Jarno Nurmi Interviewed by Raw War

Jarno Nurmi was interviewed by black metal blog Raw War to promote his one man band Serpent Ascending‘s new album, Ananku. Jarno reveals he has left Desecresy and discusses the Finnish black and death metal scenes along with the mythological, occult, and esoteric motivations behind his latest work, Ananku.

Aṇaṅku is a different concept from ancient Tamil language and the word was chosen because it is widely unused and unknown, in many senses, but also because of it’s meanings of course. This is a nod to my earlier interests towards Indian and Asian esoteric traditions from where the process began though it ended up in something quite different.
The album turned out to have emphasis mostly on Northern European culture and identity from which it seeks to find the hidden sacred force that the word Aṇaṅku symbolises in the context. The album is adoration to Earth’s and Nature’s holiness, soil, blood and death.

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6 thoughts on “Jarno Nurmi Interviewed by Raw War”

  1. ” Indian and Asian esoteric traditions ”
    “mythological, occult, and esoteric”
    “Earth’s and Nature’s holiness”

    I would have much preferred a concept album featuring Evolian themes of fascistic reverence of nature and deep ecology to this hippy hipster tripe. This just looks like new paint on an old model, marketed as raw and dangerous like the sex I had last night. But, Finland hasn’t been raw and dangerous since the Winter War. I suspect this is why that poseur Antti Boman told me on Facebook that he’s about to hang himself for Perkele. If it’s between that, or making this sort of music, I’d probably bite the big one, too.

    1. Vigilance says:

      Penti Linko no damn phone
      Live in a shack with no loan
      Used to sip out styrofoam but figured I should be about that old (psuedoscience)
      Backwoods inbred don’t like to like them non-whites doe
      If you buy my fish it’s 50 cents for single ahi poke
      Said she wanna pole with me in the lake between the trees
      I said baby just buy my book cause i can’t live for free
      I get so loud bout population on no money babe a fascist i wanna be
      She said you need a job, bitch fuck a job I’m under 90kg.

  2. harsh critiquer of vest patcheses says:

    “SERPENT ASCENDING’s first full-length album, “Aṇaṅku” is even more awe-inspiring. Rooted in the glorious old days of satanic death metal, it’s not imprisoned in stale clichés and doesn’t fall victim of abused canons. On the contrary, the album finds an original expressing way by weaving cavernous sounds and hallucinatory melodies together.” <——- How about I decide that for myself, are you selling me toothpaste?

    It really isn't that impressive of a listen, my favorite one man death metal band was the overlooked and forgotten Darkness Eternal from Canada, it was everything this claims to be without all the self fellating. Hell I thought Mike Browning's After Death was better "esoteric occult" cosmic goo goo bullshit music.


    Well that was nothing special, and I liked The Enigma Unsettled and I am a fan of Desecresy and Finnish DM in general. While competent it doesn't go far enough for all its posturing, but I think this is a decent enough goy, I can respect musicians that prefer to stay away from scenes and work in isolation. Scenes are like rats huddled on a piano sinking into the ocean.

  3. Immanentist says:

    What hair conditioner does he use?

    1. Blood and soil brand.

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