. The D to the T says:

    DMU is told to stay in the basement while they have fun. And there you have it in a nutshell. For these retards what is important is not reality but harmonizing as a social group and having sex. Typical homo sapiens behaviour. I am surprised that anybody is surprised. True introspection is not fun and sexy and doesn’t get you a lot of friends. Enlightenment is destructive and anti social. True metal is not about brutality per se, it is a way of looking inwards to understand the world. In metal actions have consequences. This is not fun. This is not democratic. This is not equal opportunity. This does not lead to copulation with dumb but attractive females with child bearing hips. People who understand the spirit of this art are misfits in the modern industrial civilization but would have fit right in with the tribal societies of the past where every individual understood the importance of roles and duties and learnt to live in balance with nature. A harsh but beautiful existence. Have you noticed that this society is afraid of death? Death is unacceptable and consumerist society promised that you could shop at Walmart for eternity.

  2. ay lmao says:

    Please learn to write. This subject matter demands grander style.

    1. Poser Patrol says:

      I like the main thrust of this article but it could have used some editing. Danny boy rambles a bit and there are spelling and grammar mistakes.

      1. Callused Hands Not Gay At All Fam says:

        If he included footnotes you’d call the rambling art.

        1. What about footnotes with no actual relation to the text? That happened recently at DMU.

          1. Callused Hands Not Gay At All Fam says:

            He became fully liberated from social circles

        2. Poser Patrol says:

          I’ve been critical of Rosales’ writing too. None of the current DMU authors can hit my mental g-spot the way Brett can.

          That said, this wasn’t a bad article. It just seems a bit rushed.

  3. fenrir says:

    The RIGHT response.
    Metal indeed treads the Left Hand Path.
    Fuck LaVey, though, and his Satanism.

    Only the esoteric and individualistic way of the magus is compatible with underground metal.

    1. fenrir says:

      For those who can see and walk through the narrow door: Pacts with the Devil

    2. Poser Patrol says:

      Two religions both so wrong
      but both will preach they’ll make you strong
      one means evil, the other good
      terms I never quite understood
      two opponents with so much in common
      the choice is yours, angel or demon

      1. fenrir says:

        LaVey Satanism was a pseudo religion.
        What is often generally and vaguely termed Left Hand Path is not a religion, or even a system, it us only a way of looking at things that can encompass a wide variety of esoteric thought, which, again, by definition is not religious but something between philosophical and mystical.

        1. Ludvig B.B (vOddy) says:

          The left hand path and the right hand path can be distilled even further, in to their most basic essences:

          The right hand path is obediently doing what one is told, not questioning, and not taking risks.
          The left hand path is giving up the safety of the right hand path in order to think for one self.

          If the right hand path is a bright room, the left hand path is the surrounding darkness. You don’t know what’s out there. It could kill you, but you could find great things. The right hand path, the bright room, is safe, but it’s also a small room.

          The left hand path could involve risk taking behavior such as learning forbidden and dangerous magic. The right hand path could be going to church every Sunday.

          1. fenrir says:

            That’s a bit simplistic.
            To clarify, “religions”, like Christianity, are not the “right hand path”.

            If I may use G. Lucas’ terrible movies to exemplify, the basic concept of light and dark sides is very akin to right and left hand paths.

            The “right” requires much more restraint and control, self-imposed. the “left” moves through passions and thrusts forward.

            1. Ludvig B.B (vOddy) says:

              I did not say that the right hand path is Christianity, but I do claim that popular Christianity is one way to follow the right hand path.

              You obey. You conform. You follow the rules. And you restrain yourself from doing what you have desire to do.

  4. Abduljenkem Whoongahessien says:

    This makes me want to beat my wife

  5. Marc Defranco says:

    Blah blah blah who gives a fucking shit. SJW scum and their protestors are basically the same. Two ends of the spectrum that should just stick to listening to the damn music and stop complaining.

  6. helghast says:

    It’s funny Agoraphobic Nosebleed would complain about something like that. I thought they were some anti-PC band when I heard them long ago on a Relapse Records compilation (the joke sample intros, song titles). Then again, when bargain bin variety joke songs aren’t paying the bills I guess it makes sense to adopt some feminist angle to sell products to the crusties who use music as a fashion statement.

    The publisher who released the Swedish Death Metal book released some book about how hard it is to be a black woman who likes metal. What about Terrence Hobbs and Alex Hellid? They had no problem being black dudes making metal and touring the world off it, whereas that bitch gets a book published just by fostering a victim complex around it. That will probably be chalked off as “patriarchal impositions by society” or any other drivel without merit/evidence (in Jo Bench’s case “white privilege”).

    Better people make a better world. Support eugenics.

  7. canadaspaceman says:

    I finally listened to Agoraphobic Nosebleed. Guess what? The DMU review is accurate. Goes nowhere, sounds uninspiring, like the stoner sludge crapola Anselmo has made. I also think hardcore/garbled screaming and attempting to play shitty Black Sabbath-type riffs is worst than being subjected to Slipknot or Korn.

    Maybe if Agarophobic made some GOOD or interesting metal, like by DETENTE, DödsÄngel, Savage Master, Deborah (Mexico), Xenotaph, Thorr’s Hammer, etc., they would know it has nothing to do with a broad just being a member of a band that decides if the average metalhead guy will listen and like them or not.
    anyways… argh!, whiners …
    whiners in bands simply can’t accept not everybody will like their music … there always were complainers and backstabbers, they were jealous of other bands that had more talent, more fans, and the music reviewers liking them, BUT…
    There used to be SOME that set an example of not caring too much, (or at all) about public opinion, (like reviewers, critics, media writers) and just going for it, no matter what the outcome.
    “This is the United States of America
    And you got a right to hate who you want
    So let’s start busting heads”
    “Cries of the (ha, ha) suffering sound
    Cries for help to all their dear moms
    “Ram it up your cunt
    You are so dumb”
    -INFERNO, (or S.O.D.’s version)

  8. helghast says:

    Reading some of those articles provided a good laugh. Agoraphobic Nosebleed is a legendary grindcore band now? To me they seemed like a Myspace metalcore with drum program type of band before social media.

    Surprised this site even has the viewership to “offend” the musicians in these bands. Funny.

    Anyway let’s all chant “Hitler is bad” and “women are awesome” while playing Kumbaya in a drum cirlce and the world will be a better place, right?

  9. Ludvig B.B (vOddy) says:

    I’m starting to suspect that being a known user of this site will make it harder for me to get jobs. Lol.

    1. LostInTheANUS says:

      Start a business, my man.

  10. Weltmacht says:

    “But seriously, this dude totally has it out for women in metal… and women in general. Yup.”

    Sounds like someone is angling to be the Brianna Wu of metal…

    Regardless, interesting article, I especially liked the shout-outs to Root and Varathron, the former of whom seems to not get a whole lot of recognition these days. I’m sort of surprised that Samael didn’t get a mention, though.

    1. There could only be six.

  11. bung butter says:


  12. Misanthrope says:

    “Metal is a hominid war band brought together by shared musical, existential nihilist, and eventually Satanic ideology.”

    No metal band is currently, or has ever, undertaken campaigns against contemporary “civilization”. I understand if you have a fascination with ancient civilizations and military history. But to cite a musical movement, give it a non-existent military quality, and to tie it to so-called “Satanic ideology” is frankly, at best, a spurious claim. You would be better off leaving the occult tripe and focusing on the canon previously compiled by and relating it to real-world trends already taking place in the socio-political, economic and military spheres.
    I would also like to point out that both the US and Russian military are filled with pious-Christians and it is precisely these two that are involved in some amazing Byzantine maneuvers in Syria and Ukraine.

  13. Anonymous says:

    @Marc Defranco: “SJW scum and their protestors are basically the same.”

    No, you retarded fag. SJW scum wield enormous political power and their protesters get fired and go to jail.

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